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I would like too know if anyone has ever experienced other dimensions seeing into them or feeling something or hearing something around them. Cause for quite sometime now a few years too be exact I've felt the presence of them and seen wat looks like a dimensional opening where I have seen wat looks like normal people coming through and also a few years ago in my house in the lounge I saw an opening on the seiling with a hand coming out was curious felt like reaching up I know wat u are probably thinking very twilight zone but honestly I remember it like it was yesterday.Then before I go too bed at night I literally hear people calling my name telling me too come with them this is whilst I'm drifting off but it's so real also during the night eay evening I sit relaxing sometimes and always connect too an opening and I always see the same place a pub similar too one of my locals but different and their are lots of people their and I can hear this one guy calling me and it's weird sometimes he will look straight at me and try and run too me but he gets stopped and I can just hear him calling me it's weird it's happened a lot and I've even came out of my body and sat with my higher self and had conversations and be sent through a portal too a wide open place full of grass very beautiful and it's always dark their and the sky is full of stars it's beautiful as I'm walking I have a lovely white wolf walk by my side and I get to a wide open space full of tee pees and a large fire with a wise old Native American chief sitting there calling me over it's an amazing experience and unfortunately havn't had it for a while but would love it too happen again anyone else have anything similar happen

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  • Thank you Melanie I will ask for protection next time I go just havn't been for a while and have started too have a strong erge too do it again cause I gain a lot of knowledge and it's so beautifull where I go words could possibly not describe the colours are out of this world and the waterfalls light up like a bright light so pure and when I sit by the waterfall and put my feet in the water it's so warm almost healing and the energy is so uplifting. My wolf guide that goes with me I've even got a name for her I call her snow she loves too be stroked and she's so playfully and full of so much love she always likes too be by my side when I talk too my spirit guide the Native American chief and another guide I have is called red wolf he's in his teens he can be quite funny and a bit mischievous would love too go again.
    • Its so true Katrina, it `s so beautifull ~ over there. I am a visitor of outher / otherworlds since i was a little child. The buildings / temples are magnificent. I don` t or can` t find the right words for it. Some of them are dwelling on islands,  just like the trees and forests. There ar a lot of geometric figures (Merkaba, etc.). On the outsite the buildings seem just normal, but when you go insite you become overwhelmed by the great expansion of it.There are a lot of different beings. The high priests and priestesses (look like that) are hughes, in fact their energy is hughes (i compare their energy with angels) and you are overwelmed with the feeling of being loved for what you realy are. I was even invited into the akasha library. I was goning down a tremendous hughes stair and at the bottem of it was a pedestal and there was my book opened, with information about me. It was laying there in front of me, but i choose not to read it. I felt it as a invitation that if I really wanted it i could have read it. I can also send my drift itself. I already met several people who have same memories like me of  their travels and they can discribe them in the smallest details indenpendetly of eitchother. Even though i have never meet these people. Thats why i love it here on this site/forum, because there ar al lot of  similarities and recognitions together. Even although I believe that everyone has their own truth

      I have that experience to that guides, counselors, light beings (or how you want to call them) have a great sense of humor and they are occasionally a little naughty and indeed a bit mischievous hahaha, And that makes them very human :)))

      I am a realistic person, living in the now and I'm very well grounded. I always check myself because I want everything to do with the right intention and energy. This is not something that i do in a dream state. I am fully conscious and aware. I dont know how its manifasting to you, it`s different for everyone, but i only have to connect and ask. I am convinced that we as multidimensional spiritual beiings all possess the same skills, but that each one of us must find ways to work with them for itself at the right time (for you) and with the right tools which belongs to you.

      Thats why i believe in the power of simplicity.


      One of my guides is also a native indian chief :)))

      Can you see/feel the change/shift in this 3D world?

  • Hi Catrina,

    I`m a traveler into other dimensions.

    It`s easy for me to leave my body and sometimes i ask for guidance and they ask me to come with them  :))

    The first time i asked them if some of them would stay with my physical body and they did. 

    4 of them stayed en i was going allong with the other 2.

    I can write books about these experience.

    I have from childhood on also 2 wolves near me and they protecting the home of my soul.

    1 is a adult wise wolf and the other is a younger wolf who challenge me to come out to play  :)))

    I`m aware that i raise my vibration in a natuaral way (i think they call it in 3d kundalini).

    I do everything intuitive and i`ve never read a book about spirituality what so ever (maby i should/or will do in the future ^^).

    I even have openings/portals in my home and my youngest child can also see them, the oldest is in puberty so the spiritual asspects are more on the bachground, because of other priorities.

    The portals are all kind of colours, but the golden/violet colour is almost always affable.

    All beings can come in and out and if i want i can close it.

    Simple (simlicity) is a powerful word :)))

  • I'm sure you can experience more the reason why I've experienced these things is because I've trained myself too slightly raise my vibration enough too come out of my body didn't take as long as I thought it would and felt kinda tingly and weird but it's well worth it just as long as I'm carefull as too where I go there's lots of things you can look up bout doing this I find you tubes quite good and google aswell good luck :)
  • Thank you Orion I will try and do what you say and I must admit it is amazing when I do travel but I guess I need too try and contrôlée it a bit more. I have actually travelled up too Orion aswell Ifelt very drawn too it as though I felt home was weird maybe I'm from their. :)
    • Maybe I have and that's nice hopefully I'll get too see these lovely places sometime would be nice cause when I go I don't feel like I get too see all of it
    • It's not been a typical journey for me however.  I had certain restrictions in place upon my etheric body and I found that bodywork like massage and rolfing were helpful for me to be more present in my body.  From there I could sense that certain things were not right with me energetically.  I would sometimes have very amazing experiences with shapeshifting and being on other worlds but I could not do it at will.  I had a gamut of etheric implants that I'd taken on for the most part and some were not in alignment with my will but there were layers non the less that I had to clear in order to gain more consciousness.  Most of that work was done with energy workers because my I could not always see these implants but I could sense them.  It took years but I have gained a lot of information from the experience.

      I'd imagine you do have some past in the Orion system.  There are many beautiful places there.  Amazing wonders in fact.

  • You sound like quite the traveler.  I would be very clear in what you want to connect to and try to stick with maintaining that connection.  It's not a place to wander about, chasing stimuli.  I am fortunate to have a partner who is a fellow traveler and it opens a whole new way of being to share in the dream walk.  Makes for very interesting conversations. 

    You are a multidimensional being and are tuning into other aspects of your being.  Some people will experience this as having other bodies or having a sense of knowing other beings but not fully understanding that in your 3D body.  Try to connect to the higher levels of 5D as 4D can run the gamut of entities and while it can translate more powerfully into this reality you can get into issues there as well.  Trust in your Higher Self.

    • ...Yep ....Nice Reply....Orion Jedi.....:).......x....

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