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Subject: Appeal to finally intervene on behalf of humanity, animal life and Lady Gaia and to stop mass destruction of life and any further interference by the dark cabal

Shala'am! Selamat Ja!

My name is Kalliope, and I'm a half Sirian/half Plejaren incarnated here on Earth! With me several hundreds of thousands of souls came here voluntarily to help and assist in the process of ascension of mankind and of Lady Gaia, our mother, planet Earth. Each of us has been chosen for our experiences and abilities to face the severe and difficult circumstances on this planet, and above all, to bring light and love in our personal surroundings and create a grid of love and affection, which would elevate the consciousness of mankind and bring it in tune with the new frequencies, swinging us slowly up to fifth consciousness paradigms.

An important aspect of this our incarnation here on Earth was, to bring change from within mankind's societies, as the prime directive of the Galactic Federation of Light does not allow any intervention with a civilization from the outside, as it would interfere with the free will and the liberty of free choice and decision of Earth's population - unless the civilization would ask for an intervention by reaching a critical mass of awakened individuals.

Our decision to incarnate here meant that we would drop into total oblivion of who we really are, of where we come from, of what we are supposed to do here, which is an inevitable effect of being born into third density. For many years we have been living here without knowing about our mission, without knowing anything about the family we had left behind in order to incarnate here and live our lives in social structures that seem to be of a lunatic asylum, compared to where we come from.

The reason for that is, that thousands of years ago regressive extraterrestrials had taken over the control of planet Earth and turned it into their private playground of power, domination and total enslavement of mankind. These regressive extraterrestrials could do this, also because in the distant past one or more star-nations, which are members of the Galactic Federation now, gave them the opportunity, which is why your presence here is also to purify some karma which had been created then.

Open Letter to the Galactic Federation of Light

The regressives installed a dense technological grid to control our minds and give us the illusion of freedom, while in reality we are nothing but slaves, convinced to have the possibility of free choice, moving in a matrix-like holographic world that they urged us to create to their favor. The truth, which they sought to hide from us, is, that we are able to create just by focusing our minds, thus manifesting the world around us, while they have to take to technology to achieve the same thing. Leading us to manifest what they wanted, spared them so much effort, as we had totally forgotten how to manifest consciously. By keeping us hypnotized by their entertainment machinery and occupied by the "daily issues of life", they make sure, that we continue to do their game (The movie "They Live" by John Carpenter is a good example of how our society works!).

But things changed, and many of us awakened and became aware of what is going on around us. And we successfully reached the level of critical mass to change the prophecies and the destiny of our world, and thus, above all, we allowed you to intervene directly.

Of course you know all this. For years you have been sending us messages by your staff, which were meant to wake us up, activate us and lead us to the memory of our mission here.

But it's been for some time now that it seems something is not quite coherent. More and more your messages stand in contrast with one another, contradicting each other, not about the final goal, which is ascension, but about the way in which to give us assistance. Up to the end of the past year 2010 everything seemed ready for your big "official" arrival, the ufo-disclosure and first contact, then everything changed again, and the diction in your messages returned to the one of a year ago: "in a not too distant future", "soon", "the moment is arriving fast", "as soon as ... (a hundred different things have been resolved!!!) we'll be there with you" ...

Call for Help to our Galactic Space Brethren

In addition to that impression, that we're in reality still far from contact, there are all the activities of the dark cabal, which still goes ahead with unprecedented violence in order to kill and destroy wherever they can. Your foremost care was to prevent the use of nuclear weapons, but it proved to be a much too selective and limited precaution. The dark ones have devices at their disposal, which can cause damage and death with an efficiency not much inferior to the one of atomic bombs. I'm talking about HAARP, weather control and similar weapons. By using these devices they can cause earthquakes, eruptions of volcanoes, tsunamis, wildfires, floods and mass death of animal and human life.

Since last year we have been witnessing various waves of mysterious mass deaths of birds, fish and whales, and while certain messages from the Galactic Federation at the beginning of this year seemed to communicate the Federation's determination to stop these attacks, the series of mass deaths continues as well as the earthquakes, undoubtedly provoked by the use of HAARP and related weapons and devices. The latest earthquake and the resulting tsunami in Japan proved, that there's no need to drop atomic bombs, it's enough to stimulate certain neuralgic points on the earth in order to provoke earthquakes, which cause explosions of nuclear power plants, which may have a similar effect on the population as nuclear bombs. And the "convenient" side-effect of this technology is, that it cannot be easily identified as an attack, because it would seem like one of the disasters planet Earth is going through on its way to the propagated Apocalypse! Thus it has become easy for the dark cabal to hide behind apparently "natural disasters" and to blackmail and menace nations, which seek to move away from the illuminati's course!

(Benjamin Fulford HAARP, Japan ... )

Please let me make the point clear - it is not fear that fuels my words. My intent is to give voice to all the people who expect you to act as you promised you would. We have done everything to reach the critical mass, and I'm sure we have gone well beyond the required minimum number of persons needed to ask you for intervention. So what's the sense of blocking nuclear missile bases and let HAARP and other deadly weaponry be fully operational??? How many people and animals still have to die until you feel ready to intervene?

Open Letter to the Galactic Federation of Light

What none of your spokesmen has said is the fact, that some human souls deriving from the star-nations chose to incarnate not in human shape, but in animals, such as dolphins, whales, and domestic animals, such as cats, dogs and so on. Besides, the cetaceans, dolphins and whales, have been here for thousands of years, and they are our Sirian related sisters and brothers from the fourth density, who decided to remain here as guardians in a biologically de-evolved form, irradiating their love and light on mankind in order to contrast the dark low frequencies of fear and terror, which the regressives have set on Earth. Is it a "coincidence", that hundreds or even thousands of them are being recently slaughtered by malicious frequency attacks? I say it is not, killing them means to weaken the grid of love that has been here long before we humans became aware of our responsibility! They are our allies here and merit the same respect as humans, and above all they merit a voice to express their point!

We all came here to make it possible for you to intervene. And now, that the people on Earth are awakening to their power and to what they really want, why do you still give the dark ones the time and possibility to interfere, wildly and blindly, killing, destroying and messing everything up? Are 13.000 years of cruel governance not enough?

It has been said in channelings by representatives of the Federation, that The Divine Source decreed to accelerate the process leading to first contact and ascension. Nevertheless things are still blocked and there is no sign of this mentioned acceleration. More and more it seems as if there were some serious disagreements among your ranks on how to proceed.

Many of us have reached the point where we feel that enough is enough! Enough of words said, enough of blood shed, enough of damage done, enough of lives wasted! Enough of blackmail and punishment to those who do not comply with the illuminati's and regressives' agenda! Enough of global terrorism accomplished by the thirteen reptilian families and their bloodhounds! Enough of Rockefeller, Rothschild & Co.! Enough of fake-wars and corporate take-over! Enough of the illuminati terrorism! Our food is poisoned, our water and our air are contaminated with toxins, our crops are being deliberately destroyed, the "medicines" are killing us, as well as the vaccines, and "science" studies new ways to exterminate even more people with one single strike! We have enough of all that! Enough of endless appeals to the dark cabal to "please" surrender! We feel that it has really been done enough of re-acting - it's now time to act instead of re-act!!!

Open Letter to the Galactic Federation of Light

So it is with this letter that, with all due respect but nevertheless emphatically, we appeal to the persons and entities in charge of the federal galactic forces to finally take the necessary steps to end this senseless murder and irresponsible vandalism against mankind and the animals, and against the violation and rape of Lady Gaia. We ask you urgently to finally deactivate all the dark cabal's weapon-systems on earth, in earth's orbit and on the moon, which can cause damage on large scale! If you are worried about interfering with free will, well, then please do consider our free will too: we do not want to have this kind of criminal interference anymore! Please stop it, NOW!

We do not have the means to deactivate these weapons, but you do! And please start to keep the promises you gave us so many months ago! While you may discuss which protocol to follow, innumerous lives perish unnecessarily with each day that passes! All these deaths are not at all planned by the souls inhabiting the diverse bodies, because the dark ones don't care a bit about life-plans, they have no respect for any kind of life-form!

What do we have to do to convince you to act? Your policy of hesitancy will only give the dark ones the chance to prolong their last rodeo ride on the bull, which means that we unnecessarily lose precious time, which we could use in a more constructive way. If you don't want to intervene, then please say so and we will resolve the situation in our own way, but it is not sure if we will succeed in it without violence and in time, as the dark cabal is stubborn! They are glued to the saddle they are in right now, and they are determined to ride the bull right into the crowd and cause as much devastation as possible, if you allow me this metaphor. And since the "bull" they are riding is the "system" they had installed long ago, they won't fall, unless the bull loses its legs, which means that the system must be defused. You should know that! With all these continuous disastrous interferences, the process of leading the world to more understanding and union becomes obstacled and difficult.

Call for Help to our Galactic Space Brethren

What we want is peace, NOW! I ask you to consult our personal guides, who know very well how we feel, in which situation we are, what we need! They know our hearts are crying! By giving us promises, you create expectations with us, that lead to disillusion and frustration, when these promises are not kept. This has been going on for years. We ask you to take the responsibility for your words, as they have ignited our efforts and enthusiasm so many times! But now we need more than mere words! We may be still lacking most of our memory, but we are not babies in need to be pampered. We are doing our work here. We do not need the "bouncing carrot in front of our nose to carry on" like a donkey, an effect which some of your channeled voices seem to endeavour to evoke. What we need instead is your direct determined intervention to prevent further damage, in order to enable us to put things finally into the right track. As a consequence our motivation to proceed would rise enormously, more than all your endless promises could ever do! Isn't that what you want to achieve?

I'm Kalliope, half Sirian/half Plejaren, and I hope that my words will be heard by those who decide among you up there on the ships of the Galactic Federation and beyond! I send you waves of love and appeal to you, that, what we want and urgently desire from you, may be considered in your hearts, as it is my heart, where my words are coming from! Much love and light to you!

Shala'am! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!

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I am new to all this, but couldn't we somehow organize a group/global meditation all in different time zones to overthrow the dark cabal? This is understanding they will not be overthrown on the first try. As Lightworkers incarnated from the stars, I am thinking we are not here to save humanity, we are here to save Lady GAIA. Can't we do something about it? I thought that is what we were here for.

I found this quote about what lightworker is on

“I am that I am, and the divinity in me is going is going to make a difference in this planet. I feel the truth when I hear it and when I read it. Even my small efforts will create an energy that is larger than I can imagine, combined with others, to create peace on Earth.”

I may be new to all this, it is that I needed to come to terms that I am a lightworker and have researched a lot on this topic. What else are you going to do when you can't sleep. My crown and heart chakra just completely opened up.

Would a Global Meditation work? And are we bold enough to do it.


Thank you for this beautiful message

Sending my love to all the sentient being ... to all !!









I knew that the dark cabal could cause earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions, but I didn't think it was wise to point out something that would cause fear, and something we cannot control.
Anyway, who stops these "natural" disasters from happening, and how? Come clean, or risk losing our trust.

Dear Kalliope,

This is Raheem, chairman of the High Council of the Galactic Federationj of Light.  Your sense of urgency and concern has been acknowledged.  You are absolutely correct to do so.  I have spoken with an aspect of yourself on my ship and have discussed the matter with you.   I assure you that since I have recently been put in charge of the Council that measures absolutely are being taken to give attention to the planet in the right way.  Previously, the plan was to let things play out and do nothing.  However, this is unacceptable to me and the Council at this time.  We do plan to get involved and your plea has been heard. 



* Sigh *


After reading so many of these responses, I see that there is much work to do........



I am with Ms. Happy.. We all have lessons and responsibilities here. You guys are all speaking on human terms, but on Soul level - we all have contracts here, let us not forget. Yes we are tired and weary, but Divine Contracts must and will be fulfilled. I personally have no desire to keep coming back to learn the same old lessons, and I know none of you do either. I do get the aggression of this whole situation - I have moments of complete madness and helplessness from being so exhausted from all the chaos I've been through on my personal life Path, and all the chaos going on in the world. But keep in mind - WE created all this. Not the GF. Their plans and decisions shift with our collective energy flow. Just like no psychic can fully predict ANY and EVERYthing, because the energy is always changing, same way the GFOL sways aligns with out collective FLOW, so you see - all is up to us, ALWAYS. Through countless lifetimes of mistakes and lessons, we are all awakening to our graduation. (well, not ALL, but most)... And yes- it's been an intense ride. But it's NOW that the truest test comes to the surface... When the world is upside down, how many of us can hold our Light in the eye of the storm, and not loose balance..? Getting angry and frustrated is the easiest thing in the world... Anyone can do that.. The truest Warriors will find their center, and hold their Light till their last breath.  In Human understanding - yes, this is absolutely ridiculous.  BUT...  Trying to make sense outta Life from a strictly Human understanding - is pointless, confusing, and painful, as its a SPIRITUAL experience, and needs to be looked at as such. Let us not forget how deep the rabbit h*** REALLY goes.  In love and Light...  Blessed to be here with all of you Brave Souls of this Planet.

:) yes I am agree whit you Kalliope, but we must be patient maybe we are not ready yet , I mean maybe we are the mas critic who believe in them and in our past and who we are , but how many really know  and accept with sincere love our celestial father  is within as and his love is lighting as from the bottom of our hearts and is the pour love  who active this enormous energy when we accept to Christ and our father they are living truly within as, given as the strait and the faith to continue we must keep doing meditation and communicating with this lovely energy so let's not loose the hope !!! that's all we have


love and light for all my brothers and sisters ! :)

I figure you should know that the dark cabal is almost completely defeated. The Illuminati or what not are basically on their last ropes.  I will send you a link to a blog detailing channelings about what has been occurring. But in any event rest assured it is being taken care of.  =)


Here is the link, there are many articles detailing each step.


enjoy, and don't let fear get in the way of your enlightenment and unfoldment. 




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