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New Video from Ben Fulford - Message to the Queen

Gnostic Illuminati ~ Alexander Romanov direct message to Queen Elizabeth 27032012 - YouTube

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Thanks Mr.Ed, this video is awesome!!! : )

Alexander Romanov & Benjamin Fulford Warning the Old World Order and Queen:

Alexander Romanov - Gnostic Illuminati Powergroup

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Gnostic Illuminati powergroup is of ancient lineage, and through its spokesman, Alexander Romanov (Romanoff), claims to have initiated the American Revolution (1775–83), the French Revolution (1787–1799) and the Russian Revolution (1917). A smaller but related group, The Black Hand Society, led by one of Romanov's close relations, is said to have sparked off The First World War with the assassination of the Hapsburg heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, in Sarajevo, Bosnia, on Sunday 28th June 1914.
Alexander Romanov is understood to be the eldest grandson of Anastasia Romanov and the great grandson of Nikolay Alexandrovich Romanov (Tsar Nicholas II of Russia). Anastasia escaped the revolution against her family in Russia, was quietly secreted into what became Yugoslavia, and lived a long, covert and protected life there.

More background here:

and here: (07.01.12 - YouTube video - 7 mins).

And a series of fifteen short videos made by Alexander Romanov starts here: (22.03.12).

Posted by John MacHaffie.


Benjamin Fulford & Alexander Romanov - The Illuminati Exposed 2012


PressTV: UK Queen Accused Of Drug Trafficking

Posted on March 27, 2012


"A part of the fortune of the Queen of England comes from drug trafficking."

Jacques Cheminade, candidate for the 2012 French presidential election


Britain’s financial regulator has fined the British queen’s bank for money laundering failures as a French presidential candidate has said part of the queen’s fortune "comes from drug trafficking."

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has fined the British queen’s bank, Coutts Bank, 8.75 million pounds for failing to carry out correct checks on "politically exposed persons" and prevent money laundering.

"The failings at Coutts were serious, systemic and were allowed to persist for almost three years. They resulted in an unacceptable risk of Coutts handling the proceeds of crime," the FSA said in a statement posted on its official website.

The news comes less than a week after a fringe candidate for April’s French presidential election said the British queen owed her fortune to drugs money laundered by "Jewish bankers in The City."

On 21 March, Jacques Cheminade, an independent presidential candidate running in the French election, said, "a part of the fortune of the Queen of England comes from drug trafficking."

"No, not any property, there are several other sources. But it is a series of trafficking in which, yes, there is trafficking drugs," Cheminade said on television LCP French National Assembly.

Known as the British queen’s banker, Coutts was criticised for "significant, widespread and unacceptable" failures, as described by Tracey McDermott, acting director of enforcement and financial crime.

"The size of the financial penalty demonstrates how seriously we view its failures," McDermott said.


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Money ‘laundering’ at the Queen’s bank: Coutts fined £8.75m for taking despots’ millions (

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France is Producing Very Strange Folk Lately (


this guy said he was kinapped for 8 months and cloned and his clone was writing for him-he said this a week and a half ago

Thanks for sharing Brother

Love and Light

Every time I watch or listen to this guy I'm unimpressed and become uneasy...

Fantastic Video, thanks Mr. ED for sharing.


thank you

i haven't finished watching this video but guys... stop this video at around 1.32 and check out his eyes. better view of his right eye more than his left as you are looking at the screen. its just after he proper blinks out. his pupil goes into cat/rep shape and in minutes goes back to normal roundish shape. freakie like many of the other reptilian eye shots on you-tube. and its always after they blink i notice.  :0 



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