Need advice please

Okay guys

I need advice here.   Don't know what to make of recent things that have happened to me when meditiating, or even when i have just been trying to get off to sleep.  Lately i have been finding myself whisked 'up there' to a dark room with myself in some tube like thing, with the female reptillan commander.  She seems fascinated by me at the moment and keeps wanting to know how far humanity is progressing.  To wihich i often flippantly reply 'Dont you know?'.  I seem to take on a diferent persona here.   I am dressed in white, can sort of beam out like the Asgard from Stagate and i am more powerful than i can imagine.   I got so cross one time being taken and questioned, that i destroyed a reptillan ship, then ascended the crew (yes, you read that right), just like one of the ancients on Stargate   This led to Ashtar giving me a stern ticking off, because he said they (the Galactic Fed)  don't do things that way.  


Despite me protesting that i had ascended them (dont ask me how i did it. i just did by plain thought alone).  and that the reptillans have done far worse to our planets evolution, he still told me off.  I guess i still have plenty more to learn, as later i could see his point.   I guess non aggression is the key here. 


Next time i saw some bright lights and got whisked into some white room with aliens with elongoated skulls.  I tried to ask them who they were but they wouldnt tell me, apart from that Ashtar had sent them and they were there to 'normalise' me, as my powers had become a ticking timebomb and were about to go off big time (their words, not mine).


I really dont know what to make of all this,  I have had a couple more encounters with the female reptillan, though she somehow managed to block me from beaming out the other day and i just changed into some sort of light energy blob thing.   Also she tried to infect me with some sort of virus but the higher aspect of myself sensed it and threw it out of my light body, nevermind mind that somehow i managed to short out the power in that dark room somehow.  


If anyone can please shed any light (excuse the pun) on what is hapepning, please let me know.  Also i'd like to know who those aliens with elongated skulls were.  They reminded me of those found in South America and the famous statues of Nefertiti and Akhenaten in Ancient Egypt.  


Oh, before i forget, i tuned into the Earth and asked her about all those strange noises that are being recorded worldwide.  She said that they werent coming from her and to look closer to home. 


Many thanks

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  • Thanks, i recently turned myself into a big blue star during a meditation at my friends flat.  I could feel me whizzing around at a high vibrational rate and the atoms and molecules within myself getting together and having a big bang, then getting to together again and again to have another bang.  


    I guess its all part of the Divine Plan and the journey, though i just wish i knew what it all means!

  • I wish I could remember all that you do, but I do understand somewhat the power many have.  Last spring when I was out, I was confronted by something well above the earth and I got pissed off at whatever it was.  I told it I would be in charge of my own destiny, and I felt it had great power, but it backed off at my attack, almost like it was hurt.

    Also being an orb is ok, been there and done that the time I tried going to a star.  I know that sounds impetuous, but that is what I tried doing until I came to this barrier which startled me into stopping as well as the kind voice telling me not to go beyond this point.  When later I analyzed all this, I realized, a lot of our impetuousness of personality lingers when we are out there and we are not fully connected to our higher wisdom, somewhat like kids having too big a toy before we are grown up.

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