I thought I do a forum on Orgone/Life-force/Chi energy, so as to better help lightworkers or anybody out there positively wanting to gain an in-depth insight, on what is, its functions/properties & useful purposes. What many ancients, craft practitioners, psychics, & modern-day scientist term as psychic/Bio energy is, as a matter of fact, a cosmic ever-flowing life sustaining & promoting energy, which literally occupies every existence in this universe- as well as transcendence of space/time continuum. Below is a research excerpt taken from several articles including a prominent leading Orgone Astrophysicist by the name of Karl Hans Welz.



    20th & 21st Century Pioneers of Orgone/Life Force Energy & its impact on the World of Quantum Science ?

     One of the earliest scientists who pioneered orgone energy was Franz Anton Mesmer who lived some 200 years ago. Mesmer gave it the label "animal magnetism" and he built the first accumulators of this energy. Since he was a medical doctor, he used his orgone accumulators for healing purposes. His orgone accumulators were wooden barrels, which he filled with iron filings. Without being aware of the actual principles, which made these devices orgone accumulators (Wilhelm Reich established the corresponding theories some 150 years after Mesmer when he built his orgone accumulators that were structurally very similar to Mesmer's barrels), Mesmer succeeded in making very powerful orgone accumulators, and they worked well; His success was likely achieved by trial and error in conjunction with some very intelligent guesses.

Very interesting was the research of Baron Karl von Reichenbach during the first part of the 19th century. Karl von Reichenbach limited himself to describing the observed effects of orgone energy, which he labeled "Od."  He secured the help of more than 120 "sensitive persons" who could see and feel orgone energy, and whose descriptions were practically identical. Karl von Reichenbach was careful not to tell them what they were "supposed to see" or feel. While humankind readily accepted his inventions of creosote, formaldehyde and special procedures in manufacturing steel, his research of orgone energy (Od) was rejected by the "scientific" community, of course. Like in our enlightened times, this was a community which certainly excelled in making untenable and un-provable statements of a rather creationist nature such as that "the laws of physics are the same everywhere in the universe" -- hmmm - interestingly enough, that ludicrous and totally un-provable assumption is still the "scientific" dogma in our otherwise enlightened times. Let's face it: humans barely left the stratosphere of their own planet - how can some folks claim to know all about the vast universe? - very scientific thinking, indeed! Von Reichenbach's books certainly are worth reading!

Around 1900, Korschelt succeeded in building a "Solar Ether Radiation Apparatus," which, when analyzed more closely and tested, turned out to be an Orgone accumulator.  The addition of a battery current turned out to be irrelevant in our experiments with the device.  Electricity, during those times, had often the function of being a catch word just as are "quantum mechanics, relativity" and of recent "nanotechnology" in our days: words that are used liberally by marketers of crystal powders and other New-Age products; words that are mis-defined to fit their specific products more often than not.


Having been a disciple of Sigmund Freud, Wilhelm Reich examined the physical energy that is released during sexual activity and consequently he discovered that life force, which he called orgone, is this energy. We cannot know how much Mesmer's research and inventions influenced Reich's work. Having studied Hypnosis under Freud, he certainly was thoroughly familiar with Mesmer's work. In fact, in European literature about hypnosis, Mesmer and his accumulators of "animal magnetism" are common knowledge, and Franz Anton Mesmer is mentioned as an important pioneer of hypnosis in practically all introductory works on the subject.  Reich may have considered it necessary not to mention Mesmer's name anywhere in his works, because Mesmer was widely considered as having been a quack who promoted "animal magnetism" and even showed how to feel it.  Interesting enough, in Reich's works there is also absolutely no mention of Karl von Reichenbach and his research of orgone energy. Reichenbach and his extensive work about life force, which he called "Od," has also been widely known among students of hypnosis in Vienna, where Reich studied under Freud, and hypnosis was one of the subjects he studied.

Coming from an entirely new angle and living in a scientifically more advanced era than his predecessors, Reich was capable to formulate a significantly more modern approach to orgone energy, which was as extensive as the research that Karl von Reichenbach had published. Wilhelm Reich observed orgone energy and used it for many purposes.  As a first, he showed that orgone energy followed the principle of reversed entropy, i.e., that the stronger potential of orgone energy is drawing energy from the weaker potential, and he showed how this reversed entropy was the motor of many biological, meteorological and other processes in nature.

Furthermore, Wilhelm Reich was the first person to be aware of the existence of "DOR," or Deadly Orgone energy, as he called it.  DOR, according to Reich, is a stale form of orgone energy, which can cause serious health problems in humans.  With his Oranur experiment, massive amounts of this DOR developed, which made necessary a temporary abandoning of his facilities and the dismantling of the orgone accumulators in that area.

Although Reich apparently was the first scientist to recognize that orgone energy (life force) follows the principle of reversed entropy, he was entirely unaware of its transfer at any distance.  A closer examination of the processes involved in his "cloud busting" techniques (devices for cloudbusting was also an invention by Reich) could have led him to this conclusion, as would have a deeper scientific approach of the characteristic of reversed entropy.

In fact, soon after having started my own research of orgone energy I recognized that the principle or reversed entropy and transfer at any distance, when seen within the space that is defined by electromagnetic energies (the "visual" space), are two modes of expression of one and the same characteristic of life force, just as the principle of entropy and the distance-characteristics of the "visual" space can be viewed as two modes of expression of one and the same principle.  Similar to space-time (indicating that these two principles are inseparable), we can hyphenate the term "reversed entropy - transfer at any distance."  It would go way beyond the framework of this web site to expound more on this.

I discovered the scientific basis for the transfer of orgone energy at any distance years before I invented the orgone generator® in 1991. Soon after my invention of the orgone generator®, still during the same year and before I began to market the first orgone generators®, I was capable of establishing proof of this transfer by succeeding in a signal transfer from machine-to-machine. Witch doctors or shamans of the old, of course, knew about this and used it in their practices for tens of thousands of years. They needed no scientific proof, since they have had immediate evidence of this characteristic of life force/orgone energy on a daily basis, whenever they did (and still do) their "spiritual" work.  

One way of mapping this situation is to view it as being expressed by simple coordinate tranformations: when the space of electromagnetic frequencies is set up as continuous, then the space of orgone energy becomes "choppy," non-continuous, and vice versa. In either case the principle counts that I formulated: the shortest distance between two points in the respective spaces is a structural link (structural link is another term that I coined when referring to life force), and this is as valid for the space of electromagnetic frequencies as it is for the space that is defined by orgone energy. 

Although he introduced new scientific concepts to explain life force, or orgone energy, as he called it, Wilhelm Reich had no idea that orgone energy can be generated. In fact, in his publication "cosmic orgone engineering" (CORE) Wilhelm Reich claimed that UFO's came to this planet to "steal" orgone energy. This is similar to the claim of some conspiracy-aficionados of the past that UFO'S visited this planet to steal gold. A closer look at the many claims of those conspiracidiots change over time, fitting nicely the whims and fashions of pop-science of the time when such works are written, mostly to make gains of all kinds from spreading misinformation. Those good folks did not know that this mineral (gold) is abundant on meteorites, planetoids, etc., where it is much easier to harvest, as little as Reich had any idea that orgone can be generated.

Statements of this kind and others throughout his writings give us the impression that Wilhelm Reich did not even think of the possibility to actually generate orgone energy.

For my invention of the orgone generator®, I have to give credit to three persons: Franz Anton Mesmer, Baron Karl von Reichenbach and Wilhelm Reich, of course.  When examining Franz Anton Mesmer's "magnetizing" methods, I realized that this method does not transfer "animal magnetism" from the magnetiseur. The "magnetiseur" is the person practicing the Mesmer passés, i.e., moving the hands along the body, about one inch distant. In fact, with this practice new orgone energy is generated. I was also aware that since ancient times some shamans, magicians or spiritual workers generated orgone energy by rotating their hands relative to each other. For the first time I saw this method, of which I was already familiar, practiced in a small Baptist church, where the preacher taught several practices of "spiritual work." Karl von Reichenbach's work in which he examined the connections between magnetism and life energy (Od or orgone) was a crucial help as was the structure of the Reichian orgone accumulator, which was more evolved than Mesmer's barrels that were filled with iron filings.

In my work at a distance (some call it magic), I realized that such action was possible as a result of the creation of a strong field of Orgone energy (Chi, Od, mana, prana, etc.) and its sudden shift. Spiritual workers and magicians of the old, shamans, priests, etc., achieved this with the help of a wide variety of methods:  At first methods are used to accumulating Orgone energy: either by drawing it in one's body, generating it by dancing or with high emotional outbursts, with methods of sexual magic, all the way to killing animals. The next step was always to direct this Orgone energy - consciously or non-consciously (usually following some "ritual" that works, and the function of which the practitioner does not necessarily need to understand) and directing the Orgone that has been generated towards the envisioned goal.

This gave me the idea of building a device that accumulates orgone energy and shifts it: This was a simple Orgone wand around which I wound a coil of copper wire. Sending DC through that coil made it into a magnet and polarized the orgone field. Turning the current off shifted the orgone field back to "normal."


P.S. For anyone who is well versed & consider themselves experienced with Orgone devices/Orgone metaphysical tools, then I invite you to explore Amazon.com where I offer the more advance technologies of Orgone/Chi generators, additionally added is free customer phone/email support, Namaste!.



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  • http://www.orgonite.info/what-is-orgonite.html



    Thanks for posting this, I make orgonite too :)  Here are some links to check out.  If anyone is interested in making real change right now... you can use orgonite to change cell towers from negative polarity to positive, clean waterways, cleanse your computers and microwaves and balance your bodies... Etheric Warriors.com has interesting stories of people making an effort and being on the front lines.  Elijah, it sounds like they would be your kind of people, your theories are fascinating and totally on the wave of the future. 

    •  Right on 1HappyKelly, as Orgonite is portable, convenient & easily cleanable from excessive accumulation of Dead Orgone/ negative energies. Namaste!!

  • Hi,


    I have gone through all your post on Orgone ...

    I am very interested in these devices and planning to make a few for my experiments ...

    I am affiliated to a MASTER whom I really admire a lot... meaning really a Lot ...

    I made a few pieces of it and presented to HIM ...

    HE said that when it comes to working playing with energies ... we have make sure that whatever we make or produce should be exhilarating positive vibes and that is by making ourselves so pure that whatever me make has its effect ..... its like for having the desired effects we should make ourselves capable of doing it not just for the sake of doing the things …..

    HE asked me to do certain austerities before I again start making these devices ....

    If you have any views please let me know ......

    Let Love, Light and Divinity fill us ALL .........................

    • Hello "RajeshY", as I go along posting new articles, I'll eventually get to the point where I delve into explaining some of the most powerful Orgone generators out there & how to properly used them. As for participating in austerities before commencing any production of home-made Orgone/Chi devices, I could accept that notion, due to the fact of the organic/inorganic ingredients these metaphysical tools contain, which tends to attract & repel like-vibes. Consequently you wouldn't want other unwanted vibrations attaching themselves to you. Fortunately for the modern-day scientists, this sort of thinking is now mostly out-dated due to our modern scientific understandings of the quantum nature of energy & ways to work around it.

      • Hi,

        Thanks for the response...

        I would like to know if there are any instruments or can we device any intinstrument to measure and scale the vibes and its positivity or negativity ... any possibility ...

        Please let me know ....

        Let Love, Light and Divinity fill us all .............

        •    From what I'm aware, an Orgone generator operates quite differently from an Orgone accumulator, whereas the Orgone energy it generates is constantly pure raw positive Orgone due to electrical "Direct Current" it taps from. An accumulator attracts Orgone from its surroundings but unfortunately isn't capable of reverse polarity- meaning its capable of attracting both pure- pulse energy & dead stale Orgone which is known as "Dead Orgone"- non pulsed. An accumulator isn't plug-in into any DC outlet & that's what makes it a flaw because it can draw from all ambiance energy in its surroundings, be it positive or negative "Dead Orgone". As for instruments measuring the vibes of the Orgone, I do believe they exist because my good friend & Astrophysicist Karl Welz, speaks of like-devices to test out the strength of his Orgone machines. Cheers.

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