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Questions Concerning Evacuation of Earth Shan Due To A Physical Polar Shift BY: Patrick H. Bellringer

Many of Fourwinds readers are asking various questions about "Lift-off", should an evacuation of our planet become necessary in the near future. Herein I shall attempt to provide some answers.

1. How does one get on the "Light List"?

I assume by "Light List" you are asking to be included among those people whose names are recorded in the Ashtar computer for automatic pick-up during the first fifteen minutes of the Lift-off process. These include all children up to the age of "accountability" or knowing right from wrong, and Truthbringers and any enlightened ones, who have made such a request.

It is a matter of desire and intent of the heart. Simply ask Creator God Aton, Esu Immanuel Sananda, any of the Ascended Masters or your Guardian Angels to place your name on the "automatic pick-up list", and believe that it is so. Should the need arise, you will be instantly beamed aboard a starship to safety without having to step into the blue-white tractor beam/levitation beam.

2. How will we know that we are being transported to a friendly Starship and not to a Darkside imposter Starship?

Starships from more than two hundred Star Nations are here at this time. They have brought the "Hosts of Heaven", our Star Friends, who have come from the fifth and higher dimensions, where no evil is allowed. None of these Starships are imposters. The only evil to be found in our solar system at this time is on Earth Shan. More than a year ago all Darkside aliens and their ships were removed permanently from our solar system, and all 3D Starships of the governments of Earth Shan being used for evil intent were permanently dismantled. Had evacuation of our planet occurred in the early 1990's due to a world-wide nuclear war, imposter ships would have been a problem. That is no longer the case.

3. If we have mass evacuation of our planet soon, what happens to First Contact and the Second Coming of Esu Immanuel Sananda---and the "rapture"?

These events are all combined into one great exciting event in the evacuation process. You will meet our Star Friends, the Ascended Masters, Sananda and Hatonn/Aton and other great Beings of Light aboard the Starships. This will be First Contact and the Second Coming all in one.

The "rapture" will not have the outcome that the Christian cult has taught for many years. It is true that you will be picked up by Starship, if you so choose, and be taken off Earth Shan. Your destination will be fifth dimension or Heaven, only if you have graduated to that level in your soul growth. You will go to the dimension that matches your frequencies. The same is true for those, who choose not to go aboard and perish in the massive earth changes on Earth Shan. Their soul will go to the dimension that matches their frequencies.

Some of those, who go through Lift-off will die, because their physical body frequencies are so much lower than the frequencies of the beam of Light. Their soul (the real you) will be given another body and that person will be taken to his proper frequency placement to continue on with soul growth lessons. That placement has already been agreed upon at a soul level by that one and Creator God. This is also true for every souled being presently on Earth Shan.

4. What if some of those, who remain behind at evacuation time, survive the earth changes? What will be their roles when everyone returns to Earth Shan?

One must understand that Earth Shan is entering the fifth dimension and no one of lower frequencies will be allowed to enter the "New Earth". Those who return will be of 5D and higher. Only those of low frequencies would refuse Lift-off. Should they survive the earth changes, they would die a physical death prior to the end of the 3000 year period of rejuvenation required to return Earth Shan to her original pristine condition.

It is possible for some people, who are highly enlightened to have a soul contract with Creator God Aton to remain on Earth Shan during her transition into 5D. They would be protected and assisted by the Angels to do such a mission. Of course, there will be many living inside our planet during this transition, who will be totally safe.

5. One half of our planet will be in darkness during evacuation. Can the Star People awaken everyone and get the job done in fifteen minutes?

The millions of Starships that are here will turn the night into day with their higher frequencies and their levitation beams. Everyone will instantly "know" through telepathy what to do.

6. Do we take time to dress, take pictures, money, insurance policies, house deeds, clothes, jewelry, etc. with us to the Starships?

The answer is a big "No!" You will need none of your 3D junk! All that you need shall be provided for you. If you are in the shower, you will not arrive aboard ship naked. You will be fully clothed, instantly. Creator God Created you. Do you not think He can get you off this planet in good shape?

7. Might a levitation beam appear inside a person's home or work location, so that it will not be necessary for one to run outside?

Yes, of course! The blue-white beam of Light will appear very near, if you are not on automatic Lift-off. It shall move over you, if you are unable to move, such as an invalid. Then you will be told to decide to go or stay. It is all very simple. It is important to remain calm, because fear or anxiety will lower your frequencies. Happiness and joy will raise your frequencies to more closely match the frequencies of the levitation beam and reduce the possibility of physical damage.

8. Once we board the Starships, what will happen after that? Where will we end up?

Medical teams will be standing by to assist anyone, who may have suffered physical problems from moving through the beam of Light with low frequencies. You will be re-united with your children, other family members and friends, who were picked up by other Starships. Those, who you requested Creator God Aton to have picked up without their knowledge, will decide to either stay aboard ship or be put back on the surface of Planet Earth. Yes, you can request Creator God to have your family members and friends picked up without their knowledge. They can then decide aboard ship what they will do.

Everyone will need to choose to go on to a Mother Ship or go to the Inner Earth of Earth Shan. At some point everyone will proceed on to the frequency and dimension level that matches their vibrations to continue with their lessons in soul growth. Those, who go to 5D, will have the opportunity to return to Earth Shan, when she has been restored to her original pristine condition.

The period of restoration will be three thousand years long in 3D years. There is no time in 5D, so one day can be a thousand years of 3D time or vice versa. You may spend three days meeting family and friends, taking a trip through the Cosmos and having a bit of rest and relaxation with a glass of Liquid Light, when an Angel will tap you on your shoulder and ask, if you are ready to return to a pristine Mother Earth. In 5D it can be that fast!

There must be a minimum of 144,000 Lighted Beings of at least 5D level and higher, who return to Earth Shan as the "seed people" to start a new civilization again. They will have full memory and be able to create by thought. They will create crystal cities and homes and gardens in complete balance and harmony with Mother Earth, and they will fully obey the Laws of God and Creation in the new "Heaven on Earth".

9. Will there be any interference of Lift-off by the Darkside with their laser and particle beam technology or missiles or nuclear weapons or troops on the ground?

No interference will be allowed and all weapons will be instantly and permanently neutralized by the Forces of Light. The Warrior Angels lead by Archangel Michael with their Starships will be standing by on full alert to prevent any interruption whatsoever by the Darkside. The Starships will not be close to the Earth's surface to avoid harm from volcanic and tsunami activity. They may be as far away as Mars and still beam people aboard.

10. What happens to our pets? Should I have my kitty in a pet carrier?

Your pets along with all animals and all plants will be removed from our planet when the physical polar shift occurs. They will be transported to other planets for safe-keeping until such time that they are returned to Earth Shan. You pets will be instantly removed along with the children, and they will be re-united with you aboard the Ships, as the children are re-united with their families. Be not concerned for your children or your pets. They are on automatic Lift-off and the Star People are well trained in the procedure, for they have done it many times. You have, too, in past lifestreams, but you do not remember.

11. What about those, who are sleeping and will be confused by the sudden event, or those, who are in doubt and will need more than fifteen minutes to decide what to do?

Everyone has already decided at a soul level whether they will stay or go at evacuation time. The Forces of Light will awaken them and everyone will instantly know what they have decided to do, and will instantly respond without any hesitation. There may be some anxiety or even fear, but that is to be expected. Just know that you are going on a very enjoyable trip to safety to a very pleasant place. Remain calm and at peace, knowing all is well.

Again Creator God Aton has told us that Mother Earth is at her birthing time. When she rolls over, instant evacuation will be necessary for our safety. Our task is to be ready, to be calm and to be at peace. "Beam me up, Scotty"! Aho!

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3 out of 10 for effort!!

Feather Winger

Jesus has promised a return and talked about gathering those who are following him.  While I'm not a Christian, I think it's important to know what he has said throughout the scriptures.  It brings great hope. These also match up with Tuella's teachings.


While there's more and more UFO sightings, I think it's heartening to connect all the dots together.  This is all making sense now. 


However I'm aware some wish to stay and help rebuild Earth, and other's feel they're just done here.  They can look forward to being taken off-planet, if they so choose. 

This is that Operation Terra crap. Their leader belongs in a mental institution. I don't mean to be negative but I used to belong to the group and it was like being in Hitler's circle. She says she'll be the queen of the new Earth and you have to go along with all she says or you're put down and cast out.

Hi CmdrDen


I'm just researching all I can on what you say.


Putting Terra material aside, and just for a healthy perspective..... are you familiar with the scriptures on this?  Anyway, just trying to open people's minds up rather than pushing a point (which is why many of us hang out on Ashtar forums to seek knowledge, open our minds?).  If Tuella has been saying those things, then I'm certain that won't be the case (that she'll be queen of the new Earth blah blah).  I'm definitely NOT into that.

Is that ?  


These are exciting times, and I think a time of great hope for believer's who are waiting for something big to happen (it's very evident on this website).

No Butterfly, I'm not familiar with the scriptures on this subject. I don't read them, I have no faith in them. I'm not familiar with Tuella either. The name of the O.T.'s Gestapo is/was Lyara and now seems to be using the names Sara/Adonna. That (lady?) really offended me, hence the negativity. Yes that is their address.

I'm waiting for something big to happen too. But I'm afraid if we're disappointed there's going to be a lot of us who will have to up our anti-depression medication.

Thank you for your efforts to open people's minds. But I'm afraid if I open mine everything will fall out!

Love & peace.


LOL, CmdDen, hahha.....about the brains falling out....I feel like that alot lately..ready tto up my anti-depressants too, if I were on any.  You are so funny.  I like you, have a great day.....

Well at this point, I feel there's no point being dogmatic and pushing a point.


I guess it's a matter of trusting now, and understanding that people are being lead by their own dreams/visions, or intuitive guidance and then prayer and meditation.


There is hope.  There seems to be many more UFO's appearing at this time. For me, I'm connecting the dots here and it's coming together and making sense.


Time to batten down the hatches and go within and pray. I believe we will be shown in time.

Wow, this stuff is pretty far out there but not many are buying it.

Lol! Thanks for the laugh! But not in my reality :P

  Lots of things have been changed for the last 10+ years, because WE THE PEOPLE chose a better world, a better future for ourselves and for Mother Earth.  

     Now, like never before, We are more awakened, more LOVE oriented, and that elevated the vibration of the Earth. 

  So if you read something from 80's, 90's, and even early 2000's, many predictions are  NO longer in "program".

  Because WE collectively chose another  "life-line", the Galactics are saying  ( over  and over ), that they are doing everything to make the earth changes less violent, by using their high techs. They have been doing it, and ARE still doing it, wether we know or not.

  BY saying this, I still believe, that  IF-- IF, a physical pole shift occurs, then there is a  probability to evacuate people, for a short time period. I am hoping  that by that time, WE  will  all be more educated, and will run to the ships with open arms, and NO fear at all.

       SWEET  DREAMS!!!! 


All I can say is: Huh?

Matrix Reloaded?

And please dissolve.

ooo the lift off procedure sounds so fun like im on a plane..... like in a  action

i really look forward to it (if it happens) this way, :P




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