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Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness -

I just read a post from channel Kathryn May about her decision to stop channeling (, which she made because she’s tired of false promises she received from her sources about the financial revaluation and various other subjects that are popular with some segments of the conscious community.

I notice that in a lot of channeled messages, there’s an air of “something grand and magnificent will happen on XXX date”, and personally, I don’t think this sort of information is very helpful to seek from channeled sources.

I think our intentions and the things we want to learn or hear when we channel determine the type of information we receive and the entities we connect with. If we genuinely want to learn about ascension or the spiritual nature of our existence, then the entities we connect with will be naturally aligned with spirit (as would we) and they’ll give us a lot of interesting information.

However, if our focus is on when the ‘pain and darkness’ as we perceive it here on earth will end, then we’ll naturally seek answers about just when it’ll end and this could cause us to connect with entities who’ll give us the types of answers we want to hear.

Essentially, I think our intention when channeling will determine the entity we connect with and the answers we receive. Intention is very important, and if we want to learn about spirit or the higher realms, we will. If we want to be told all of our problems will be over after just a little bit more waiting, which entails inaction, then we will be.

When the resulting predictions don’t manifest, I don’t necessarily think we should hold it against the Company of Heaven or the process of channeling in general.

A lot of seekers have understandably abandoned the very idea of channeling because so many channels have sought answers to questions about a financial revaluation, financial programs like NESARA, disclosure, and various other things that point to an end to darkness and unawareness.

Instead of all-out abandoning it, I think we can see that there are right and wrong ways to do it. There are right and wrong avenues to explore when we channel, and if we seek genuine information about spirit, our ascension and the conditions of the higher realms, as opposed to wanting to be told fuzzy information that’ll make us feel good, we’ll see that there’s something real and genuine to the act of communicating with the Company of Heaven.

Personally, I don’t look to the Company of Heaven as some sort of ‘saviors’, and this is why I don’t hold it against them when predictions they apparently make don’t manifest.

Part of me wonders if it’s really them or an aspect of the minds of the channels who seek answers to questions that seem misaligned, because I can say from experience that when we let all of the sensationalism and requests for predictions go, we open up to a very real and pure source of inner spiritual information.

I also think that after a while, everyone will have fostered a strong link to their inner spiritual knowledge; to their higher selves and guides, and we won’t need to read channeled messages on the internet because we’ll have everything we could ever want within.

For now, these messages seem to help a lot of people, and as long as we aren’t seeking information that isn’t very relevant to our ongoing conscious revolution (like when the pain and unawareness as we perceive them will end), we’ll see that intuitive, spiritual communication has a lot to offer the conscious community and the rest of humanity.

Personally, I don’t strive to see everything negative about this world come to an end, and even though we’re gradually shifting into a higher state of consciousness, I recognize that the things we’re going through on the world stage are necessary for our growth and advancement – even the unjust reign of the cabal.

The cabal’s reign will naturally, gradually end as we continue to raise our vibration, and I don’t think it’ll all happen in one fell swoop just because an apparent channeled entity proclaims it will.

Like Kathryn said, we are the light, and we’ll create the spiritually revolutionary changes that need made. In my opinion, the support we’ll be given from the Company of Heaven along the way will be more gradual and behind the scenes.

I don’t think they’re about to boldly make themselves known, because we still have so much work to do as a collective before we could even think about hosting their presence.

Like Kathryn also encouraged, let’s focus on uplifting ourselves and the world around us with the love and knowledge we carry within instead of putting all of our faith into misaligned channeled predictions and bold proclamations that a very necessary lower-vibrational experience will somehow immediately end.

It won’t, but we’re gradually shifting into an age of knowledge and spiritual upliftment.

Some of us gain this upliftment from communicating with our higher selves, our guides or any other facet of the Company of Heaven, and we can communicate with spirit without focusing the messages on when the lower vibrations as we perceive them will come to an end.

Spirit communication has so much more potential than this, and when we seek predictions, we basically force the entity we communicate with to fit into a narrow perceptual view that naturally results in distortion. I don’t think we should expect aligned, truthful answers from channeled sources if our intent or our questions aren’t quite aligned.

This is my perspective on this subject, and it comes from having experienced my fair share of disappointment when channeled predictions didn’t manifest, which was transformed when I realized that seeking predictions isn’t what channeling’s for – it’s for gaining knowledge and upliftment.

Hopefully, more people will seek this knowledge from within instead of focusing wholly on anyone’s words or observations but their own.

Much love everyone,

Wes Annac :)

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WES: I may or may not be a "channeler,"  but I really question this aspect of easy-to-understand communication with high level energy beings claimed by a lot of channelers.  This is because these are entities not of this dimension, and hence they probably don't reside too much in this dimension, at least not on a consistent basis (and with the types of people running things in this dimension, I probably wouldn't want to stick around too much either).

I can understand and agree with the witnessing and "feeling" of visual phenomena not related to this dimension, and that such phenomena may be similar in descriptions from a biblical perspective.  But let's get real. There are entities out there far more advanced and evolved than us, and some of them may fly in space ships as well as fly in the air without a spaceship.  And to claim that one can communicate with such an entity is equivalent to claiming we are just as intellectually evolved as such an entity.  And this is what I really question, but I don't rule it out as being impossible.   

Hey Wes, there seems to be some misunderstanding about her recent "resigning from channeling post" that needs to be explained.  You're have to call in at 8pm est. to find out. :P

Kathryn:  Tonight's Radio Show and Ongoing Enlightenment Studies

Be sure to donate to her paypal account, like on Facebook and more...


Nancy, go back to past Kathryn May's messages and contact me again.  She is not channeling from the higher light beings.  Period.  Amparo Alvarez made a link to her radio show for me and, out of respect for her, listened to the radio show and gave a report.

To save you some time (112 minutes of it), here is what was said:

No prayer before channeling, an explanation as to why "we" did not get the RV, a fall into darkness eons ago, another explanation as to why "we" didn't get the RV, they saw the RV money in our hands, then some of "you" fell backwards and lost the RV.  That's why you didn't get it.  She never mentioned once how many are "we" and how many of "we" that fell backwards but it's basically our fault for not getting the RV.  The entity calling itself "Sanada" will add more lessons for you to obtain enlightenment.  The next minutes the entity says go to the light, K. May is attacked, let things go, only you can do this and the entity leaves.  K. May gets questioned from a caller and asks how to feel the masters presence and her answer is "well, how would you do it?", which doesn't answer her question, and leaves.  So much for her "resigning from channeling" message. 

It's important to note that there is a comment from Isabel Maria that also says K. May is connected to the lower vibrations.  She is not the only one.  Many of K. May's "attacks" are people exposing her to who she is.  Meditation will let you feel the vibrations of the masters if you will sit still and listen (feel) the subtle energies.  A very easy response and very surprised she could not answer a simple question.  Please re-read her last messages.  If you do not feel she is wrong, then fine.  That is your call.  As for me,  K. May is channeling lower vibrational entities posing as "Father/MotherGod and Sanada". 

The topic/talk of the Cabal/illuminati being completley outrun for want of a better word and all the talk arrest of funds and the Galactics making contact with Earth through Landings.. All the positive Info we are receiving thru Channelers like Kathryn Suzanne Sheldan to name a few..Will happen but NOT for a vey long time...Changes will and are coming and its within ourselves that we bring about the vibrational changes of Light on Earth. All thats predicted will happen ..IN TIME..Now we can say that IN TIME thats not really applicable because its all happening NOW or its ALL already happened and we are Observing it..which and whatever..way suits you...The bottom Line surley is for each of us to raise our Vibrations to the Highest we possibly can..You cant do more than that in this incarnation..Thats why were here.

 We are only in year 2015 we are a baby 4th Civilization..when we reach 3,000 and beyond and we will..Then we will begin to become fully light..At present were living in the Dark ages still on so many levels.Just begining again as the 4th Civilization..Look at how advanced Atlantis Lemuria n Maldek were...we are positivley backward compared to those Civilizations..thats why I say we have a long way to go..Lets enjoy the trip.. All the positivity of Channelers NOW is good but it aint goona happen for a long time...lets get real stay positive and play our part in raising the vibrations of Mother/Father Earth for our Future we are all One of and from the one..We will all be back on Beautiful Planet Earth Again when she has been cleansed and clear..Just as a lot of us have been for a long time up until this Now..Namaste to everyone


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