My family think I am crazy...

I was just explaining to my mother and sister about Ascension and they both thought it was too out of it too be true, they think that I am brainwashed and think it is all a cult like thing and that I make a good follower.... They said there is no proof of any of this and that I spend to much time on the computer.

I found this quite hurtful. I have explained to her about how controlled we are by the fear that is instilled in us and all the things they do that are not beneficial to us and how the mainstream media is fabricated etc and they just think I am even more brain washed and how could I think all these things etc.

Well you know sometimes the truth is too crazy that no one believes it!!! 

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  • No one believes me neither, just my cousin who will probably ascend negatively with me on the 4th Dimension.

    Listen, it's their choice, you gave them the information, they refuse it..

  • They say that truth is stranger than fiction, but, I believe that if you believed in JESUS they wouldn't think that you are crazy.  People tend to discriminate a lot, and they only believe what they have beeen TOLD or brainwashed into believing. It's quite insulting when they can laugh at your beliefs, but you cannot laugh at THEIRS,.

  • Dear Alice,

    Everyone has his / her own truth. 

    You need to convince others only when you are yourself in doubt.

    Why do you expect others to believe or dis-believe, EXPECTATION brings disappointment.

  • Hello Alice :)

    I tried to explain to my brother, but he got angry and scared. he also think i am a little nutti :)) 

    But now i have left everything i own in Norway, and are traveling around the world the rest of this year...

    Love and Light to you


  • It's a common reaction from those who are not yet ready :) Awakening comes from a desire to search for purpose and truth, if you are happy the way you are now you have a small chance of listening to others talking about "crazy" stuff because it takes them outside of their comfort zone. :) I would recommend just planting small seeds and let them grow, because they will when they are ready for it. We will all reach the same destination, but some will get there a little faster ;).

    On this site you have many likeminded friends that (mostly) won't judge you for your personal thoughts and expressions. Looking forward to having you stay here, we are all a part of the whole :) Take care Alice, lots of love to you!

  • You can invite them to watch the Ancient Knowledge series on Youtube, starting withAncient Knowledge Part 1

    Not everybody can understand what is going on. I suppose it depends on how much they have been poisoned and what level they vibrate at.


    Another great video to invite them to watch is  Greg Braden's The Divine Matrix Conference :


    Everybody experiences this process in their own way. My Awakening has been intense! Not everybody is meant to hear and/or understand MY Personal Truth. And I'm ok with that. It is not our job to convince anybody of our own reality. Everybody perceives their own reality and finds their own Personal Truth. Hopefully the people you choose to share  Your Personal Truth with  will allow  you to freely experience your Personal Truth,  If you are living in the NOW and trusting your Divine Guidance then you may see that it is not so important to concern yourself with judgement from anybody <3 There is NO judgement in 5D :) Ya Hoooo!!!!!!


    Love and Light!




    • thank you for posting the video :-)) 

  • Beloved Sis Alice! Your situation is already common to us who are awaken. But don't bother to much if its really hurt you that bad, just let them think whatever they thought about you instead send them an unconditional love. Each and everyone of us have our own path of awakening and your quite lucky already that now is your time and being assured of your ascension. We can't force anyone to make them believe what we believed and this is a matter of the word 'free will'.

     PPK is right. Even I could feel deep inside of me that seems I'm no longer part of this 3D world. If the time comes no matter how our loved ones so dear to us, we have to let go. Separation from them is not permanent, its just 'first come serve' basis as the saying goes. We'll just have to wait for them on the other side. :)

    In love and much light to you Sis Alice!


  • Each soul follow her path but everyone go back to the light.

  • Hello!!
    I have come to learn that sometimes we have to test the waters with people to gauge where they are at. I have talked with people and had a wonderful exchange of free flowing ideas and with other people not so much. I have been thinking that it is about raising your vibrations, expanding your conciousness, leading by example, because people see what you do.
    And then when vibrations are high sometimes we don't have to say anything. I was tyerd of being called crazy, but then I realized it is ALL about me and turning inward and doing the work. Also "muggles" might not understand, but with more and more of us awakening they are learning too... And also people are quick to put in there two cents and shut down stuff especially if they dont understand it. I heard about a physicist work that took 100 years to be recognized and we are just regular people!! Don't get discouraged!
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