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Just consider whether this idea is good or bad."I perceive that those
whom you refer to us "educated" are merely rogues who have taken
advantage of the times"Partly due to sinful impressions within their
hearts,and partly because they see it as an opportunity to conceal
their faults,such people favor this deceitful civilization."Can a wise
man find peace and happiness in such a civilization?."Veneration for a
civilization of rogues can be preserved only by vain argument and
physical intimidation".
it's nice to meet you and have your association so let's prevent drops
of nectar from ever drying up by throwing it to the ocean of loving
devotion and upon reflection we are going to treat the disease that is
causing the entire world to suffer.In today`s world,it is indeed we who
generate our own endless desires and feelings of scarcity which are the
root of our own vociferous complaints.So what is the solution to all
problems and "HOW CAN ONE ATTAIN PEACE" in the world of constant
struggle filled with restlessness and fear? Observing ocean we have
seen that although countless rivers flow into it,ocean never
overflows!.Similarly,various desires flow into the mind of one who is
fixed in transcendence,yet his equilibrium is never disturbed.Such a
person alone can attain peace,not he who strives always to fulfill his
desires.Here fixed in transcendence means exactly the one who is
"completely surrender" to Sri GURU! Why? Because that supreme creator
and maintainer can be fined in this world in
the heart of Sri Guru.True him you can link yourself with
supreme-self.and with loving devotion we can understood that our actual
perception of ourselves has awakened fully. At that time we can execute
our duty properly and all problems of the world can be resolved!!
The soul by taking part in Sri Vraja-dhama parikrama can achieve the very rare jewel of prema and our guruvarga are distributing love and happiness
from spiritual world! If you would like to get the key with some valuable
hints how to get it please take part in this year kartik month Sri
Vraja-dhama parikrama! Do not wait-please harry up.Life is just to short!For more info please visit

Chant and be happy
Your servant
Markandeyarishi das

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Oceans overflow when there are tsunamis.
Oceans overflow when there are tsunamis
Not the same thing
Tsunamis are caused by a sudden and violent displacement of a large volume of water in the ocean.

I think Mark is saying that nature maintains a balance between its various parts. Water from the oceans evaporate and form clouds before rivers receive the same water as rain and carry it back into the ocean.
You're right,

Hehe, I'm sorry, I was being a smart-ass. =)
Technology is the root of civilization, Art is the flower.

One can not have peace of mind on an empty stomach.
Nor can a well-fed but honest person have peace mind while others go hungry.

A technologically advanced economy can ensure that no one in the world need go without the basic necessities of life.

See Peoples' Capitalism as the social arrangement for a New Age civilization.
When you feed homeless on the street that is so nice but next day he is going to be hungry again but when you feed him prasadam you may save his soul from samsaraa!You are helping to his body but I save his soul.What is better!?
I would think that there are reasons why he is homeless in the first place. So in addition to feeding him (can be a her, of course) for a day, we have to know the reason for homelessness---apart from personal failings---and do what is needed to eliminate the cause of homelessness and of abject poverty in general.

I am not well red in Eastern world views; just believe that there are other purposes for human incarnation than to stop reincarnating again.

Interesting talking to you.

May your many goals be reached.
...the streets that are littered with Angels that pose as homeless beings, watching to see if you have love and compassion in your heart...

I like that. Don't know if it is true but it is beautiful and uplifting.
I would only add that love and compassion includes caring about why there is homelessness and poverty and---being an unnecessary blot on the conscience of good, and otherwise caring, people--- how to terminate it.



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