Nassim - Unified Field Theory

"If you are not yet familiar with Nassim Haramein's exciting work, prepare yourself for an exhilarating odyssey into hyperspace and beyond. Haramein, who has spent his lifetime researching fields of physics from quantum theory to relativistic equations and cosmology, will lead you  along a fascinating discussion geared to a layman's understanding of the fundamental nature of the universe and creation that includes black  holes, gravitational forces, dimensions, and the very structure of space itself - all of which are integral parts of his now-complete Unified Field Theory."

Nassim Haramein 1/45



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  • It's the 4th of july and a beautiful day. I caught 1/2 hour of sun and vit D around noon and then retired to the studio as my beach was crowded with bathers.

    This afternoon I finished all 45 segments. That's 7 1/2 hours and he never slows down!!!

    He answered the question in my last post in segment 39.. His grandfather was Iranian. He gets into some of the same stuff David Wilcock covers in sections 31-34 concerning the erratic behavoir of the sun and how it is affecting all the planets in the solar system. He frequently parallels Stichin and the Nefilim (annanuki) especially in #30 and #37 and the construction and purpose of the pyrarmids although he calls attributes them to the "Sun Gods". Also covers the origin of modern man and explains the missing link similar to Sitchin.

    The stuff on the ark of the covenant and gravity in the last few segments is great.

    How much of this long talk is the result of research and how much is speculation I'm not sure cause I wasn't there or maybe I just can't remember but this little dude is fascinating and provacative. Loved it.

    Thanks, Ben

    Love, B
  • Well I got thru episode #24 last night. Taking notes as this is meaty stuff.

    Starts out great but I got lost in the tetrahedrons somewhere between 11 and 20.

    From 20 on it starts getting good. The bit about the earth being on a spiral path since it rotates around the sun which is moving a 200 cm/sec on an orbit of it's own and it's application to psychology and the 180 degree reversed point of view when re-experiencing traumatic incidents is wonderful.

    And the analogy of the hurricane with a still center to a galaxy resonates with me. I once saw a photograph of a galaxy with a counter clockwise spiral and thought it was a hurricane.

    This little dude is extremely erudite and funny besides. I can't find any reference to his biological ancestry anywhere but he was born in Geneva.Egyptian? He has a command of colloquial street English and a wise guy attitude which is refreshing.

    Makes me want to find out more about sacred geometry.

    I am really enjoying this post.Thanks Ben.

    Love, B
  • ~ :0) ~ it's ALL the same wisdom, re~cycled! and, recycling is always a good thing. this information/ esoteric/ quantum physics/ wisdom pre~dates even the Egyptian Mystery Schools. what many are doing now, from Nassim, to Wilcock & countless others, both past & present, is re~presenting the inherent (species) soul~knowledge that we all have had, or, eventually will have once more! it is encoded in our DNA & organic, even if we don't currently speak the mechanical language.. thank goodness for the translators like Nassim~ especially if his version makes you smile! ~ ;0) ~ cheers!
  • Merhaba,

    Thanks for sharing Nassim Haramein's videos that I have been met months ago..
    After studying Flower of Life from Drunvalo Melchizedek, it was quiet easy for me to understand the matrix we are in..
    One must watch..
  • Great! Collective consciousness means that. Every one should contribute with something new to add to the multiversal truth. We as human beings and part of the ALL are compelled to add something from our own, that's what and why we were created and programmed for. Congratulations to all of those who add something new to keep forming the collective consciousness of the multiversal truth of the ABSOLUTE EXPANSIVE ALL.
  • Great scientific and spiritual at the same time content. I'd like somebody to add English subtitles so my advanced Students can practice the English Language in class. We usually practice English this way and at the same time we get new practical and profitable knowledge.
    Namaste Ben-Arion
  • For those who want more, "Crossing the Event Horizon" lecture at Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library in Ashland Oregon:
    Check out for more of the tuesday night lecture series vids, great stuff, went every week for a while :D Thanks for posting this Ben!
  • Thank you! I'm a friend of Nassim's on facebook...isn't he amazing?!?!?!?!? One of my favs he talks about is the truth about pyramids. ;-) Part 1
  • In the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth, he spewed forth from his intelligent loving magnificents, a love of tremendous creational depths of his splended masculine divinity, into the deep, dark, void of the divine females recreational universal, physical womb, from the embers of the creators mass of intelligent life force of all divine realities of the many into the one unified field of living life force of quauntum consciousness life force; with in his divine sacred geometrical structures to create this wonderful unified field of consciousness we call life. He intelligently spewed forth from his loving loins the intelligent love to create loving intelligents into the physical realm of hardened density.To do this the creator needed a series of ranges of multi combinational alternative realities for this holograhical matrix to work out. Hence forth quantum physics. This can be assured if understood properly the idea of passing a solid through a solid without affecting the desired physical reality around that particular object. We can if we change our thought perspective perceive reality into higher consciousness in a different way, we can create change our thoughts and then change our reality.
    • huh?
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