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MORE FAKE NEWS...New York Times Caught Lying; Editor Claims Alex Jones Lied About CIA-NSA Spying On Trump (AND THE NYT REPORTED IT ON 01-20-17!!!!)


‘Failing’ NY Times claims article citing ‘wiretapped data’ not evidence of wiretap

The video below was yanked by YouTube since it's "CNN Property." For InfoWars version, click

We’ve said it clearly that that’s not what the story said, anybody could read the story and see that’s not what it said,” writer Matthew Rosenberg told CNN’s Anderson Cooper Thursday.

The story Rosenberg referred to was published in the January 20 edition of The New York Times and clearly stated in a bold headline on the front page: “Wiretapped Data Used in Inquiry of Trump Aides.”

“And then after his tweet storm, Infowars then started saying, ‘Well look, it was The New York Times that reported it,’ citing our story – misreading our story – and now a few weeks later the White House and the president are citing Infowars,” Rosenberg erroneously claimed.

The White House at no time cited Infowars.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Thursday did, however, cite The New York Times’ January 19 reporting which asserted wiretaps were being used to investigate the Trump administration.

Rosenberg stated his article, which received an alternate headline online, did not reveal that the Obama administration conducted a wiretap on Trump as a specific target.

The New York Times has previously been labeled “failing” and “fake news” by the president, and was included in a list of “fake news media” considered to be an “enemy of the American people.” Embattled cable network CNN has also been dubbed “very fake news.”

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You know, this kind of stuff just reminds me of the book 1984.

DARKSTAR: the current word is that Obama AND Hillary were involved with making false statements regarding "Russia involvement" to allow a judge to grant a FISA wiretap of Trump's associates. THIS IS HUGE; THIS DEFINES PERJURY AND POSSIBLE TREASON SINCE IT CONCERNS FALSE STATEMENTS ON SOMEONE RUNNING FOR HIGH OFFICE OF AN OPPOSING PARTY. Maybe the Democrats should consider running Joe Kennedy III; he's about the only Democrat not involved in this mess who is still alive.

they-comey at obamas directive- tried to get fisa warrant twice but included trumps name and were rejected third attempt comey did not include trumps name anywhere and were granted the warrant but they had already begun spying-without a warrant!!

debbie wasserman -they believe through emails approved by H-paid for the fake dossier and so did mccain as did fbi mccabe with fbi money!!!

all screwed as long as the scumbag rinos dont mess it up

president trump put my country at the 'front of the line,' in our post-brexit, trade.....unlike slimey obumma......keep up the patriotic stuggle against the dark cabal, friend donald.....;-]




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