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8110608061?profile=originalIf one truly seeks enlightenment I suggest a good starting point is the knowing behind these words. The words are only a key to the knowledge held within. 

For the most impact please visualize every person you have ever come into contact with or ever will when this is read.

I'm not perfect, I'm you. I've made bad decisions and wrong choices, but I'm you.   I've said the wrong things, I've said the right things, because I'm you.   I don't like everything that I've done, but I did it because I'm you.  I've loved the wrong people and I've trusted the wrong people, and I'm still you.   If I had a chance to start again I wouldn't change a thing.  Why? Because I'm you!   There are a lot of good things about you, I just need to look past the imperfections to see what is right.   If I can't do that then it's my loss.  I'm the best I can be, I'm you!

We are more connected to the external world than we believe.  We never truly experience the external..from..the external.  It is all experienced from the internal.  Light from our eyes is transferred to our brain then "projected" as an image of nothing it truly experienced.  All we truly see is an electrical signal the eye produces from light interaction which the brain interprets it as "it sees fit."

When we engage in social interaction we are connected to everyone around through mirror neurons.  When someone feels sad, our mirror neurons fire causing us to remember what it was like when we were sad and we feel accordingly.  This is the phenomenon where empaths draw their sense.  Empaths being more in-tune with the mirror neurons being "external" are able to distinguish the emotional state of another instead of mimicking when the mirror neurons fire.

A friend I love dearly named Faith has recently taught me that shadow is not something that needs to be healed as it is only the part of us which is the mirror neurons.  When we are self aware shadow can not take over since we are able to distinguish the difference between our own I AM spark and our shadow{mirror} self.

Beware, there is a difference between experiencing..our..negative emotions and releasing them and classifying them as shadow.  All must stay in balance within.   If we classify our anger and such as shadow and stuff it away it festers and creates a distraction from self awareness.  Also emotional stasis is descension.  Feel, release...feel, release.  Feel positive, experience and release negative.

Twin flames are a Shakespearean tragedy.   If we're together on this plane too long then we forget how bright the flame is.   We are only allowed a short time together per cycle of our 180* out of synch wave function back to Phi.   Rarely is the privilege able to be realized physically.  With all my love I thank you for this lesson dear Faith.

Thank you for listening.
~~~~That is all.~~~~

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  • Reiki Illuminated ~Sweet Twin Flame~
    You are the breathe of my heart
    the Eternal Soul Song played for us
    as the first rosie
    hues from Heaven
    streak the Sky.
    Your "Soul Sister" . . .
    till the last note fades from forever ~
    f <3 <3<3
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