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NOTE FOR PEOPLE HAVING PROBLEMS WITH POSTED VIDEOS. If "error" message appears, copy the http link and paste it in your browser (and then enter). It should work fine.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Are these the videos that you post that don't seem to work? Or every video posted on this website?
What works for me is clicking on the video icon (1) on the left and pasting the "embed code" there.
Or click on the html button (2) on the right where you can also paste this code.

  1. Click share on YouTube
  2. Click embed on YouTube
  3. Copy the embed code from YouTube
  4. Click on the video icon (1) on ACC
  5. Paste the embed code
  6. OK
  7. Done

It seems to be working :)

It's been a while since I watched that documentary. 
Thanks for posting. 

Thanks Goldenmind.

If this site goes down for a week again you can sign up at my site and post/forum-not as good as this site but good enough



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