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vehicles burned -one pic with a h*** in the engine hood-houses burned, plastic mail boxes standing-leaves on tree but multiple vehicles burned , melted!

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Isn't there some Biblical verse that says that 1/3 or 1/5 of the earth will be burned up by fire?

I remember something like that darkstar-EYA who posted the vid above has dozens of vids showing biblical changes in the bible-unbelievable, just changing overnight!-end times

wait are u saying jesus set the fires?

if you own a king james bible go to the above you vid channel and look at the astounding bible changes-in your bible!  now Jesus is claimed to have said in Luke 12:49 'I have come to send fire on the earth-' the bible is being edited and some of the passages are really vulgar-she was just stating the weirdness of it changing at the same time the fires were raging-she reads the bible all the time and finds these unbelievable edits-mine has changed too-

this is deep state globalists target practicing with lasers on drones and showing that they can do whatever they want

oh ok sorry didn't understand. got it.

Take a 5 min look at this vid-go to 28 minutes;

first vid at the top of the page;

FULL SHOW: Congressman Swalwell Commits Political Suicide And Democrats Caught Setting Fires In California



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"correction-they use us for energy -extract our energy"
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