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Mother Mary says, dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I bring you great news today. The Divine has officially begun the Christ Era, the new Golden Age. The Christ has officially gotten to her throne and started her tenure. Our Divine Mother Father God have officially started their ruling and that just started today. We, the Divine and the company of heaven, are watching with tears. We are so thrilled to see that our hard fought victory becomes reality in front of our eyes. You too, dear heart, you are here, witnessing the throne and witnessing the beginning of the Christ Era and new Golden Age. You all are indeed very proud and excited.

I love you dear heart. The new is here. The Golden Age has officially begun. The Christ incarnated has officially taken the seat and started ruling the planet. We are all here to celebrate. And we all have been waiting for this moment, and now the moment has arrived. The Christ has officially have the throne, and the Christ is the ruler now dear heart. Know from now on, the planet is going to be different, very different. The Christ has the full control of the planet now, and he is going to run the entire operation with a style, a style you have never seen before. The Christ is the leader and the Mother. She has the full knowledge of the planet and human race. And she knows the best way forward. She is going to move the Divine plan forward very fast and yet smooth. She is the most effective leader there is. Let’s celebrate dear heart.

Let’s celebrate the Christ and celebrate the victory. Know Mother God has made it possible. It is a hard win battle but she made it. She has achieved unachievable. What an amazing journey Mother God has had and for that, we celebrate. We are the ones who witnessed it and we are the ones who have sacrificed for the Divine and the planet. Our Divine Mother is indeed the hero and the light are indeed the ones who have won this battle.

I love you dear heart. I am Mother Mary. Go celebrate dear heart, and know that your Divine Mother has achieved unachievable.

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Awesome! We are All One..We are the Light, We are the Love We Are That We Are One...

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