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Oprah Winfrey Tells BBC That Racists Have To Die In Order For Racism To End And Calls A U.S. Senator A Racist For Calling Obama A Liar

Click for 4 minute video. Keep in mind this interview with Oprah took place after President Obama admitted on camera he was not being straightforward about Obama-care and apologized.



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Avatar:  People are NOT trashing the president because he's BLACK, THEY JUST DON'T LIKE HIM. PERIOD,  This RACE STUFF is getting OLD, very OLD, and very TIRESOME.  (The Race Card just doesn't work anymore). 

Avatar:  Yes, it's true, some people do hate him because of his heritage - but I think what bugs people is that this "race card thing" seems to be used ALL THE TIME.  It can't be an excuse for EVERYTHING.

Feather Winger:  I guess you're right.  I think that racism will disappear ONE DAY, but I don't know if that will happen in our LIFE TIME.  (Maybe when the "changes" happen it will?)

play the race card-everyone shut up and do what bama says

Pet Rock:  The race card is getting OLD, very OLD.

this is hate speech from Oprah but she wall get away with it because of the leftist media -this type of talk from anyone was not allowed in the media when I was a kid-the headlines exposed corruption and vilified criminal behavior 

Sylvain:  Saw the video awhile back.  Excellent.



Who's Oprah Winfrey again?!?!


That ( she ) was sooooooooooooooo yesterday.....


Today's page has yet to BE written........


Let's not put her ( that ) on it.........


Besides.....3rd Dimensional "ink" won't "bind" to 5th Dimensional paper......


Ta Da.





last 2 pics are funny thou....................


Whenever there's a protest and you see people bring up race bullsh!t or talk about blowing stuff up, RUN AWAY FROM THEM LIKE THEY'RE RADIOACTIVE AND OPENLY CONTAMINATED. The probability is high they work for the government, probably the F.B.I. or Homeland Security. People forget about COINTELPRO and the famous Black Panther Coloring Books distributed by the F.B.I. designed to pee off white people who the (original) Black Panthers were trying to get along with.

Here are copies from some of those despicable race baiting and violent inciting creations done by the COINTELPRO sector of the F.B.I. These are reported to be the real deal:















~It's amazing the backflips those on the extreme right will do to justify the 'Intent' behind their message.

"The race card is getting OLD, very OLD." Really darkstar?

Is it just too painful to look at the crumbling foundation of this Country?

Open your eyes darlin! 'You plant a demon seed... You raise a flower of fire!'

Ah well... 'Ignorance is bliss' I suppose.  

Ain't America grand... Wake up Childeren of the Light!!!

The Time Is Now!... OneLoveRevolution247 





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