Nothing spiritual about this, just part of mother earths continued awakening. I figured some of you would like to know. Here is an article on it:


MOUNT MERAPI, Indonesia – Indonesia warned Monday that its most volatile volcano could erupt at any time, prompting calls for the
evacuation of thousands of villagers living on the mountain's slopes.

Mount Merapi has seen increased volcanic activity over the past week and officials have raised the alert level for the
9,737-foot (2,968-meter) -high mountain to the most urgent level, said
government volcanologist Surono, who uses only one name.

The mountain last erupted in 2006, when it sent an avalanche of blistering gases and rock fragments racing down the mountain that killed two people. A similar eruption in
1994 killed 60 people, while 1,300 people died in an eruption in 1930.

"Officials have predicted that if it erupts, magma would flow to the southern side," said Sri Purnomo, the head of Sleman
district on Java island, where Mount Merapi is located.

He said officials were warning some 11,400 villagers living on the mountain's southern slope to prepare for "urgent
evacuation." About 40,000 people live close to the mountain.

Purnomo said camps to take in the evacuees were being set up at government buildings and sports fields more than six miles
(10 kilometers) away.

Villagers in the past have been reluctant to leave their homes and crops, and witnesses said many were still seen tending
their fields and feeding their cows on Monday.

There are 129 active volcanoes to watch in Indonesia, which is spread across 17,500 islands and is prone to eruptions and
earthquakes because of its location within the so-called "Ring of Fire" -
a series of fault lines stretching from the Western Hemisphere through Japan and Southeast Asia.

By SLAMET RIYADI, Associated Press Writer Slamet Riyadi, Associated Press Writer

Mon Oct 25, 3:54 am ET

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  • I don't know which volcano just erupted this morning, but do know along with a tsunami, there has been massive devastation in Indonesia. As Australia's closest neighbour, I sincerely hope the populace is OK.

    112 dead and hundreds still missing, direct from a news update on right now, this from the tsunami, and a 7.7 magnitude quake.
    • Yep it's the same volcano, that was jusa side vent that eupted, which is good since it released some pressure but they are still calling for the eruption of the top soon. The eruption killed 30 people so far.

      The tsunami has claimed 300 and 400 still missing. Alot of the islands have been wiped out. There bamboo houses no match for the tsunami, 20 000+ are homeless.

      Indonesia certainly has had a bad week, but this will band them together and grow them as a people. May peace be upon all who are there.
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