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Hi folks, just would like to share this.

I observed someone close to me shape shift somewhat today.

I must say, for awhile now, i have suspected something not normal about this man.

It could be best described, as a kind of fake personality.

Rarely any genuine human emotion, it always seems fake.

I saw him shape shift when he accidentally walked into me, not realizing i was there and he reacted in anger and that is when he shifted somewhat.

Then, i think he realized i was seeing him shifting and he immediately turned off his anger quickly and appeared normal.

Perhaps emotional flare ups like that causes an instability in whatever is causing the shifting appearance.

What i observed, was large protrusions going vertical up the forehead, with slight angles.

That is not normal and nothing i have seen on typical human beings.

Feel free to share your thoughts or your own accounts of observing whatever these things are.

Oh and by the way, i call to creator to do whatever needs to be done to remove this from my world, whatever they are, they are not loving beings.

peace love light

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The firm laws of physics, in classic world that forbids literal shapeshifting are emergent in nature. They thus emerge for reasons that are not clear, otherwise shapeshifting in the fundamental is a physics fact. Neutrinos, for instance are known to shapeshift between 3 different states: muon, tau and electron neutrino.

For some strange reasons, the classic world is a decoherent quantum world. That means all the particles in your body do shapeshift but one at a time! All it takes for us to experience a true shapeshifting is for all the particles in your body to shapeshift coherently, which is unlikely but not impossible. This is to say if shapeshifting happens, it is extreemly rare, perharps once in billions of years.

 i have seen these beings and so has my sisters and i have seen these being everywhere but many people seem to not notice .One of my recent encounter was in a drug store in the post office section. i didn't know why was being treated with such dislike by this individual until i saw this flash of this being behind her back and by the time i finished with my errands  i felt  upset when i had left the building .A few hours later i was having problems with my heart and i had to limit my public outings for awhile . I notice these beings can pull surprises when the person is caught unaware .They like to see people get upset and they like all kinds of negativity and drama .They are very good manipulators and they can hid behind the scenes causing more problems ..blaming,cheating,lying,black mailing ,gossiping,shallow,frivolous,irresponsible,narcissists etc.. they're the nightmares of hell .. Self protection is the best way to prevent these beings from invading your space ..set boundaries ...

and thank you for sharing your story VioletRay .

Watch for "coin slots" for eyes. I've seen this a couple of times, and it's usually from a perspective of "slightly-off" from facing the person directly.



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