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MUST READ...The Battle For World Supremacy...Mind Blowing Info...HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Extract from the article :

(The Alien Invasion Plan Was Canceled -- UPDATE: By the year 2000 all the necessary technologies were now in place to create a fake alien invasion scenario without the public ever suspecting, because the population has been kept in the dark regarding how advanced certain technologies (hologram, electromagnetic propulsion, beam weapon, body transformation, etc.) have progressed. 

The Alien Invasion plan was not conceived by America or the British. It is an old plan that morphed out of the Jesus Christ return narrative that was controlled by the "old God lineage" (i.e. the "Giza Intelligence", also known as the "Bafaths") that was living on the Earth in underground facilities deep below the Giza Pyramid. This plan was to eventually unfold to bring the ruling God to the surface where he would take command and govern over the Earth. Despite the adage that God lives forever, the designated rulers do not. Using secret societies like the Freemasons (with their allegiance to the Egyptian pyramid mysticism cult, and the Giza Intelligence weren't the ones who built the pyramids, but they knew about the underground facility and later became residence there) recruit people, the "old God lineage" started anew and by 1915 the UFO drama began under President Woodrow Wilson, Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Franklin D. Roosevelt, etc. -- The Presidential Government. The British Crown was also activated and Herbert George Wells began writing books about future happenings in science-fiction form starting in 1898. The mastermind behind all this was the Giza Intelligence group who was using their young emissary Ashtar Sheran that they were grooming for eventual God leadership over planet Earth because the God at the time was in his old age, close to 1,000 years old and after his death Ashtar Sheran was to fill the vacant God position. World War 1 and World War 2 was instigated to begin to solidify things toward an One World Government so that when Ashtar Sheran finally appeared, he would be able to take command and establish residence on the Earth after the Alien Invasion.

Ashtar started his Earth mission about the Ashtar Galactic Command with numerous individuals in telepathic one-way communication with transmission often coded with Christian religious language, but later after an intervention he decided to change and thus modified his language -- refer to Ashtar's contact with George Van Tassel. But that lasted for a short time because Ashtar fell back into his old ways, thirsting for power and the rank of God over the Earth. 

The Giza Intelligence, via Ashtar Sheran, transmitted to the German Nazi Inner Circle on how the plan was to unfold: Russia and the Cold War (i.e. the Giza Intelligence using the US, Britain, Europe and Israel to destroy Russia and subdue China)Terrorism (i.e. the Giza Intelligence using the US, Britain, Europe and Israel to spread Terrorism worldwide, slaughtering much of the population and destroying worldwide settlements infrastructure and parts of the planet. The former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told then Iraqi Minister Hazim Al-Shaalan that you have to first destroy everything, but she never gave him a date when the rebuilding would begin. Rice is a student of the Globalist/One World Order ideologue Zbigniew Brzezinski); Asteroids (i.e. the Giza Intelligence using the US, Britain and Europe to deploy space weapons to defend the almost desolate planet Earth from space rocks); and finally the Alien Invasion (i.e. the Giza Intelligence using the US and Britain to instigate an extraterrestrial threat to finalize the coming of Ashtar Sheran -- the Jesus Christ character, the defender. The now beleaguered population of Earth, what is left of it, would have no choice but to submit and give them sanctuary and homeland). Ashtar Sheran was eventually captured and exiled, but he later escaped and launched an attack in 1983 against the race that helped locate him to prevent his plans from being fulfilled on the Earth. In the attack, Ashtar Sheran and his army were vaporized, and so Ashtar Sheran and his army no longer exist.


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Damn it ...the person sitting next to you may be a clone...some of the famous people may be clones...some of the leaders may be clones.
Reading this full article will make you wonder who to believe and who not to believe ..sure make you think twice.

THIS INFORMATION DOES NOT EFFECT THIS SITE AS HERE ITS MORE FOCUSED ON REUNITING WITH OUR SPACE BROTHERS AND SISTERS...Reuniting with beings from other planets and creating a universal galactic society   

Does any ACC Member know,or have any information on Reptilion Hybrids? as we have a Infestation of them running our Media and Federal Political System In Australia Now,they are a very rogue Factional Group.

thankyou for your comment reply Andromedan,i still feel that the Federal Political System in Australia is Draconian Hybrid,there intentions seem to be Fascism Intended,and they only seem to minister the law over proper Constitutional Law.a vid cam caught Tony Abbott unawares on the front bench one day before he became Prime Minister,and all his Draconian Policies are as such,Turnbull,is just a Different head,but still selling the same polices,i shall show the vid taken with this comment of Tony Abbott being caught unawares.

Awesome rubbish! Thanks Krishna! I really needed a good laugh :D

Many celebrities, entertainers, athletes, musicians, models, writers, producers, actors, all kinds of people from various industries are silently brought to the cloning centers for “pay-to-play sessions.”

by Aug Tellez

They asked me to pass the message on to you and that you would have to look for the signs and symbols in their media in order to see their hinting at these events.

The situation is heavily controlled using advanced monitoring technology and brainwave/EEG cloning technology.

This is technology that can read the brain and determine what the mind is anticipating or speculating upon. Their reputations are used as leverage as well as their safety and comfort.

The level of programming and mind control experimentation that takes place makes it easy to manipulate a person’s brain into regressing into a state of trance that lacks the ability to remember or clearly organize experiences regarding the cloning centers.

Cloning Centers, Underground Bases

Deep underground military bases, 3 miles below the surface, are used as laboratory centers as well as a completely stocked underground city-base. These are connected with high speed electromagnetic drive pods.

Individuals are transferred to the brain through an extensive cloning and temporal body transfer process.

The electromagnetic shell of consciousness within the brain is relocated to the body of a compatible clone and various training, conditioning, programming, experimentation, or pay-to-play experiences take place.


All individuals are programmed to various degrees in order to maintain control and secrecy over the situation.

This programming involves very advanced technology, trauma-based mind control, and energetic attachment via beliefs and emotions.

Deeper Meaning

The individuals selected for this are not only talented individuals that can be utilized for certain industries, they are often specific bloodline relatives that are utilized for spiritual purposes.

Many people involved have a deeper view of what is involved in the maintenance and control of society.

Experimental Operations

These bases were also used hand-in-hand with military operations which were geared towards discovering and controlling all aspects of the human mind.

Genetic Engineering

Experiments involved genetic engineering to produce soldiers, psychics, hybrids, and others that would be able to carry out operations. This leans towards MiLabs and the military faction’s experiments which go beyond the basics of cloning.

How did it get to this?

After WWII when the United States war-faction firebombed Germany and melted many of the inhabitants of the cities into sludge in the bomb shelters and streets of the cities, a group of Nazis traveled to Antarctica.

Russia noticed the movements to Antarctica and the United States sent Admiral Byrd up with 3600 marines, planes, a battle cruiser and smaller vessels.

They returned in defeat and only a few words were mentioned in regards to what actually happened and how they were defeated.

The rumors spread and words of gravitic drive craft, and undersea or underice bases originated from this encounter.

From what we were informed as well as directly experienced, this was the ice-base in Antarctica where an underground base was found already constructed with very advanced technology.

Here, cloning was deployed along with mind control and temporal manipulation technology.

Soon, cloning was offered as a way to avoid assassination as well as to prolong and protect the original body in daily life.

After that, celebrities and politicians were replaced with programmed clones who could carry out the orders of the Nazi faction.

This was the beginning, the groups utilizing this technology now are no longer confined to the Nazi faction.

The groups you see today, in control of these operations, are considered MiLabs, secret societies, think-tanks, military factions, and other control groups.

What is next?

Share this information with those you feel are ready to know and help Humanity come to terms with our journey here and what is going on in these kinds of experiments and take responsibility and power for our own existence.

Celebrity Cloning

Celebrities at the cloning center would like you to see what is really going on behind the scenes which involves trauma-based mind control, heavy technological programming and complex layers of influence throughout their life.

Those brought to cloning can use their free-will to state their lack of consent to violence and harm and then live in commitment to that by not harming or accepting violence in their lives. The Spiritual Law of Harmony rules in all planes and dimensions.

very informative information indeed,also you may also have an answer,or information about Seraphim Angels incarnated,would you know? or have any information about this subject??blessings evonne.



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