New Ringing in the Ears!

This has been posted several times in the past (once by me). That being said, I have been having ringing in my left ear for several years now. Lately I have been having a "Different" tone/frequency in my Right ear, while still having the other frequency still in my left ear. I learned to deal with the ringing in my left ear simply by imagining that I am hearing the frequency of Gaia or the frequency of Ascension. But this right ear business (being a different frequency) is going to take some getting used to. It has been going on for about 2 weeks now.

Something else is happening. When it is late at night and the house is all quiet, I'm starting to hear things. Sometimes its like muffled talking. These are not from any noises around me, as it is all quiet. They are in my head. I even heard my name called last night. It was not a "spooky" kind of thing, more like a friend saying...Audie. My wife has been hearing these kind of things for several months now at night.....and no we do not do

My visions while meditating have been kicked up a notch as well. Before, I would need at least 5 minutes or so before they would start, now they come in like a minute or so. I have not ever heard (yet) voices when I see people in the visions. I had one vision last night of a bearded, white haired man looking at me. He was smiling and it looked as if he was nodding his head in approval at me? I also had a very clear one where I was looking at two suns, that was interesting, and I've had it twice in the last two days.

I think that the veil is starting to get real thin. What's your take on this?

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  • Thank you again for letting us know about Audie- Much love and peace to all

  • Unfortunately…Audie is no longer here on AC..seemed like a good discussion..maybe the veil was lifted after all?  have no idea????????  ONLY HOPE IS LOVE~

    • Joyana, thanks for letting us know.

      How did you know? 

  • Hey Audie,

    Thats so cool. I had an experience about 16yrs ago, I was washing my pan (obviously in a state of mind) when my name was whispered loud in my ear, I freaked out though and I did say I wasn't ready but I definately knew who ever it was, was testing me. Good on you!



  • Thank you for this, Feather!

  • Audie thank you for sharing your experiences with ringing in the ears, I have the same thing going on with me,for a few years now sometimes the tone changes, then switches off not often but it has happened lately especially the tone change, it might be high for sometime and then it will lower in sound mainly the right ear. With hearing voices and sometimes music, not often  but when I do it sounds sort of muffled like people are talking in another room with the door shut. This is only a thought that I came up with , maybe we are starting to hear sounds in the 4th dimension coming through as the ascension goes up especially the voices? Any comments on this would be helpful. Love everybody (-:

  • Both my take and my experience in recent weeks are the same as yours Audie. Sort of exciting, huh? 

    NEVER thought I'd be hearing voices. I've heard my name (by a male voice) six times now, including this morning, and one day a voice cautioned me to slow down. I did.  :)

    On top of that, so many things have quickly fallen into place during the last ten days regarding a move to England for 2 years. I grew up in England and have gone back for holidays many times but never to live there. I left at age 18 to attend a US university. I married an American and have lived here ever since. I became a US citizen during the Carter administration. I love living in the Pacific Northwest. We have 8 kids and 12 grandkids and most of them live in Washington State; all of them live west of the Rockies. Our lives are very happy. The entire family is healthy. We have been and ARE very fortunate, and are well aware of our good fortune. And now, as if all this were not enough, the Universe is bestowing 2 years in the Lakes District on us.  What gives!  I just feel that so much is happening. I feel that there is an important reason why we're going to England at this time, but I don't know what it is yet. I sure hope I meet some of you over the pond.

  • I was in the bed for 3 days a little over a week ago with bad migraines and hadn't had any in about 10 years.  I was like a zombie for the whole 3 days.  I felt like my soul left my body.

  • Lets be friendlier to eachother, remember we ARE all ONE!  Yes there are quite a few people with ringing in their ears, for some it is not easy to deal with...I help (for free) with healing touch and Archangel softens things to you ALL

  • Ya'll add me to your friends list so that we can chat.  I am still learning to maneuver my way around in here and I rarely talk one on one to anyone.

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