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Oops I lost my body - AKA My BoDy IsN't TaKiNg Me BaCk HELP!! Also how to escape dreams via will power

Just quickly writing this for those new to OBE because I had a nap today and I left my body and I was having trouble getting back into it (especially because I was on a lower plane for some reason and it was scaring me I wanted to wake up - ugh moving toys and frozen limbs are the worst). 

I realized what I had done to get back into my body was very, very useful and it could help lots of people avoid entering a ......... horrific dream omg I don't even want to think about what the imagination can do when you're asleep and having an OBE. 

ANYWAY back on task~

I was finding that although I was AT my body, like, floating RIGHT OVER IT, I wasn't feeling or moving my own limbs. This had only happened once before and that ended very badly with a 12 year old me essentially waking up screaming and in tears so.... allow me to help you avoid that experience..

What I did was;

1. make sure that my astral body was directly aligned my body, with my 'imaginary limbs' in the same place as my body was. 

2. I then focused on my hand, I KNEW I could move it because hey, this was MY body I could do whatever I wanted. Eventually I felt the tingling sensation that meant that I was connected to it and I could slowly move my fingers.

3. I then focused on taking back my arm and working my way across my body until I could feel I was back in my body and no longer in astral.

4. I then woke up and opened my eyes ^.^

Note: If you're not at your body and you want to return, simply imagine yourself 'teleporting' to your body and voilà~ you'll find yourself there~

Now, I know that for those who don't have much experience being in astral, it can be very very stressful when you are having trouble getting back in your body. You just have to know that it's your body and if something is trying to keep you out (usually it's your own doubt or fear - traitorous mind) then you just need to remind yourself that it's impossible to love your body and that if you want to get out of that horrible experience that you're probably fretting over (which is usually why you can't peacefully wake up) then do what I did :3

This was only short because I just wanted it to be quick for anyone who wanted to read it. I've set this as a discussion so that people can reply to comments directly so the comment section stays neat and decipherable. 

Yeah xD

Caitlyn Claire~

Note: I also find that in just general dreams if it's scary just literally FORCE your eyes awake. Your dream eyes may be open but you have to open them more and more (know you're opening the eyes that are beyond your dream eyes) until your real eyes pop open :)

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Nice post.  I can relate to this one very much, about the trouble reentering one's body when in and OBE.  I was a very sickly child and was bedbound for most of my childhood for months and months at a time, and slept most of my days away.  I used to get spontaneous OBEs and it totally terrified me.  The first time that it happened I went "somewhere" very dark and frightening and was running through a tight cramped tunnel maze of some kind and at the end of the tunnel I saw my body laying in the bed in my bedroom and saw me laying there with my eyes shut and was totally horrified and confused about why I was not in my body laying there.  I was about 7 at the time..

.I was frantic and I felt like there was electricity running all through me and it hurt.  Was struggling to figure out if there was a way to get back in my body and was having massive anxiety attacks and felt like I was going to die. I tried to get myself (in disembodied state) to my body laying there...I experimented with moving my limbs like you did and my sleeping body raised my arm and I somehow grabbed that arm and literally flung myself on top of my body and then I felt like I got sucked in...My heart was pounding like mad and I thought I was going to throw up and felt so sick.  I had many spontaneous OBEs after that, never knew when it was going to happen but seemed to occur just as I was almost asleep.  I began to enjoy them and used to stay in the house and the yard, and I would float around the house and look at my sleeping brother and parents and was totally exhilarated by the weightlessness I felt and my new power to control where I went.  Loved to float out the front door and just spin and spin in the yard....I know sounds weird but it was freedom from me from my weak and sick body...Maybe it was all a mindgame but I did not care....I loved my OBEs for awhile and then they just stopped for many years.

I discovered by accident that I could control my actions when I was dreaming and that helped with the terror of going to sleep which had for many days after having that initial OBE.  I fought sleep as hard as I could because of fear, but when you are bedbound and terribly ill you often fall asleep whether you want to or not.  But once I experienced what I later learned was called lucid dreaming, the terror left me, and when I had OBEs all I had to do was will myself back into my body with my mind, and what a relief that was.



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