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First: does anyone here know about Orgonite?


Second: If you do, do you make Tower Busters, Holy Hand Grenades, and Cloud Busters?


Third: do you 'gift' them?


The importance of Orgonite is that the substance has the ability to convert bad and neutral energy into life compatible "good" energy.  It's not a joke, it's actually based on hardcore science that was performed by Doctor Wilhelm Reich.  He found that this life energy -- which he called Orgone (ZPE wasn't known at the time) was generated by all living things -- yadda yadda.  His research was stopped by the Dark Brotherhood, and was thrown into jail before he could complete and get his inventions mass produced.


The "whole" story can be found here:

Orgonite's story can be found here:





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I consider myself to be a quantum mechanical engineer.   I can consciously or unconsciously collapse energy wave forms into defined patterns. So, I understand what you are saying.  It's great that you invest so much time and energy into your orgonite, but the purpose I asked is one way to change the world.  Not totally, but in a small way to feel good. :)


I make orgonite and have posted some blogs here about it.  Great stuff, the sylphs really love it.  There is a site by Don Croft called that has really groundbreaking stuff going on.  They are die hard and paranoid, lol, but they know their stuff and there are great stories and anecdotes. 

My orgone is for microwaves and computers... I have not gifted yet but I keep thinking I should do the ring of cell towers around my town. 

I've also been thinking of incorporating leaves and flowers in the mix for some nature essenses... what do you think?

The inventor says that fine metal powder is better than crystals.  *shrugs*
I use cut up copper from a pot scrubber, lol.  With a crystal in the middle and catalized resin.  But I'd like to shake it up a bit and experiment. 



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