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Right now you seem to be in power to strike down the Earth in a reptilian apocalypse.

But that is false it is the Plieadian Apocaplypse, it means knowledge revealed, or revealing knowledge.

Denver International Airport already has been on notice to rid you all from the underground systems of the tunnel systems you have running underneath the airport, and secret toilets hidden within the Denver International Airport, bathrooms of both male and female toilets, ensuring the Reptilians can also use the secret rest room, hidden within the toilet cisterns walls, catering for their needs, being 9 to 15 feet tall, of course even you need to go too. And to hide human remains in case you get think never was ever known that you do this and was not seen. God knows all, he sees all.

However this is a stern warning to you all, leave the Earth now and never come back to this star system ever again, or face what is righteously coming to you from none other than the King himself, the Pliaedian King Plachacha.

King Plachacha had extended an open invitation to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to be involved with this up coming and pending war with the Reptillians on Earth, this is imminent, a fact a second coming of Christ is now assured, with fire in his eyes, to strike down the un-clean and wickedness. However he can still see those who are mending there ways to come back to the light, he not heartless, just do not like wickedness.

By this invitation alone King Jesus sat down on the table with King Plachacha and now deciding the next course of action for the fate of the human race. Illuminati, in the Adamu letters you can still walk away from these scalliwags, you still have grace on your side, Gods offer still stands to bring you back to the fold of the light, it is not entirely all your fault.

Now this brings to you Enlil, already you can now see that the numbers are truly stacked already against you, just with these two kings alone and their mighty warrior of men of light, infused with the power of God within their cell structures. Mighty aren't they.

When you got these to Great men involved, you also got an ancient King involved, Just ten thousand warrior men alone, at his side, and that is just his army of reserves, is now in on the fight.

And because now that you got his friends involved in this war, and by the light of God within his beingness, he is not letting them go down in battle without a fight to the death. 

You got the king of Lyra involved, yes people the Cat Race, the King has a lion feature embedded within his features. He has now sat down with the king of the plieades and the king of Earth debriefing the finer details on how to go about the smooth operations of how to take down the reptillian bastards.

Now you know how defensless already that you are the moment i mention the Arcturians, yes thats right the Arcturians are the only race that can beam out a reptillian in an under ground water facility like a dome inside the ocean with a tiny crack in the bubble without compromising the integral facility structure of the dome and remove any reptilian from any under water base. 

So imagine what they going to do when they take you out of any underground base and that is less harder then under water. The Arcturians, already been involved in the taking out of your scumbag evil ways. They are helping now in this war.

Then we have the Andromedans, whom secret abilities to eradicate you all are so top secret, very little humans knows what they are capable of, but some how and Andromedan technology super passes that of a reptilian or Archon, by light years in spiritual psychic development. That alone is enough to hurt you.

You see Enlil, you have been given a time, a dispensation or so to speak in February 2014 to come back to the light, you are the only species in this known Universe who defy the laws of God's grace far more than any other species to come home to the light, yet Lucifer, undercover light worker for God, brought back to heaven only 999,999 reptilans whereby Lady Grace helped heal their minds and Hearts. You thought that humanity did not know about this situation did you. Some of your own people defected and went to the light.

My oh my, what stories are they telling, because not all in the darkness could be seen by God, but seeing into their eyes, God has now, a much more broader understanding, then previously before,this time, but now with a wide range of  indepth information, when before, there were none, God has declared his armies of light out on to this world, Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord. 

So these armies of light by themselves, just alone, are enough to destroy your armies of darkness, just these ones alone can out do all your mighty enraged reptiles that you are including your Archons, and Marsons. Without the ancient vampire on the earth to dictate to their illumininati factions over the earth, giving unholy commands to their Satanic Worshippers, you have no match against the forces of God.The Holy Lord God of Hosts, Prime Creator, is now in full swing to eradicate the last vestiges of Reptilians from all over this universe who do not come back to the light.

But you already know that don't you. This was never about that, you just wanted enough humans to come with you to hell, this is what all this is about, it was never about over throwing the beings of the light everywhere, you knew that your days had very little left to live, this was all that is.

Now to bring you the rest of the news, there are forces of light from our past, and our present and our future selves from all space time continuum, all dimensions, all various kinds of races, all realms of heavenly high places, including the up coming 144,000 ascending masters from this planet alone, is also in on this war against you, even some in your own factions that is not even your same species are going to fight against you, they are in position now to over throw you from within your own circle of council, just awaiting to pounce on your throne.They are having enough of your antic ways, they do not wish to die just so you can be the bad ass that you can be. You are being curtailed everywhere, yet you will not conceit, even though resistance is futile. But yet, you persist.

All i can do is commend you for that. But in the end. God always wins. Always has, but you already know that. But you just don't care, no matter how small that light of god in you is telling you otherwise, you still ignore your own light force inside of you to walk away from this right now.

So Enki - Here is a message for you

Get out now while you still got a chance, do the honourable thing, surrender to God and get healed.

Oh by the way, nice little trick on Saturn trying to fight against the forces of the Light. No matter, you will be brought down on your knees begging for your life. 

Your planet will be removed from it's normal orbit, King Plachacha already told you about this, if you still pursue this endeavour of yours, the planet will be removed and transported into the darkness, never to shown again in the light.

Despite repeatedly to end this nonsense, you still continue to piss the right people off, in our defense, we got the God spark within us, up becoming young Jedis, we will be so powerful one day, Jedi's will be just children compared to our abilities. We will defend the light.

Turn back now, Surrender. It is your only choice.Like i said before, your race is the only race that had more pardons by God then any other race, in the 312 dimensions God had created.

You probably see now how outraged the people on earth is about this now, but that was all your doing.

Hail and Praises to the three Kings, Jesus, Plachacha, Lyra.

Hail to the Pleiadian Prophet.

We salute you Donald Trump and Putin

Unknown Author

 Please feel free to distribute this to anyone who wants it. Do not re arrange the contents of this message, send it in it's wholeness.

I have the original letter in an envelope and stamped to prove of it's existence should anyone claim this as their Authorship. I know who i am, as i am the one who wrote it........Copyrighted 2018.

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Yesterday, my grandma decided she was chosen by God to bring forth salvation with her midget sugar daddy, Billy. So, that would make 144,002 ascending masters.

Just so Enki knows it's about to get real sour.



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