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NASA Film Crew Caught Behind Rocks, Filming Rover in Mars-Like Devon Island, Greenland...MUST SEE

NASA Film Crew Caught Behind Rocks, Filming Rover In Mars-Like Devon Island, Greenland!!!

…. then if you wanted to…you add a bit of a red tint to the picture… to get Mars!… if you wanted to hmmmm imagine… if you wanted to rule the world or something… if you were against your own species… if your role model is Dr. Evil… if you do what thou shall…

And that’s why we saw a rodent on Mars…

Hi ya… hey NASA…fff fff fff… ya coulda brought us something to eat at least… ff ff ff….

While I do believe there are cities… faces… pyramids, forests, people going to work everyday….and buildings on Mars… structures… trees… lakes… it seems there are many images that are also from Greenland… use your discernment as usual. :)



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The Bastards and the solution is to put all the NASA staff in a rocket and get rid of them from Planet Earth 



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