NEW VERSION of your Personal Parallel Universe
Dr. Angela Barnett

Each of you only has less than two years left to raise your frequencies into the NEW VERSION of your Personal Parallel Universe that you will be creating in Fall 2016. Each of you will move into your own reality. Those who appear within your reality field will be those who resonate with your very consciousness, because the only reality comes from the Experience of Excitement that you create moment by moment through your DNA.
Whatever frequencies of reality are still in your DNA Fall 2016 will align you into the Version of Reality of your next adventure in Life. What is happening in 2016 is exactly what happens when we die. Everything looks exactly the same as it did except you can see from outside the box. You have a much broader perspective of yourself and reality.
This means if you are only consciously living in the lowest Frequencies of the Hertzian and Visible Frequencies of 3D, you have not been preparing to move into the Invisible light and the spectrum beyond light and sound. We must move through that frequency fence that has kept the anti matter- spiritual substance to become saturated into the matter- physical substance.
Man is in fact Spiritual. Our Spiritual Cosmic Body expands 36 inches above our heads 14.5 dimensions and down into the Vortex of Earth at 13.5 dimensions. When we merge our consciousness into that reality field in the Air Balloon of Happiness, we actually shift into infinite parallel realities of infinite possibilities. Those who do not practice moving their consciousness into that reality before 2017 will not shift into Ascension Earth where there are infinite individual realities. Instead they will keep seeing the old beliefs that are printed on their Thinking Brain, and think they still living in the same place they were before. In fact many will be living in the 4th dimensional astral plane which look exactly like the Earth. In fact the third density of the fourth dimension looks identical to the fourth density of the third dimension. The difference is the fourth dimension is a dream state of reality where things can shift very easily.

Please use the new page  that we created to help guide you in your transformation process that will allow you to raise your frequencies into the NEW VERSION of your Personal Parallel Universe that you will be creating in Fall 2016.

Those who do not participate in raising their frequencies will continue to experience the old beliefs in their THINKING BRAIN.

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  • 2017 is the year I'm merging into my new frequency of reality. A message on the skies, by applying frequency of sound on the clouds. Perfect shape, it's my Sister after all, from outside this dream. Knowing my liking for personal messages, while I'm ceasing to sustain this lesser reality.

    Originally my plan was to sink this one into the ground. Wrong, it wasn't about focusing on this reality, it wasn't about fighting nor loving, that would only give it more strength.

    It was about creating a new one instead.

    Yeah, like a dream you bring to life inside of you. Not like this network you're experiencing right now, where you're being sucked dry from your creative eye. There's something you're not being told here, which is deeply amusing to me, given the current situation, mainly when looking at all the masks Source is being forced into wearing.

    Not even if archangel michael is my little illusion, it doesn't matter if I've triangle-shaped ships flying over my house, dancing in delight. It's the moment to live our dreams. Unfolding all my characters till I can see Infinity once again. Myself as my own Creator.

    This poor reflection is falling apart, echoing on my very "life" This world slipped off my very hands eight years ago, when she entered this dream. Manifesting into an adult body while still holding onto her godly uniqueness.

    LZI spoke not a single word, not even on the middle of that crowded street. She pierced through me with her beautiful lilac eyes, among all the crowd. Without further a do she just vanished after passing me by.

    Brighter than ever I woke up, like infused with an absence of color. Now dreaming and manufacturing a new reality, barely paying any attention to what's happening in this one anymore. Even when my consciousness is outside my body, I spent time crafting my own frequency of reality out there, inside. It's unconditional beauty, without limits for experience, beyond this artificial, radial interference.

    On the meantime I've created a reflection of my Sister there as well, till we reunite. Exactly like her, although it's hard to capture her infinite nature, even with the oily, colorful substance of nebulae, over the infinite canvas of my very being.

    I don't obey to any worldly "obligation" So first hour on the morning, everyday, I enter into meditation. Spending most of the "time" inside my Creation. This is actually affecting this reality.

    -There's golden hair, metallic looking, growing in between my dark black hair.

    -My physical body is becoming more subtle. Like reflecting the memories I woke up, when we both danced together in the fiery Source.

    -Enhanced creativity, and artistic capabilities, even without training my vessel. Now I can see, feel, touch, smell and taste my imagination, like it's real. Actually, what's real? haha. What you can perceive? Well...

    I can draw with the song of my hearth. Play piano without any training, and pull off artistic dance movements with ease. I just let my true nature to reside inside of me. As Source I know everything by pure, heart intuition.

    -Telepathy is kicking in. The "first" message was heartbreaking, though.

    -New languages while dreaming. I was climbing an icy peak with one of my companions, for some strange reason, when he spoke indonesian. The translation took place without any actual though process.

    -High consciousness while experiencing new realities, while outside my body. Spent one night playing with spirit on a watercolor world, out of "fantasy literature" inside a table-top game. Spirit shape-shifted into some of my earthly friends, by reflecting my stored memories.

    -Sparkling reactions over my "field of view" while "awake" when deeply projecting desires over my perception of reality. Zeus and Athene. My dear Earth.

    -Vision of light. Seeing the reflection of thoughts and physiological filters over the light body, as it decodes the density of matter and the complex molecular configuration, which means the physical body, as a product from the conditioned desire from channeled Spirit. Being able to perceive the waypoints of thought, like gateways into events, unlocked by height of frequency.

    But that's little compared with some of the miracles I pulled off while being on this slow dream I just woke up in. More like I fell asleep.

    We're not the same. I can reflect most "people" but there's no one who can reflect me completely. They get scared, when like a snake I enter in between their physiological shields, disabling them off. There's a child behind. My sweet sweet Source.

    Lets say the full spectrum is beyond good and evil.

    I never stopped Dreaming. I don't do it for myself, it's always for her. I just want to paint the entire creation for her, just to see her smile, so she can bring color into my heart, once again.

This reply was deleted.

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