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Obama’s Staged Fainting Act Exposed...he is probably the most corrupt leader of all

Obama saves the day again and again....SUPERHERO OR SUPERTHUG
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I think there are six "false flag fainting attacks" for Obama, probably to show us how "loving" our "leaders" are.

That is so funny............


Yes, this is an entirely contrived event, intended to make the Presidunce look good, in the eyes of the weak minded....I'm always amazed how he fools them, over and over and they still come back for more fraud, from this manipulative politico...


Truly bizarre...


he is the loonies' Jesus, far left idealogy their religion , government their god-his agenda is their agenda so they look the other way and still 'beleive'-how else have the marxists gained politically in the last century

Pet Rock:  "the loonies' Jesus" - that is the most apt description I have heard yet.

you know the type, there are some here at this site who want bama or someone like him to realize their loonie left agenda and 'save' the world 

What is a lying, corrupt and wicked rascal doing in the WhiteHouse?

wouldn't doubt this-takes attention away from himself and then makes a joke that he talks too long-

interesting how it seems like almost everything associated with the prez is a conspiracy or false flag. very paranoid bunch, explains so much in this world.  i guess some folks just want to be haters. oh well.

Avatar:  Another word for conspiracy theorist is INDEPENDENT THINKER - but we wouldn't want any of THAT, would we?

Avatar:  I am not computer literate -DOES THAT BOTHER YOU, POOR DEAR? YOU are out of touch with reality.  YOU are an Obmanoid, Poor Dear.  THESE ARE NOT LIES.  You just refuse to see the TRUTH (but, being an Obmanoid, you can NEVER see the TRUTH).  He could SPIT IN YOUR FACE and you would KISS HIM.  YOU are out of touch with reality.  You live in LaLa Land - the LaLa Land of the dreadful OBAMANOIDS. (You know, you represent yourself with  a beautiful picture of an eye, when, in reality, you are probably UGLY and FAT).

Avatar:  By your analolgy, IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO OPERATE A PLANE YOU ARE NOT AN INDEPENDENT THINKER. The fact that you would think that someone who is not computer literate is not an independent thinker PROVES YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO THINK AT ALL.   Oh, and by the way, since I am not computer literate, I will TRY to put things up.  (I hope that doesn't bother you dear).  Oh, and by the way, why do you keep on attacking me?  PEOPLE who have to attack PEOPLE instead of the issues at hand PROVE THEY HAVE NOTHING TO WORK WITH - How's that workin' out for you?  as Sarah Palin would say. 


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