NICK VUJICIC - No arms, No legs, No worries!

Why do we worry so much about our lives when so many others are way less fortunate than we are? I feel grateful for my eye sight, that I can see the beauty around me, to be able to read, to help me to see what I paint and to appraciate what I see others create and to never take it for granted. I feel grateful for my hearing, my overall good health, to have my arms and legs, my feet that I can walk, my internal organs in good working order, and my hands, that I can type these words.

Here is a guy without any arms Arms and Legs but what an inspiration he is. Next time you feel life is getting you down, think of this guy and feel grateful for all you have. There are many people with disabilities, physical, mental, emotional or psychological and yet I see some ACC members who rip into the souls of other members just to "proove" that they are right, and act as though the world has come to an end. Imagine not being able to type a word because you dont have any hands, or not being able to see, to hear, to move at all. This guy has a joyfull spirit, and he cant walk, let alone write a blog in the likes of a website like this one but he is a happy man because he has a good heart despite his disabilities. So thats why I feel grateful to be able to punch these keys on this laptop because I have a healthy pair of hands, good eye sight, a reasonably good brain and I am grateful for all that and more besides. I feel its important to feel gratitude for the things we often take for granted, such as our health and our bodily functions, when so many others simply dont have the same blessings that we do. Be joyfull and be grateful for all you have, because you dont even know how long you will have it for, life is short enough as it is and as we get older, it gets shorter.. as the song goes, "the end is not as far as the start... please stay a child, somewhere in your heart".  

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  • Here is the story of how he met his wife...
    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
    • Oh thats wonderfull, Feather .. I hadnt seen this video, such a nice couple AND shes pregnant, so more joy for them both, thanks so much for sharing, I love it .. :-)

  • Aaaand... it's over. Back to center.

    Coherence, restored.

  • It's coming back again, this conscience.

    There's M'ka, wearing that winged cloak, and mask. Our royal hierarchy, thinking himself better than anyone else. His deceitful words, always hiding control beneath love. He never cared for humankind, missing his own sexuality. Couldn't tell if it's feminine or masculine... destroyed dna. No love.

    I see my sister, we were engineering something within humankind. Her lilac gaze, lost into each other's eyes. I miss her.

    Also recognize that face, his morbid smile. The stranger who caught me up on the street, here. One the them, he hasn't gotten any older in a thousand years. He was associated with the murder of one traitor within my family.

    "Isn't it, Hades?" What does that mean?

    The gods are playing with humankind, with god... for their own benefit.

    There's so much hidden from my eyes. But she didn't utter a single word, beyond her saddened eyes.

    What have you done to me?

    • We did intercourse with humankind, to save ourselves, and thus it began. Our reign on Earth.

      But then, who am I? Why do the triangle ships pay me offerings? Why her silence after a thousand years? It seems like they put him to rest, as an offering.

      Besides, perversion feels so delightful inside myself, innocence tastes so sweet on my mouth.

      Fighting against my royal blood... need to find her.

      Find me

  • It has been a hard time, here and beyond.

    There's symptoms of crystallization within my light body, dissonance. Bubbles form out of negativity on every glass of water. Animals showing stressful behaviours, agressive. People drowning themselves in loud music. Arguing, rigid, erratic, instinctive, sometimes mindless, sometimes heartless.

    Letting myself fall, to be embraced.

    I'll make divine alchemy within myself, there will tears raining down from my eyes, dissolving every density. Embracing my dreams, bathing within my inner sunlight.

    Otherwise my sentience will start to dwindle once again. Growing colder, careless, unconscious, incoherent.

  • Believe your dream inside the quantum field, despite your third dimensional senses telling you otherwise.

    If you can't find proof of your truth, then become it. And you'll find it.

    Act otherwise, and all you'll get nothing but a never ending waiting.

    Within yourself first, then beyond.

    You don't have to put up with any incapability, nor disease. The age of the martyr has come to an end.

    From the Vanguard.

    I'm centered once again.

  • Last night I delved deep beneath those dark places within our earthly grid, realms which most human beings wouldn't wanna see, even though they hold responsibility for such creations.

    Diving deep within a black sea, so to bring about divine alchemy, seeding coherence. Saw contaminated thoughts and incoherent creations. Violent, grotesque, morbid...

    Couldn't reach much further without being assaulted by parasites, starving for sexual energy.

    Our Tree's roots, it's a swarm full of them, walls broken, floating disjunction. Glowing bulbs, mesmerizing... hungry mouths, drooling traps.

    Woke up, twisted pain. Tight mandibular pressure. Consumed.

    Nightmares awaiting to manifest, beyond a thinner and thinner veil.

    Cleaning up their mess, sometimes I would like to crack the frequency-lock myself, hades gates, drown them in their own trash and fearful creations. As that morbid stranger told me in the streets "Isn't it, Hades?"

    A divine alchemist, healing contaminated frequency. Their fear towards darkness make it so they keep flooding the grid with false ideas of prohibited truths. Occultism... ignorants.

    Ten years ago, a dream. My sister was looking for me, on a veilless earth, all nightmares were born into flesh. Didn't matter to me, I was gonna find her, so she could rip my face off. Lost mind at that time.

    Our plan, failure. No Sun anymore. She had to put me down.

    My whole family

    I'm tired

    • ..... stay off the deep web in that case, brother Suiris :-) .. Im joking .. 

      Thanks for your replies although I dont know how to respond to them really, as they are more like poems in a way .. sort of a "sufi" vibe which is kind of cool ..  so .. I guess just feel free to express yourself, as you wish.

This reply was deleted.

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