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I have gone through all the steps to make the first wave of ascension and it started with cleansing all the negative emotions, negative attachments, and negative judgements from myself then I became filled with a light energy that activated my Crystalline DNA, and then my heart Chakra activated and I went into my heart centered consciousness. I stopped feeling negative emotions no matter what happened, and I felt like I didnt need to find love from any source outside of myself because I got a feeling of unconditional love coming from my heart chakra and now I'm just in a constant state of peace... is there anyone else that has gone through this?

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I know the experience...I´v always called it a heart expanding experience...not really sure what happens. I know several people who have gotten this, seems to be a normal part of the path.  I expect this happens several times along the way.  I still get some ´´negative´´ emotions....but I don´t identify with them and let them go...or I direct the energy for creative is a really good space to be in....enjoy the shift in consciousness...

...Yep...I Get You......Opening Your Heart........Beautiful  Feeling.... When This Happens...  Many Things Change.......Thanx For Sharing......Good To See You Tox.........Its Been Ages........Hugs......Take Care Mr.......<3<3.....

"Oh lovers, where are you going?  Who are you looking for?

Your beloved is right here.  She lives in your own neighborhood.

Her face is veiled.  She hides behind screens calling for you,

while you search and lose yourself in the wilderness and the desert.

Cease looking for flowers, there blooms a garden in your own home.

While you go looking for trinkets, your treasure house awaits you

in your own being.  There is no need for suffering, God is here!"

"You bewilder us with your grace,

all evils transformed into goodness.

You are the master alchemist.

You light the fire of love in Earth and Sky,

in heart and soul of every being.

Through your loving, 

existence and non-existence merge.

All opposites unite. 

 All that is profane becomes sacred again."

Is it your face that adorns this garden?

Is it your fragrance that intoxicates this garden?

Is it your Spirit that has made this brook a river of wine?

Hundreds have looked for you, and died searching in this garden,

where you hide behind the scenes.

But this pain is not for those who come as lovers.

You are easy to find here.

You are in the breeze and in this river of wine.

- Rumi

My advise would be. Do not label it as 5th dimension and ascension etc, you limit it with words. This is beyond words such as 5th dimension and ascension...You ascend when you die. You are here now, you are not dead. On the contrary you have just been born. It seems that you are transcending. You have a LONG way to go. It is not over this quickly. You have just scraped the tip of the iceberg..... Do not label it in anyway...It will drag you back to what you were..

I don't think it has happened with me yet. I've detached myself from those negative things you've spoken of, and I feel much better. 



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