• Jewelz, I'll just let you have the last word in this matter, and "let it be".
    • thanks Delila - I guess to be forewarned in to be forearmed.. I must research this stuff myself.. but I'm just wondering does it cause any side effects, is it good for the mind, body and Spirit?

      I wonder what the Ascended Masters make of it I mean, not that they take it but I am curious now about this white powder gold, I have heard of it before.

      Jewelz, I remember you from Galactic Round Table.. you may remember me as ''Pan'' back then, it was a long while ago.. anyway, its nice to see you here my brother :-)

      If you also have any tips for me, I am most gratefull... and thanks Mr Ed, I will certainly make that call, thanks my brother :-)

      with Love and Light to all,


      • It's good to do the full research before taking anything that you aren't familiar with Luke, and I found some strange things online about it, I think I need to do more research too, before I make a solid decision about it, but from what I heard this Shaman say, he didn't seem to think it was a good idea.

        Have you ever heard of the Enki aliens?  I'm not sure I'm familair with the term.
        • Thanks Delilah, I havent heard of the Enki aliens until now.. I believe there to be countless star nations and star races in the Multiverse yet this Enki I am unfamiliar with, its mind bending really.. its all going on within us all..

          anyhow, I'll look them up :-)


  • All I can say is that I also look very good for my 53 years, and I have never taken mono atomic gold. So what!! What I'm expecting is to see the Nobel Prize given to a distributor of this product. In my opinion, it's better to be safe, until that happens. Why is it that this gold powder has been around for such a long time; but; we are hearing so very much about it now when there is a huge interest in reaching Enlightenment? It's pretty costly and it's effects are wonderful at first but temporary; so you will be spending more and more to maintain yourself. There are plenty of other people besides the nice doctor here; that are also claiming to have the perfect mix. So, who do we believe? Maybe she does have it, but there are those saying that theirs is the better combination. Good luck.
    • Dear Lorraine Anderson:  Be assured that there will never be a "distributor" of my products as I've been there and done that in the middle '90's, and have been ripped off, embezelled, falsified in copyright, fought  and waged legal battles over theft of my tradmarks, etc., and on and on for years.  I deliberately withdrew from the public domaine because I became weary with the corruption and treachery, even from close family members.  When Spirit brings people into my pathway in order for me to share my teaching and healing modalities, and, the incredible story that is now in it's 39th year, some catch the vision and vibrate with the resonance of the Divine Idea.  Others, who are not open to the flow of blessings Spirit is always attempting to gift through Spiritual Science Connections, will degrade in a contemptuous manner, criticize in unlimited ways, make fun and make shadow remarks about the Divine Idea usually out of fear they are even unaware of.  That fear is always False Evidence Appearing Real...the first letters of those 4 words just simply says it all.  It is not for me to convince anyone, or convert anyone to my way of thinking, as it is none of my business what may be thought of my ideas that only derive from the Highest Source of Creation.  My only concern is to give an impeccable rendering of what has been shown and taught to me from that Divine Source.  The effects of just the powders are NEVER TEMPORARY...such an arrogant self righteous statement about something you know nothing about is an embarrassment  that defines your intellect.  Just listen to the silliness of such a statement....these products only can enhance the elegant, easy and effortless entrance into a refined state of being.  The closed mind is opened, the Spirit soars with the joy of connecting to their own God Self that is always waiting for Divine Recognition.   My Powders of Gold are from another dimension in their Mono-Atomic State...even the well known channel, Bashar, confirmed my information of this and far more, in August of 1995.  There are NO heavy metals in these powders, and anyone under the impression this is some sort of quick fix high and the heavens part and there you are and there God is, could not be more mis-informed.  These powders are inert until human conciousness interacts with it, because these powders carry the vibration and frequency of the Etheric Realm of Bashar agreed with me:  This carries the Template, The Blueprint for all life on Earth.....This is gifted from the Etheric Realm, it has been seeded long ago upon the planet for the End Times,  and carries Electro-Magna-Etheric Elements in it's natural state..that's why I've created applications to address all these issues...and all this was recorded on audio tape and other recordings were on video for my personal documentation at the conference that was filmed in August 1994, when I first brought this information public.  This is a very Elite Spiritual Sacred Substance, therefore it is definitely not for everyone because it requires a deep responsibilty and committment  to The Almighty, and  one's Sacred Self that most have no awareness off beyond an intellectual "mental level".  This is serious business of the Soul &  since most of humanity today seems to be at a level of mental awareness rather than a Spiritual Level of awareness, until the ego is put into it's safe place  for a pleasant nap for a bit, for safe keeping, just like the pre-schoolers are given their nap time at the same time each day, eventually they will progress through the various levels of schooling until one day,  way down the line, they can graduate into 8th grade, 12th grade, so on, and so on.  Humans are about to attend the Big Graduation, but not everyone has a record of good attendance, so they may not  all be included in the final ceremony.   Perhaps there's some time left for many  to make up some missing homework , and I know that my life's work and information can give them a very definite edge in that process.  If God Almighty said to any of us, or most of us, this comment:  "I shall bestow upon you my precious Co-Creators, a million dollars a month, but you must fufill certain requirements of responsibilty to keep receiving these gifts,  How say Thee To Me? "   I'm wondering how many would ask "How temporary is this all going to be, and how long to maintain, and how long must we keep on doing this to receive it all"?    Human Nature has never failed to astonish me in it's attitudes towards their own Divinity....have seen and heard it all and then some.  My Innate Wisdom  now suggests I depart from this commentary  and wait to see what the True Benevolent Spirit has to say, and reveal, regarding my well intentioned comments....As One Who Is In Service To The Father.....DrCarla

  • Can anyone tell me exactly what happens when I take this white Gold powder or liquid gold? This is all new to me so I need to hear what it does to those who use it.. what are the reasons to take it?

    I have ever only taken psycaldelics and smoked weed but these days I am completely drug free (apart from one or two rolly tobaco ciggies a day)

    I think I would like to try this white powder gold.. and /or liquid gold. I guess it is not harmfull .. can anyone share their expierencies.. I am a absolute beginer and I know nothing about it.. other than the info in this thread,

    thank you and peace to all.

    • Luke - there is not a 'high' associated - it is an 'exotic material' which means, there is nothing like it - Read what Dr Carla wrote and do a little due diligence / research to see what people say  - though I can assure you that whatever they say, is all made up in their heads manufactured from their indoctrinated belief system for whatever they want to believe, just like everything else people are intentionally made to think - your thoughts are not your own, they are all a program given to you -

      The WPG integrates both hemispheres of the brain for balance for unity - right now they are out of balance into the left hemisphere - you need your right brain in operation if you desire to ascend to a higher state of being human - 


      Luke - forget the liquid gold you are wasting your time.

      • Jewelz thank you :-)

        I just see your reply now after I left my last comment r.e. (galactic round table) on the other page .. because my computer keeps jamming.. but I understand what you are saying..

        I am guessing that this Gold Powder goes directly into the blood stream although I am curious to know how it works into balancing the Chakra system and I have this thought of how that can be ? Aside from meditation which I rarely do, I would think there are other ways to bring about a balanced energy field but if I may ask you Jewlez, does the powder bring you to very deep levels of Spiritual awareness or higher dimensions, and is it bumping up my light quotient if I induce it? This is what I am thinking will happen, yet as you say, my thoughts are not my own, that is also facinating to me.. I would love to understand a little more about that, our thoughts are programmed into us.. its mind bending really..

        This white powder Gold sounds like a miracle cure for quite possibly anything, I am definatlly very curious and I will research this more now.

        sorry for the ramble, I am always questioning life and I want to discover all I can.. I want to see the levels of light beyond what I have learned is the ''352nd dimension of the Godhead'' I wrote a blog about it back in GRT..

        I have a very deep interest in the Akashic Records, the library of Porthalogos in Agartha which houses giant holographic crystal screens whereby all past lives and / or future memories are played out..

        there is a lot of disinfo out there but I do feel that this is not disinfo.

        anyway, thanks Jewlez and I appreaciate your help,

        best wishes always,

        Luke :-)

    • Dr Carla,  I would like to ask you, with the age reversal capsuals, would a person need to keep taking them on an ongoing basis or is there a limit to the amount that one can be satisfied with taking? and also, does it completely reverse the way someone looks...  for example, if someone looks old, can theses capsuals take 30 years or more off their looks?..

      I have a female friend who is feeling very low because she is getting older (she is now 53) and does not feel attractive physically, so she is having this constant battle with her looks.. and it is bringing her down

      thank you..

      much love and light to you.



This reply was deleted.

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