Below is an extremely intelligent and brilliant response from "SaS" in response to Clif High's recent interview.  Definitely worth the read.    


Op-Ed from SaS:


I’m writing this in response to the Clif High interview of May 12, 2012 on BBS Radio.  I found this a very interesting dialog.  The thrust of the discussion is based totally on a rational perspective; on conjecture and assumption—opinions.  No mention is made of the extensive research that David Wilcock has provided for his columns—the pictures, the citations, the references, and the eye-witness accounts for the less controversial stories that provide a backdrop (e.g., the lawsuits for example).

For Ben Fulford’s part, I never heard him say that the Yakuza was ever anything more than a criminal cartel and I remember watching a video where he stood in front of a Yakuza member’s house and called him out in Japanese.  Clif High claims the White Dragon Society is a “criminal organization,” (Part I at 19:50 thru 19:59), he also says that the Yakuza is “backing” the White Dragon Society when Ben Fulford has always said that it was the other way around—that the White Dragon Society has told the Yakuza they couldn’t do what they were doing anymore.

Clif High also says that Ben Fulford is suggesting that a “corrupt” system is merely taking over from another equally “corrupt” system.  Studying the history that many people have provided, these member families collectively known as a White Dragon Society have been ripped off for decades and now they’ve had enough.  In the first part of his discussion, he claims that these WDS members are nothing more than an oriental version of the Bilderbergers without reflecting on the fact that the WDS has always been represented as an organization that wants to establish a new banking system that invests in “supply side” economics versus “financialization.”  Can this be considered immoral or unethical?  He neglects to acknowledge what is happening in China—how the Chinese have used the faulty statecraft of the U.S. and European governments to undermine the U.S. “Petro” dollar.  A number of nations are now using other forms of currency to purchase oil.  He also neglects to discuss how the normal nominal response to such a development (that is, the NATO countries would then take the opposition to war) is almost an impossible mission for the West to leverage any more.  Isn’t it apparent to almost everyone that the West has stepped into a savage trap of its own making?

Well, there’s lots and lots of empirical evidence now isn’t there?

I’m not saying Ben Fulford is right or that David Wilcock is flawless.  There are probably misconceptions and manipulation going on at both ends of the spectrum of political management.  What I’m saying is that there are ever more revealing stories in even the “Lame Stream” media that suggest that the Western Banking Families have lost control and are being starved to death—and their “death” is what seems to be the objective of the financial and power centers of the Asian East.  The Central Bank of Europe is broke, the IMF is broke, J.P. Morgan is broke, Bank of America is broke, Wells Fargo is broke, Citicorp is on the verge of bankruptcy, the Bank of Scotland is being held a hostage to a money-laundering scheme.  Iran is now saying that “Zionism” can be defeated without war.  Bibi Netanyahu is now saying that Israel doesn’t think that Iran has a “nuclear” capability just yet.  The people of Greece want to leave the European Union.  Holland has rebelled against the European Union, Ireland doesn’t want to pay debt the bankers can’t prove is legitimate, Iceland has left the western banking system and is now functioning independently of it.  Congress is holding hearings on the FED.  Clif High gives little consideration to the massive number of resignations by banking industry aficionados and he states that these resignations don’t mean what people like David Wilcock think they mean.  These would be events that would give a person studying the phenomenon reasonable cause to believe that “someone” has engineered a global banking coup and it certainly isn’t the top banking families of Europe and the U.S.   Why would they attempt to destroy the outcome of over three centuries of careful planning—world domination (which they no longer have to any measurable degree)?

There are a number of other lawsuits that have been reported in the International Business news other than the famous Keenan law suit.  Lord Blackheath has exposed a money-laundering scheme that implicates the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States.  The global price of crude oil is no longer computed on the Texas Crude Oil Index and it is COLLAPSING (peruse Max Keiser’s recent episodes for a discussion of this)!  Ron Paul had “breakfast” at the FED with Ben Bernanke and came out of that dialog speaking contemptuously of Bernanke’s position on monetary policy then went on to chair committee hearings on the two new bills in Congress (in both the House and the Senate) to introduce an alternative system.  Idaho was the first of several States to pass alternative currency laws and that sentiment is spreading.  Corporate America has recently sent “scouting” teams throughout America to case out possible manufacturing locations (existing infrastructure, factories, warehouses, etc.) because the cost of overseas labor is skyrocketing due to the rapid decline of the dollar.  Their aim is to move the manufacturing facilities (and the jobs) back home.

Go here:

The global value of the dollar (what you can actually buy with it) is worth Eighty-three ($.83) cents!  But no one wants to discuss the decline of the “former” world currency—the Petro Dollar, the “Greenback,”  the world’s “reserve currency”—do they?  No, I guess they don’t; it’s just too scary.  Neither does anyone on the side of Kerry Cassidy refuting everything that Ben Fulford and David Wilcock have said want to admit that something unbelievably paradigm-shattering is well underway.  Saudi Arabia is groveling—offering to do business with resource hungry China and India!  Now, why is that?  These are the things that make me gasp! I’m a nobody who lives in the boonies and have been breaking my ass for years to climb out of all this artificial debt created by the government and the banking system—and I’m almost there—and “I” can see these changes coming.  Why can’t they?

Why many cannot fathom the approach of great “Change:”

They are following a psychological meme impressed upon our collective consciousness for the past 10,000 years; that’s how they explain everything—that of a “Savior”—a messianic complex imbedded within the human psyche that is often used to empower the sociopaths among us and elevate them to power.   Jesus is going to “save” us, therefore, we have to send money to all those “religious” denominations because THE BIBLE establishes the custom of tithing!   Moreover, because Jesus is going to save us, we have to vote for the right candidate—George W. Bush will save us, Barack Obama will save us and give us a “new hope,” Mitt Romney is going to save the economy and give the people back their freedom!  We have to have a war in Bosnia to save the Bosnians!  We have to have a war in Iraq to save the Iraqi people!  We have to have a war in Afghanistan to guarantee the National Security of the United States!  We have to have a war in Libya to bring “Democracy” to the Libyan people!  We have to have a war in Syria to bring “Democracy” to the Syrian people!  We have to have a war with Iran to guarantee the safety of the WORLD!  At the same time, we have to undermine Democracy in Greece to “save” the people who INVENTED Democracy!  We have to undermine Democracy in Ireland to “save” the people who showed the world how to fight for Independence!   I know, I know…my words are dripping with cynicism.  Forgive me.

You see what I mean, though, don’t you?  Clif High expressed the underlying story being generated by the work of Ben Fulford and David Wilcock as a “messianic” deliverance when that is NOT what they have been describing.  What David Wilcock is clearly defining is a “banking revolt” against the U.S. and European Financial powers that is, presently, undermining their influence in both World Affairs and Financial Manipulation.  The White Dragon Society is engineering the mechanism of “Change;” it’s still up to us to USE it!  David Wilcock has repeatedly said that no one can save us but ourselves; the “banking revolt” is nothing more than Capitalist gamesmanship between two opposing monetary powers and this event will trigger an opportunity for the people of the world to wrest their freedom from the Cabal.  THAT’S what David is talking about; you have to read his columns very closely.

The White Dragon Society wants their money back!  What you see on the surface of all this activity as “altruism” is actually a by-product of their “honorable” business temperament.  They’re destroying the banking paradigm of the West to get their money back.  They will win because their societies are NOT based on debt but the intrinsic value of the commodities under their purview—gold being ONE of those commodities.  The people will do the rest AFTER the damned banking system of the West COLLAPSES.

Nobody is going to save any part of the current system except the people and they’re going to be highly selective about what parts of the current system are going to be salvaged.  Clif High’s perspective is not what I get out of reading Ben Fulford, David Wilcock, and “Poofness.”  Nobody involved in the paradigm shift has ever said that some kind of Messiah was going to save us—Drake, the Pentagon, the “Good” CIA guys, or otherwise!  The ET’s, for their part, won’t intervene either!  They’re just going to keep the “village idiots” from incinerating the planet until humanity has had enough time to take corrective action and EVOLVE THEIR CONSCIOUSNESS.

The way “I” am beginning to “see” all of this is that, regardless of the perspective that each person or group may have on this flow of events, EVERYONE seems to be working toward a common goal.  That goal is to “open a portal” that will permit the advent of significant CHANGE on a massive scale and, I don’t know what YOU think at the moment but it is obvious to ME that this significant change on a massive scale is happening and it’s operational momentum is ACCELERATING.

It doesn’t make any difference how many millions of tons of Gold the Chinese have.  It doesn’t make any difference if Ben Fulford’s and David Wilcock’s sources are flawed, and it doesn’t make any difference if the Cabal is using people like Ben Fulford and David Wilcock as “useful idiots” or crafting an intricate Orwellian construct to perpetuate their power hold on the planet.  The “Truth” of the matter is that our collective paradigm—the creation of which has taken place over the past 13,000 years and has been nearly undefeatable in its potency and absolute influence as a manufactured “reality,” IS COLLAPSING!  It is collapsing into chaos and oblivion and the Cabal doesn’t seem to know what to do other than try to convince the opposition that, if they want to preserve the “master/servant” model, they had been start letting the money flow.

Well, they aren’t letting the “money flow,” are they, dear Family?  No, I guess they’re not.  The influence of the Cabal is diminishing.  It doesn’t make any difference if they round us all up and put us in FEMA camps.  It just isn’t going to last.  Why do you think the Prime Minister of Russia announced last week that Russia will reserve the right to a first strike on the “Missile Defense Shield?”  How provocative!  How daring!  Almost crazy, isn’t it?  Russia knows something that the people of the West do not.  The West is rapidly moving toward a collapse that will absolutely prevent it from waging war.  We’re losing our fangs and claws and with it, the ability to influence Global Events.  The Cabal is pathetic.

The primary discussion tactic of those in opposition to the idea of a “Golden Age” for mankind:

Clif High keeps “obscuring” the facts that Ben Fulford and David Wilcock have written about.  They didn’t say that the FED is an honorable institution (Part II, 00:30 to 00:35).  Their entire thesis exposes the FED as a bunch of crooks—the FED LIED and defrauded the Chinese of their gold—THAT’s the story that Ben Fulford and David Wilcock have written about!   Clif High claims, through his childhood experiences, that the Military is hard-pressed to “break out” of the Military mindset (Reptilian conditioning, blah, blah, yada, yada—Part II 07:38 through 08:12), I won’t dispute his observations but he goes on to scrutinize  Drake as a “political operative” and when asked to illuminate his “opinion,” he falls back on his “feelings” that Drake is “stepping outside of his real personality.”

No examples are given even though the moderator asked for specifics.  Are we being “deceived?”  Absolutely.  Are we being “manipulated?”  Yes.  He criticizes the “Thrive” movement claiming that there is no emotional conviction behind it.  Was it ever meant to be anything more than “revealed, documented fact?”  His scrutiny misses the point.  That information WAS released and it will worm its way into to the collective consciousness.  He forgets how human communications work and how “thought forms” influence the mindset of “the other.”  He then “jumps” to scrutinizing Drake by asking “Why” “They” are dousing us with Aluminum particulate in their Chemtrail “Geoengineering” program.  He moves away from the original discussion saying that we’ve “run out of time” to discuss and research the effects of these programs and jumps right into the mass protest movement.  He points out that these events and activities haven’t “changed” anything—implying that they are all the work of the Cabal.  Apparently, the meticulous work and carefully constructed paradigm of ruthless tyrants laboring  all these many centuries SHOULD be immediately vulnerable to a single summer of discontent!   He uses “Wikileaks” as an example.  Wikileaks made a big splash and nothing more.  So, Wikileaks had nothing to do with the obviously engineered demolition of U.S. Foreign Policy and its influence around the world?  Ask yourself: Is Russia “cooperating” with the U.S.?  Is China “cooperating?”  How about Finland?  How about Turkey?  How about South America—the BRICS nations?  No, I guess they’re not cooperating.

Of significant consideration: how does all that interesting stuff “disqualify” Drake or any of the other prior service contributors from suggesting that the Military is gradually breaking its ties with the Cabal?  Remember, the underlying theme of this financial coup is the control of the world’s MONEY and what has Ben Fulford reported?  He has repeatedly said that the White Dragon Society has assured the U.S. Military they will be well funded and meet their payroll obligations.  There isn’t anything “immoral” about this expressed anxiety.  GIs have families that need to be cared for and fed just as we ALL do.  Better to strangle the capacity of the mercenary armies than cut off the power and might of the professional fighting force who will , ultimately, stand with their own people and thereby STABILIZE Western Civilization!  Wouldn’t you agree?  Ben Fulford reports that the Pentagon has its hands full.  Well, that’s true.  The U.S. Military is in the process of “contraction.”  It’s become apparent to even the “Lame Stream” Media.  WHY have we just abruptly announced to the world that we are exiting the Middle Eastern theatre of War?  We were supposed to stay in Iraq until 2013 and remain on station in Afghanistan until 2015 possibly even 2017.  WHY is the U.S. “relocating” its Pacific ground forces from Japan to GUAM and AUSTRALIA?  Don’t we have the ability to subjugate the Japanese people any longer?  Wouldn’t you think that, if you were to ramp up for a War with China, you’d want your military might stationed right at their back door?  Moving all of your assets thousands of miles away doesn’t sound smart.  But, then again, I’m just using common sense.

Then, the dialog moves into his “world view” of American politics—that George W. Bush is a twisted, dissociative little monster because his evil parents brought him up that way (and, I suppose that this is “True”).  He rightly says that we’re all going to have to come to grips with the fact “We” are a planetary dysfunctional family.  He rightly suggests that one has to “mold” one’s consciousness—continually improving upon perspective—on a DAILY basis.   In Part II 23:54 through 25:00 Clif High and the moderator talk about how “disparate” are the opinions of everyone (of humanity) and THAT is the reality we must address—we are individuals who just can’t agree to much of anything.  Clif High says that he is an advocate of “contention,” aggravation, and “release language.”  Let’s call everyone out in a good rant!  That’s an adequate perspective from his point of view and I won’t argue against employing purgative techniques.  But, will it accomplish anything that we can call human achievement?  Sorry, dear Family, but here I have to point out that the human race has been at war with itself for nearly 13,000 years.  Wouldn’t it be better to recognize the fact that conflict and controversy resolve nothing.  Might we just stop using that methodology, applying instead the mechanics of meaningful, honest communications, negotiation, and compromise as a possible alternative?  He claims to have seen the other side.  He claims that he’s talked to people who have come back from the dead and have spoken to him of the “Bardo”—the Tibetan version of “Purgatory.”

Go here:

In the Law of One, Ra explains that with death comes an opportunity to move on into the Fourth Density.  The “Bardo-like” environ is described very differently in the conversation with James where he discusses the concept of the “Sovereign Entity.”

Go here:

Clif High explains that, while in the Bardo, FEAR goes away if you’re an “honorable” being; if you are not honorable, you suffer—until you are “reborn” (see: Conversation with James above to understand what I’m talking about).  He unequivocally claims that there is “punishment” associated with the experience of transition and where have we heard that before?  The concept of “punishment” in an “afterlife” is a mechanism of this system of things to garner behavioral performance of the targeted individual in the HERE AND NOW.  The performance is always select and tends to require the individual to follow a tenet central to some religious theme and each religious theme (no matter the religion) is strangely similar to that of any other religious theme: “Be good and do what I say or you will get your ass kicked in the afterlife!”  Now, WHY do religions project this form of “thought control” on people?  It is because, as sovereign entities, if we understood the true nature (with a small “n”) of their intentional manipulation, we would rise up in a “collective” and obliterate them!  We would tell the Ascended Masters: “No, I don’t think I want to be reincarnated to suffer through more of this service-to-self shit!  Please step out of my way; I’m moving on into the 4th Density.  Thank you for the experiences you’ve woven for me.  They taught me that I am a sovereign entity connected to the One and now I am joining with my One Creator God!”

Clif High doesn’t seem to understand this as a possibility.  He is resigned to Karmic indebtedness, and repeated incarnations into a 3rd Density world where we are continually subject to manipulation over and over until our 3rd Density experience reaches a “predetermined” ideal.  The idea of a “Golden Age” just can’t be true so let’s stop that bull shit!  He quotes his father as saying (and emphasizes that this is WISDOM [with a capital “W”]):  “Life is shit!  Anyone who has something other to say is trying to sell you something.”

Gee Whiz, Clif, why can’t we be happy?

The moderator begs for some “positive” news because all this negative talk is “depressing.” Clif rightly calls to account Ben Fulford and David Wilcock for using “unnamed” resources but neglects the fact that the “Lame Stream” Media uses “undisclosed resources” all of the time—even to the extent that journalists suffer continual litigation because of it.  THEN, he goes on to suggest that the Universe is actually “unfolding” as it is supposed to!  He discusses the features of a duality conundrum (Part III 04:00 to 04:35) and rightly defines the differences between an “enlightened individual” and one who isn’t, but neglects to frame it within the choice of polarity and “Dualistic Service”—service-to-self as opposed to service-to-others (a la Michael Tsarion whom he acknowledge as a “Truth-giver”).  Remember Jean’s previous posting: Zingdad, Adamu Speaks: The Benefits of unity Consciousness? This is the philosophical perspective of the “Wing Makers” and I believe that it is an improvised disclosure of the “Truth.”

Clif continues giving us, as an the example, the tens of thousands of native children who suffered egregiously in Canada because of the Catholic Church and the Royal Family of Great Britain, an event that has done nothing to edify us, enlighten us, or give us cause for anything other than despair.  He refers to the work of Mauro Biglino (Part III 07:00 to 07:35 “The Unexpected Bible”) as having made right the translation work of centuries of manipulated lies and deception we now find the Bible to have always been.  Mario Biglino was the product of a Catholic upbringing and education and merely shows us that the Bible, as it exists today, in particular the Old Testament, is nothing more than an historical account, much of which is fabricated.  He then discusses the “magic” practiced by the elite (the human sacrifice, esoteric ceremonies, etc.) and suggests that the REASONS for this degenerate behavior is not a function of the “mind” any more than someone who wants to do good has, in practice, thoughts of an equally positive nature.  He explains that our minds are subject to “tuning” and this tuning is what makes us “individuals” in a stasis.  He further explains that “LIFE,” in REALITY, MUST have ups and downs, ins and outs, Good and Bad, chaotic and harmonious, etc., so-on-and-so-forth (Part III 12:40 through 13:40).  He suggests that we require suffering and that life is not what we’ve been told.

Really?  And, what—may I ask—HAVE we been “told?”

Examine this “conceptualization” momentarily: when you were a child, do you EVER remember your parents as having explained to you that “life” was really meant to be an experience of perpetual bliss, harmony, and satisfaction?  No, I don’t think that they did and neither did mine.  Furthermore, did our social institutions ever promote this imagery?  No, not on that point either.  That’s why we have standing armies and police.  It’s why we have “Capital Punishment” and prisons.  Nothing in our collective 3rd Density experience—not through social memes, through philosophical introspect, through ideological and theological supposition, or through the experiences our five senses give us EVER telegraphed or communicated in any way that “Life” should be blissful, harmonious, and content.  So, what the hell is he talking about?  His argument, if you can call it that, is firmly rooted in duality.  He understands that his options represent two choices: Positive Polarity and service-to-others and Negative Polarity and service-to-self.  This is an adequate belief system in that it will explain much of what his five senses are revealing to him (remember, he previously stated that he subscribes to Michael Tsarion’s point of view of the World as we “should” know it).  I don’t disagree with anything that I’ve understood Michael Tsarion to have said.  It adequately defines the existence of a peculiar paradigm in which everyone is enslaved to a particular objective—everyone—even the Cabal.  But, that’s not what we’re discovering is it?  I mean, this notion of deterministic reality, that’s not what YOUR enlightenment is telling you is it?  No.  I don’t think it is; neither is my enlightenment telling me this.

Now you tell me why this might be the case, dear Family.  Allow me to proffer an opinion…you and “I” are seeking the “Truth” from ALL sources, aren’t we?  We’re not settling down on one or a few sources that seem to agree (a mindset that Clif High advises against as “not critical thinking.”)  We (you and I) are getting our evolving imagery and developing perspective from every single morsel of information that comes our way.  Through the merits of our own exploration and discovery, or from having it shoved down our throats—we are definitely plugged into SOMETHING that is steadily feeding us illuminating information that helps to construct our “mindset” and Universal Point of View.  From where is Clif High getting his?  He explains very clearly and it is an isolated, distressing, and particularly relativistic determinism.

Now then, WHO do you suppose wants YOU to think that way?  It’s not me because “I” don’t think that way.  I believe in the One Creator/God; I believe that you, dearest friends, are part of that Universal Consciousness.  And, I believe that we are sovereign integrals of the ONE.  I may not have had my “mind” tuned to what Clif High refers to as my intrinsic esoteric propensity but I am gradually beginning to notice that I can see through all of the bull shit on a daily basis.  Clif High, and others like him (Kerry Cassidy and others) aren’t wrong about how they view the world; after all, it’s what they’ve chosen to see with and through their own eyes.  People like us are trying to “see” the world with, not just OUR eyes but also through the collective’s awareness and that awareness is saying that we are headed for a massive paradigm shift and there’s nothing that the Cabal can do about it.

So why is there this manifestation of a continually “insular” point of view?

Why are there so many people whom we would otherwise call enlightened, suddenly taking this insular “point of view?”  What’s with all the pejorative discourse, anyway?  I’ve watched the postings on Drunvalo and other videos that he’s done.  He impresses me as having been exposed to more than just an esoteric knowledge of our paradigm.  He always starts describing concepts that are so illuminating their origins are hard for the rest of us to conceive.  He is telling us that the “Great Transition” must follow the Laws of the Universe in its promulgation of “Change” and that transition may be strangely alien if somewhat frightening to our apprehension of it when it finally occurs.  But he also explains that this change will produce balance, harmony, Love (Agape’), and happiness as its primary features and characteristics.

However, this “fulfillment” is not the objective of the paradigm shift or the Great Transition.  The objective, the goal if you prefer, is the enlightenment and expansion of consciousness!    Zingdad, tells us we have four choices on the advent of that threshold: (1) No choice, (2) Positive Polarity and Service-to-Others, (3) Negative Polarity and Service-to-Self, and finally (4) Unity—integration as a sovereign entity into the ONE, the All Mind, the One Creator/God where our worlds are the subject of our own creation and interpretation.  Within them, everything achieves harmony and order—no more duality.  This concept is similarly espoused by the Wing Makers as well.  However, these are strange and alien points of view are they not?  This is the argument that people like Clif High use to disqualify this alternative point of view, is it not?  I submit that it is their right to differ but my question is: How much more alien is it then to have, as one’s world view, a catastrophic, chaotic Universe within which the Cosmos ruthlessly consumes itself ad infinitum?  You tell me; go figure.


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  • Thanks LAF, really really interesting and thought provoking....

  • Wow!!   If you had posted this 60 days ago, there wouldn't have been the need to spend all the time that I have researching this info. War And Peace like. lol

     I must say, it seems like you did not agree with Mr. High. Again lol.  Very well written with a lot of thought LAF. 

     Must say that watching what has transpired over recent days has been waking up anyone who opens their eyes even just a little and this will help with getting things back on track on this planet. A lot of people unfortunately are not opening their eyes and refuse to see what is happening. To programmed I guess. 

                  Thank you for taking the time to post.  

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