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The US House of Representatives just passed a bill that would pave the way for a new Cybersecurity law. It's just quite obvious that they just want to clamp down on the internet because their Climate Change, swine flu, and bailout agendas have come under fire these past months and a lot of people around the world are already figuring out their scams.

Just recently, the Climate Change treaty was shot down because of the Climategate email scandal.  Now, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is under pressure for a claim they made about melting glaciers which was based on erroneous data.

On the swine flu, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, the chair of the Health Committee in The European Council, said that the swine flu was a ‘false pandemic’ and that the World Health Organization (WHO) adjusted the pandemic level so that the ‘swine flu’ could be conveniently be labeled as a

Also recently, Tim Geithner who was then the Chairman of the NY Federal Reserve, told insurance giant, American International Group (AIG) to hide taxpayer money that they were secretly receiving. These were termed ‘backdoor bailouts’. Of course, Geithner shouldn’t only be the one to be investigated but Ben Bernanke and other banksters too should be put on the chopping block.

All these scandals right now are making the globalist establishment very desperate so they’re now pushing for internet restriction laws like the Cybersecurity Act in the US which is based on a ‘cyber-threat’ or ‘cyber-terrorist’ pretext. Is it just mere coincidence that these internet laws are suddenly being pushed to the fore just after all the scandals break-out in the media?

It’s really not hard to see that this is another ploy so that governmental groups could regulate or even ban alternative news sites under the guise of a ‘cyber-threat’ or a ‘cyber-attack’. If these independent
sties and blogs get bombarded with crippling regulations, the population could possibly be sent back to the 1950’s where they would be left in the dark while the mainstream media could conveniently control and feed whatever agenda they want.

The Cybersecurity Act and other similar stifling internet laws around the world should not come to pass and the people need to be aware of this and stand up to this. The globalists are getting desperate because they know that there is an awakening and an information revolution going on and it’s only increasing.

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Thanks for this, Teddy. Yep!!! I've been seeing this coming for quite some time. There's just too much Truth coming out about the shenanigans going on all over the world......and, we KNOW they're gonna have to find a way to shut us up.

I can only pray that those awakened don't fall back to sleep.
Yes Little Feather, I pray for that too. I think though once awakened, it's hard to go back to sleep again. Things are much better with a clear mind.
The problem is that not nearly enough people are awake and aware. This is probably pretty old, but, prove my point go outside and ask people how much they know about this stuff, from et's, to the global elite. Not many will know, and those that do know, still don't do anything, and don't take responsibility for their lives. Most don't know what spirituality is, they think it's religion, and most don't even know what LOVE is.
Such an idiotic human race... it's kinda funny... poor souls... am I off topic... ?
I agree with you...of course we are Stupid as a race...Big Time Stupid... or else we would not be in this mess we have created in the world...
It's not off-topic I guess. There are people who are are not aware of things like global issues and about ets, spirituality. But sooner or later more and more people will begin to question and to find out that the world is not what it seems.
True, but ask them .. what would you do if you were cut off for a year, and most will say, get on with living and help our neighbors out. (Not all, but enough)
Most human hearts are in the right place, they just need space adn time to listen to their souls a little more.
It is a fact that EVERY attempt to regulate the internet has been unsuccessful. Reason, for every one of them there are 1000+ of us.
The technology of the internet was created to withstand and prevent the very kind of control that they would like to enforce. Consequently all they can do is legislate. Ultimately, all they do by legislating against freedom is speed up their own demise. Freedom of information and transparency are what they are most afraid of, and there is nothing they can really do about it. They opened the box and gave us all hope. :D
The only real way to regulate the internet is to have a policeman for every person using the net, watching their every click and post. Thats assuming that there are enough unbribable policemen in the universe for such an endeavor. China is already finding out that there isnt.



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