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Nikola Tesla’s 5 Lost Inventions That Threatened The Global Elite

( Most great inventions fundamentally change the society in which they exist. Since the people at the top of the social structure have more to gain by reinforcing the status quo, they suppress revolutionary technologies favorable to the world but dangerous to their existence.

Engineering genius Nikola Tesla was no exception. Here are some of those technologies, ‘they’ don’t want you to know about Nikola Tesla. (Video below as well!)

Death Ray

Nikola Tesla claimed to have invented a “death beam” which he called Teleforce in the 1930s. The device was capable of generating an intense targeted beam of energy “that could be used to dispose of enemy warplanes, foreign armies, or anything else you’d rather didn’t exist”.

The so-called “death ray” was never constructed because he believed it would become too easy for counties to destroy each other. Tesla proposed that a nation could “destroy anything approaching within 200 miles… [and] will provide a wall of power” in order to “make any country, large or small, impregnable against armies, airplanes, and other means for attack”. He said that efforts had been made to steal the invention. His room had been entered and his papers had been scrutinized, but the thieves, or spies, left empty-handed.

Tesla’s Oscillator

In 1898, Tesla claimed he had built and deployed a small oscillating device that, when attached to his office and operating, nearly shook down the building and everything around it. In other words, the device could allegedly simulate earthquakes. Realizing the potential terrors such a device could create, “Tesla said he took a hammer to the oscillator to disable it, instructing his employees to claim ignorance to the cause of the tremors if asked”. Some theorists believe the government continues to use Tesla’s research in places like the HAARP facility in Alaska.


Free Electricity System

With funding from JP Morgan, Tesla designed and built Wardenclyffe Tower, a gigantic wireless transmission station, in New York in 1901-1902. Morgan thought the Wardenclyffe Tower could provide wireless communication across the world. However, Tesla had other plans.

Tesla intended to transmit messages, telephony and even facsimile images across the Atlantic to England and to ships at sea based on his theories of using the Earth to conduct the signals. If the project worked, anyone could have electricity by simply sticking a rode into the ground. Unfortunately, free electricity is not profitable. And this system could be incredibly dangerous for the global elite because it could profoundly change the energy industry. Imagine how different the world would be if society didn’t need oil and coal to function? Could the great world powers maintain control? Morgan refused to fund the changes. The project was abandoned in 1906 and never became operational.


The Flying Saucer

In 1911, Nikola Tesla told The New York Herald that he was working on an anti gravity “flying machine”.

“My flying machine will have neither wings nor propellers. You might see it on the ground and you would never guess that it was a flying machine. Yet it will be able to move at will through the air in any direction with perfect safety, at higher speeds than have yet been reached, regardless of weather and oblivious of “holes in the air” or downward currents. It will ascend in such currents if desired. It can remain absolutely stationary in the air, even in a wind, for great length of time. Its lifting power will not depend upon any such delicate devices as the bird has to employ, but upon positive mechanical action.”

Tesla’s flying saucer was powered by free energy system at a time when the fledgling aviation and motor car industry depended on oil and petroleum. His invention met the same fate as his free energy system.

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Improved Airships

Tesla proposed that electrically-powered airships would transport passengers from New York to London in three hours, traveling eight miles above the ground. He also imagined that airships might draw their power from the very atmosphere, never needing to stop for refueling. Unmanned airships might even be used to transport passengers to a preselected destination or for a remote aerial strike. He was never given credit for his invention. However, today, we have unmanned drones carrying out combat missions, supersonic airplanes that fly at amazing speeds and space shuttle technology that can circle the Earth in the upper atmosphere.

It was long suspected that the FBI literally stole all of his work, research, and inventions that he had in his possession when he died. This rumor has now been confirmed by recent, heavily redacted Freedom of Information Act requests released by the FBI.

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To make such story plausible, as usual, the auther rely on the premise:

1.)Should a new technology comes, it threatens pre-existing technology

Then he goes ahead to unwittingly perform what is actually a falacious reasoning.

2.)If technology A exists, it threatens technology B
3.)The owners of technology B will do everything to ensure the savety of technology B
4.)Technology B exist
5.)Ergo technology A must also exist albeit being supressed by the owners of technology B

All the premises 1 to 4 are true but the conclusion 5 does not follow logicaly from the premises.
Conclusion 5 is never sane because it is realy EMPLOYMENT and never TECHNOLOGY that primarily interests economists and businessmen. Then it is not even employment but INCOME that matters. Technology A will creat more income to those who were owning B even if it takes away the JOB!! It only requires a little more cleverness on their part.
'JP Morgan refused to fund a project that would provid no profit'

Yes, it would be insand for Morgan to do that! But what is not clear is why Morgan should do that. Morgan should only fund researches that benefits Morgan. The world should fund researches that benefits the world.

Another note worth mensioning regards how science discoveries and/or innoventions are made. Many people have this picture of a lone marverick genius. It is nothing of the sort. Lets consider general relativity for example. While it is common to hear even a physicist insinuates that killing Einstein would prevent GR from developing, this is actualy plain ridiculus for as a matter of unquestionable fact, DAVID HILBERT had already finished all the work not only before Einstein, but in a far more superior way than Einstein!!!
Example of other guys that could have easily develop GR include riemann himself, poincare, kaluza, nordstorm, grosmann etc etc.

What am I trying to say? Inventions and discoveries are normally the natural results of accumulating facts. No genius is ever required! Ergo it is very difficult, if not impossible to supress new innovention. Someone else, for instance other than Tesla, would easily rediscover it.
Non of my comments, including the first one, is meant to show that Tesla could not have possibly invented the arcane technologies. My first comment is meant to show that the argument commonly apealed to indirectly to support the idea of some strange technologies doesn't prove anything. Just because a technology would be a threat to existing companies and governments does not mean that there is such a technology, albeit being surpressed by the companies and the governments.
"You say no genius is ever required. Then why was his work destroyed, illegaly patented by big businesses and then discredited unless his genius was a threat"?

It is because even the businessmen of his time did not well understand how Tesla did it. It only require the businessmen to THINK that his genius was a threat and not for the genius to ACTUALY be a threat.
I mean for Tesla's genius to have been the possible, if any, SOLE threat to the companies. If Tesla's genius was a threat to companies, then there were also other people, around his time, that posed similar threat. The point is that the companies were not aware of these other, less famous guys. Then the fact that the destruction of Tesla's work apeared to save the companies only proves that Tesla's genius was realy not a threat. They only thought so, but it wasn't so.




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