Occult symbolism and movies.

Star Wars, The Matrix, Green Lantern, Equllibrium, Clash/Wrath of the Titans, X-Men, Harry Potter, most recent Alice and Wonderland., Independence Day.The Sorcerers Apprentice. They all have things in common, from dormant brain powers and evolved people with super powers, empires erased and battles of emotions to prophecies and "the one" waking up from the dream life they were in, discovering their true power and aggressively taking over the show. Now, these are occult, obviously, they barely try to hide it, but why..... why would the enemy show us to our faces that we are all super heroes of extraordinary power? Why? I don't understand, what this does, considering the fact that I am young at 16 and ignorant,  I still know that satan is a master of pervesion of Godly things, from music to sex and drugs, it's really quite... unsettling now for me to continue practicing energy work among other things, when I was young I must have watched the matrix revolutions like 2000 times simply out of sheer enjoyment of the domination "the one" braught, (probably not 2000) but dozens if not hundreds of times. So i'm sure in my childhood when the mind is most receptive it had some sort of effect, and it is not the only propaganda film I have watched and loved my friend, I just don't understand, hollywood among other things are controlled by the enemy, so this leads me to a few thoughts,
A- Either there are two illuminati's struggling for control over the world(which I find plausible good vs. evil).
B- That line from the matrix reloaded when the designer of the matrix met neo and said that the problem with humanity was that they had the choice and they always had to have a choice etc... and agent smith saying that our "primitive crebrum kept trying to wake up" and the designer of the matrix again saying that the oracle had found that if we were aware of the choice, if even at a subconscious level we wouldn't try to  wak up.
C- They just think they're smart and we're dumb and drink and laugh as they make these movies
D- They are divine inspirations from God to teach his children the truth in yet another symbolic form as he does with Christianity, Buddhusm, etc...

But.... to be honest, I have literally no idea and it's tearing me apart because my life, has within the past 2 or 3 months begun to center around energy and lightwork. And quite frankly I want nothing to do with the works of the enemy as I call him because I don't even like to think his name(satan). Anyone have any knowledge on this topic? I would love some help, you'd be a hand of God if so because I have prayed about this. 

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  • Okay, that makes me feel better lol, I figured such could be true considering most of the main characters are good and stuff. And yes I saw Avatar, very good movie, I thought it was about native americans and stuff though, but my "eyes were closed" then, so I probably didn't see it.That tree of life or whatever though could be equated to something spiritual, however that's all I remember of that movie, if what you say is true, i'' be happy to downlod that and watch it again with the intent of enjoyment and learning.

    • Avatar's Tree of Souls was influenced by Ayahuasca, which means the vine of souls.

  • Yes look at it in a nice way, I see what you mean, i've told myself this many times considering thats how reality is created yet, gaining super powers and stuff is a seperate issue in my eyes... walking into the super natural requires, for me atleast, consent from higher beings, which I hope to get at some point.

    And yes I managed to notice lots of symbolism, but only after I opened my eyes.

    And yea lol I never really understood the ending, thx lol.

  • There's a vid on YT about that actually:


  • I studied a media degree; and yes they place everything  in films/ books/ magazines / *media* to brainwash and force the brain to think in a certain way; they also encode subliminal msgs in scenes, within a film; EVERY SCENE is well documented and has to *fit* the criteria in what they are trying to promote and propogate.

    I think once one begins seeing through certain ideologies its much easier to understand.

    IF you find watching such films causes u havoc quit watching them!


  • Isn't star wars separate from all those, it has no occult symbolism, illuminati or secret society type symbolism.

    George was very adamant about dealing with much more universal symbolism, for his extra-galactic saga.

    • Well I meant all these things in general really. Open to interpretation considering i'm trying to find the answer, asking me wouldn't be wise lol.

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