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Before I am attacked by those who claim righteousness I must say, THIS IS ONLY AN OBSERVATION! It is meant for those it is meant for. Please keep the comments positive. :-)

I have nothing against the New Age Movement as my "beliefs" are just as far out there compared to socially acceptable mainstream. If it gives one a positive outlook, a means to work through the madness and hope so be it!!!!

I must call this out, out of love, for those who may be led astray.

Wisdom is not told by self but unless asked for by another. This means a wise man never tells his wisdom unless asked person to person.---Confucius

In an age where psy-ops, subterfuge and social steering are the norm amongst a mentally unhealthy population I am seeing a lot of fairytale psychosis running rampant. For example, there are now more channeled masters than cable TV stations in America. Yes there is "another side" as I've experienced it but the way dimensionality is described in mainstream is more of a schizophrenic delusion than anything else. There will be no POOF...We've ascended, yay!! 

Every moment of now we are a different consciousness from the one before. This is the ascension/descension process. Please beware of those "guru's" who "have it all worked out." A high percentage of those who spew forth Higher Consciousness messages have only grasped the symbolic key to the true knowledge mentally, not the actual knowledge spiritually. 

All I'm saying is lead with your heart but use rational discernment to weigh the validity of the information and only accept that which is of a higher vibration than ones self. The mind and body are a complete system for a reason. Hope and faith are an integral part of the process but please remember the world is the way it is now because humanity put their hope and faith in other humans that could "talk a good game."

Namaste, Love, Light & Laughs my friends

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  • The writings and recorded lectures emitted by humans who claim to ‘channel’ the teachings of incorporeal and dimensional beings, ET’s, asceneded masters, etc who reside on other planes and consult as scripture! ……

    I realize that I don’t take a definitive stand, one way or another, as to whether or not I find at least some channelled material useful—perhaps they do at times loosely attribute a small factor in some way to the overall thought within. Though, as I do not subscribe fully to any conventional religions and other weird beliefs, that I have a diverse mix of intuitive thoughts, I will add that the search for wisdom greater than my own has led me down some strange roads indeed.

    Personally I feel that if said ‘channelling’ has come from, higher dimensional beings, ET, ascended masters, e.t.c. That the ‘work’ dialogue and info, should be imparted uncorrupted by the human individual, that these ‘beings’, from where ever place they reside should be sufficiently capable of giving their host full understanding of applicable and correct accurate wisdom, that is free from individual innuendo, speculation and ambiguities.

     By its very nature, channellings tends to elude proof—and disproof—and of course the field is as rife with fraud as are most manifestations of religiosity. Still, channellings in their various forms are so widespread, that the use of discernment and of individual thought can be marred by the myriad of near similar dialogue that seek to convince they are truer than another.

    But ultimately, as with any spiritual belief system, channelled material must be judged on its own merits. That is, does the entity’s advice make one happier, or healthier, or at least help, or for one to score better points over another. As with any spiritual phenomena, your mileage may vary. And… the only real authorities on how helpful channelled material is…ultimately are you...The key question that one should ask oneself, “Does it work for me?”


  • thanks for the very good observation. good to hear a flipside to all the fluff unfulfilled. we talk to much sometimes but the knowledge spews forth first then the practice follows. Walk our talk and relax into the knowledge we hold and truly allow it to seep into your bring and b expressed truly through you and not solely from you. Namaste

  • Right On Confucius! Thanks for this posting.
  • Don't forget the false white hat info LOL

    In my experience good teachers are not found by actively seeking. The act of seeking has always brought me falsies. On the other hand great teachers appear when I just let things be. LOLOL...Reiki...don't they now!!! As a practitioner, my observation has been that Reiki Masters tend to have closed eyed/open minded individuals for clients. This causes mesmerization by the sensations not normally associated with human interaction. The Master finds themselves in a belief pattern of "I have healing powers" and the client puts the master on an ego trip with praise. In reality a GOOD practitioner does nothing but relax the mind so the body can heal itself while raising the clients vibration through subtle energy synchrony. All healings are done by the one on the table.

    Very well said:"I suppose the key is to move toward teachings and people that empower you and avoid things and people that make you feel dependent or weak. And follow your intuition, for discernment is a wisdom of the heart."...using all 7 senses as the measure. (touch, taste, smell, hear, see, time, thought) [traditional 6th sense is but an extension of the first five]

  • Be mindful of the fact that people will often write the more challenging esoteric claims as a means of facilitating their own healing.

     Something wonderful happens, and for a moment they've touched the face of God.

    And it is profound,

    And they want to tell the world about it.

    But they can't properly translate it.

    5d tp 3d. Very different languages
    So they fill in the missing details with their relevant details from their own life.

    It doesn't diminish the validity of their experience.

    They are facing the fear of voicing the God hood they have recognized within themselves. 

    • LOL have pages of those mistranslations of my own!! Those channels are wonderful but unfortunately most seem to be ego driven or the type described by Pet Rock. Too much chaff to wade through for the newborn...just MHO. Let us not laser point at channels as they are only one facet. Its a multitude of things like "Ascension Sickness" which are ALL the same symptoms associated with GMO's, unhealthy diet, and mass pollution. But because it's related to ascension, sheeple training kicks in, and "OMG, I don't need to worry about my body telling me I'm being systematically poisoned...I'm Ascending!" 

      These are the belief systems I'm trying to bring forward into the spotlight to be worked on by those who may not even realize the rut. Thank you all for your wonderful perspectives and keeping a positive focus.

  • your using your own mind  by asking about the credibility of the channelers-some are good mediums but I beleive most are being used by entities with a NWO agenda and an energy agenda -these said entities need to be attached to peoples auras or a nickname is your 'tree' or energy field you drag along with you, energy vampires and the more chaotic the more they can thrive, feel alive so they steer peolpe in the wrong direction-I'm sure it's more complicated-read between the lines in some of these channeled posts and you will see that most are trying to convince you that mass collectivism is the only way to become a Light Being etc.

  • thanks for sharing,,,, good thing i have a built in truth meter :)

  • I like what you have shared and the topic does merit a discussion.
    Many of my old teachers and helpers along the way during the ninties are impossible for me to find now. It's as if that wave has settled into quiet lives or they are not on the matrix. There is a more recent wave looking for their own answers and many of their questions have been asked before and the cycle repeats. I avoid channeled information unless someone is streaming from their Higher Self and I would still chew over the info.

    I made several mistakes along the way. Not everyone of the movement is out for your highest good either. Some will take your energy or interfere with your field. This teaches discernment and helps you realize that you must learn to develop within. It's been an adventure of consciousness and I feel it expanding everyday.
    • Thanks for sharing. This is a subject which is about as appealing as drinking commode water to most spiritualists.

      Such is the usual nature of true wisdom. Once one becomes wise, one understands it's wise to stay below radar or be crucified by the "zombies."

      I find a lot of channels tend to be subconscious musings and fancies with a sprinkling of vanity all in the name of being relevant. When we are lacking that self love for the knowledge we do possess it creates a hole where we feel we have failed. Many times we stuff this hole with the OCD like need to categorize, label, measure and maintain social relevance. Channels are much easier to discern if we leave the words of a channel on paper and bask only in the energy of the message itself and have the will to leave when it no longer rings as "true." We don't have to finish everything we started.

      I am by no means enlightened though I do see well in the dark, just a humble man trying to stop even that one setback of spiritual growth by false prophethood. 

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