• Patience latroy. :)

  • no signs yet

  • I have some real hope right here! The woman in the video seems to be very serious and cold about this event. I think there is a big chance this will actually happen. The only thing is, she didn't say  the arrest will happen at 21 june, only that the cabal can choose uptil 21 june. And that beyond this date things will happen...we will see, i hope with whole my heart thingst start to break down, they already do, but i mean at a major scale like mass arrests or so :D

    • Let's hope you are right ;O

  • I've been following that too. Even if they surrender, I still think the phoenix will rise from the ashes. If nothing else, Illuminati technology is now being sold to the general public, well to grade A and B overachievers at least. Most of it is cheap, but some of it goes as high as 10 even 20 million dollars! He is building a new Illuminati hierarchy of "real vampires." and is another self proclaimed antichrist like Aliester Crowley. He even offers a "legal" psychic assassination service. TIM means Total Intent Manifest.

    "When they shall say peace and safety, sudden destruction come upon them."

    Psi-Lord Tim Rifat
    Tim Rifat is the worlds leading expert on Remote Viewing, Influencing, Psychic warfare and it's defences, offering a unique inside view of the world'…
    • I'm sure people like him and other criminals are being watched closely.

  • There are some words that say that by tommorow the arrests will happen. The cabal could choose; or rehalibate at another planet, or being erased and starting a new life without any memorie. The ones that haven't choosed by tommorow are going to be arrested and erased..thats what a woman at youtube explained.

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