~ Have you ever been in so much pain~ where you could either scream on the top of your lungs~or just ~ quietly leave your body~ & THE PAIN? If so~ ITS ALOT LIKE THAT FOR ME~ I DON'T MEDITATE~ HOW OTHERS SAY IS RIGHT~ AS THEY DON'T KNOW WHATS RIGHT FOR ME~ I LOVE~ To go out in nature~ away from radio-towers, and others thoughts... sit in the lotus position and imagine a string on the top of your head pulling you up as far and staraight as it can....and then close your eyes take a DEEP breath~ & relax~ focus on your breath~ don't control it... just observe it~ & as for keeping your mind still~ When a thought comes in~ BLOCK IT~ THINK OF YOUR BRAIN~AS~ A COMPUTER~ and you have virus protection, and can delete~ any unwanted data or thought patterns or beliefs which are holding you back...KEEPING YOU FROM A QUITE~MIND,exc... WORKS FOR ME(((~_0)))~Listen to all the sounds of nature~feel them vibrating through and with every part of your body~ realize you are light ~which is sound~ which is energy~which is the only force which is immortal~and everything is a vibration~ FOCUS & FIND EACH CHAKRA~ & KNOW~THAT That the more you do this~ & do it with an open mind & loving heart`YOU~ WILL RAISE YOUR VIBRATION, & CONSCIENCE~ LOSE THE WORD CAN'T FROM YOUR MIND~ & you will soon realize~ WHAT YOU ALWAYS KNEW~ YOUR ~TRUTH~

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  • wonderfully said Johnny.

    lovely described,

    creatively expressed thank you so much for sharing it with us  love to way friend

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