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Those institutions are all lies created to enslave beings. They are all part of an illusion. I stand by my statement. Do me a favor though. Stop arguing with me and adding your spin. It is a waste of time.

By the way, they are not…"
24 seconds ago
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"We need to give up all memories to rid the ego and remove the veils and shackles of limiting beliefs. Science and the acceptance of sciences are these beliefs and memories. As one becomes better at science, they can be very successful but they are…"
1 minute ago
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""Roaring Lovely, my point is you are arguing with yourself as nothing you attribute to me even remotely resembles my assertions. Assumptions are 99% wrong and your posts are nothing but assumptions."

All you need to do is cut and paste an example…"
6 minutes ago
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"you insinuate it Roaring - that you know more, you are here to educate, etc.
My world is my perception, your world is yours, both equally limited.
Most discoveries, concepts, theories are born from imagination - which is ruled by memory owing to…"
11 minutes ago
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"When someone describe someone often regarded as 'genius' as 'idiot', or someone widely regarded as 'competent' as a 'bozo', these are only humour!! Ironies are often funny, like when you describe what looks silly as, 'a strok of genius'.

Hope I am…"
14 minutes ago
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So you did not respond to any of my long explanations of QM, which I thought were more interesting, and only post long analysis of my character??? That is all what you like? Do you read my posts only to close exermine if I am arogant etc???…"
20 minutes ago
rev.joshua skirvin posted a blog post
28 minutes ago
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"Roaring Lovely June 16, 2021 at 4:26 am

"The 'each person is leaving in his own world of perceptions ' is a typical example of 'tree-in-the-forest' reasoning.

Did you just call most of us stupid?

You yourself know nothing about qm, you just have…"
37 minutes ago


Good day to you humans, I come with news and joy. It has come to my attention that you all are in a great ordeal and format of confusion and fear. You will soon come to understand what it is like to be of a Galactic nature, to carry the galactic…

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