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'Oil Spill - What to Do?' by Michael Knight (Earth Change Report)

The following email message from Michael Knight ( was transcribed verbatim:


Thu, 17 June, 2010 4:01:26 AM


Oil Spill - What to Do?


Greetings from Michael Knight, Editor, Earth Change Report.

While the Gulf Oil Eruption is taking center stage these days, and rightly so because it is already disrupting the lives of more people than have been affected by earthquakes in recent times, earthquakes nevertheless continue to increase in number - especially at the higher magnitude level.

Earth Change Report does its best to keep an eye on natural disasters and earth changing signals around the planet - not just on events that occur in the United States - because it's only people who insist on establishing borders and living as if their territory is the center of the world.

The world itself - Terra - does not recognize borders, governments, religious preferences, racial differences, war zones, international versus territorial waters, ethnic differences, or money in its various forms.

Terra is a unified entity spinning (with a bit of a wobble) on its axis, rotating around the sun, in a solar system that is undergoing some strange changes, and as a consequence, she is currently under stress in many ways.

Ahead of our time by years, we made it clear in the documentary "Contact Has Begun," that Earth is going to be hit by a massive solar storm that will knock out everything electrical. And now, NASA has come on board with a clear expectation that this will indeed happen in the near future.

"This could have catastrophic consequences for Earth."

In addition, both scientists and visionaries have told us to expect death-dealing earthquakes on the US West Coast. Though their timing might be unpredictable, we know for sure that some major ones have already occurred in recent (geological) times, such as the 1906 San Francisco killer, the 1989 Loma Prieta disaster and so on.

Similarly, there have been killer 'quakes in Bandah Aceh (300,000 dead because of the 2004 tsunami), and the list goes on.

Hopefully the recent spate of earthquakes in California and on its border with Mexico has served to prod more people to leave that danger zone. But will they? Many will not.

Meanwhile, in the past 24 hours, eastern Indonesia has been hit by a string of big 'quakes that have killed two people, demolished a couple of hundred house and damaged hundreds more. A tsunami warning was issued.

"A 6.4 magnitude quake struck at 12:06 p.m. local time, followed by a more powerful 7.0 magnitude quake 10 minutes later, the U.S. Geological Survey reported. Within the next 42 minutes, a 5.1 magnitude quake also rattled the region, along with a magnitude 6.2 quake. Weaker quakes of magnitude 4.9 and 4.8 hit the area after 3 p.m."

TAIWAN: A 5.4-magnitude earthquake struck directly below one of the largest cities on the east coast of Taiwan Tuesday. The quake hit 32km below the city of Hualien, one of the main cities on the thinly populated east coast which is home to about 110,000 people. Taiwan is regularly hit by earthquakes as the island lies near the junction of two tectonic plates.

CALIFORNIA: Since a 7.2 'quake struck Baja California on April 4, the shaking has been "non-stop" in the California town of Ocotillo. "The community was five miles from the epicenter of a magnitude 5.7 earthquake that hit at 9:26 p.m. Monday. Experts described that temblor as an aftershock of the April 4 quake in Baja California and said Ocotillo's trembling is far from over. "With something as big as a 7.2, the aftershocks are going to continue for years or decades."

Personally, having been all but knocked off my feet by an "aftershock" while filming a piece for TV News in New Zealand many years ago, I consider myself something of an expert as well. (Just joking, a little). My expertise (aka experience) says aftershocks are better described as fore-shocks - messengers telling us there's another biggie on the way.

What you do with such messages is up to you.

There are more messages in the recent upsurge in volcanic activity as well. Iceland comes to mind because there are more volcanoes there than the one that disrupted air traffic throughout Europe for several weeks. Stand by for more of the same.


Down in Papua New Guinea, not so far from where those major 'quakes keep happening in Indonesia, "Disaster officials are on alert as one of the country's highest active volcanoes, Mt Ulawun, shows signs of an eruption. Evacuation plans are in place for up to 10,000 people living at the foot of the volcano.

In the Philippines authorities are alarmed over Taal Volcano which experienced seven volcanic quakes throughout Monday night.

Strange weather is another oddity to take note of.

Here in the Pacific North West we've seen the sun maybe two days in the past month. It has been rain rain and more rain. But nothing like what has been happening in both Oklahoma and France this week.

"Heavy rains have triggered flash floods in the mountains above France's southern Cote d'Azur region, killing at least 10 people. Overnight, rescue workers concentrated on helping hundreds of people trapped in their vehicles, houses or on rooftops.

"More than a thousand people were involved in rescue operations, including hundreds drafted in from other regions. About 175,000 homes in the region are without electricity."

Rooftops also became places of refuge as heavy rains have inundated Oklahoma City, stranding motorists on flooded roads and leaving swaths of the city under water. Rescue workers scoured the city by boat to help people left clinging to trees and waiting on roofs. The flooding has caused massive damage but officials had no reports of deaths."

Meanwhile, police in the state of Arkansas have found the body of a 20th person killed when heavy rain flooded camping areas early on Friday.

CHINA - At least 16 people have died and seven others were injured when part of a mountain collapsed on work sheds at a construction site in Szechuan.

BANGLADESH - Landslides triggered by heavy rains have killed at least 23 people and left several others missing in southeastern Bangladesh.

So what can we do about all this?

Aside from giving serious consideration to moving or evacuating ourselves from danger zones, I suggested in the latest issue of "New Earth News" (subscribe here) that no matter what your religion might be, no matter what your idea of God might be (and we all have different concepts or definitions) either pray or meditate or send some thoughts of love out there for those in danger - and for Terra itself.

The reason is that whether we understand the science behind it or not, we do live in a unified field of consciousness. Therefore, what we think, really does affect the whole.

Rather than constantly applying our mental energy to seeking retribution against those who have created man made disasters such as the Gulf Gusher ( Was it an Inside Job?>) , we would serve ourselves and humanity best by visualizing (and praying for or meditating on) a world where such events are behind us, where the Illuminati and their nefarious plans for global domination have been foiled by Nature and consigned to the dusty archives of history.

Now THAT is the sort of Earth Changes we CAN help create.

As for the oil disaster, it remains uncontrollable, and its impact on the environment and millions of people will only get worse. Chances are that there will be mass evacuations from the Gulf region before too long.

For more on that - have you downloaded the free report "Oil Spill - Dire Family Effects" yet? It's free, courtesy of The Survival Center which publishes "Family Survival News," and it's something you'd really want to pass on to others.

You can get it (did I say free) here at my "oil spill latest" page.

Bon Voyage.

Michael Knight Editor, Earth Change Report

Director "Contact Has Begun."

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