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From AA Metatron:
This spiral of light in the sky is an opening through a portal. This is the beginning of the
Cosmic Burst of Love StarGate Portal Opening. This is a 72 hour process which will raise the
vibrations of Earth and on 12/12/09 nothing that is not at 5D or above will be capable of
withstanding the energy here. Everyone will be able to feel the effects of love and bliss
pouring out over the Planet. It will be in this extremely high energy where miracles will
occur. This is a dispensation and it is the largest burst of love energy to be emitted to Earth
in all her history. We have been bringing a message to Earth regarding changes in the
financial, political, and religious sectors. This is the Celestial Sign you have been waiting to
see. Decloakings cannot occur until we have PEACE. This burst of Cosmic Love entering
through StarGate Portal Opening, pictured here, is the bringer of Peace.
Blessings my Beloveds,
~Archangel Metatron
Curious: A blue-green beam of light was reported to have come shooting out the centre of the
Within seconds a giant spiral had covered the entire sky. Then a green-blue beam of light shot
out from its centre - lasting for ten to twelve minutes before disappearing completely.
The Norwegian Meteorological Institute was flooded with telephone calls after the light storm
- which astronomers have said did not appear to have been connected to the aurora, or
Northern Lights, so common in that area of the world.
Fred Hansen, from Bø in Vesterålen, described the sight as 'like a big fireball that went around,
with a great light around it again.'
'It spun and exploded in the sky,' Totto Eriksen from Tromsø told VG Nett.
He spotted the lights as he walked his daughter Amalie to school.
He said: 'We saw it from the Inner Harbor in Tromsø. It was absolutely fantastic.
'It almost looked like a rocket that spun around and around and then went diagonally down
the heavens.
'It looked like the moon was coming over the mountain, but then came something completely
'It was like a giant spiral - a shooting star that spun around and around. I initially thought it was
a projector', added Axel Rose Berg, from Alta.
Celebrity astronomer Knut Jørgen Røed Ødegaard told VG Nett he had never seen anything like
the lights.
He said: 'My first thought was that it was a fireball meteor, but it has lasted far too long.
'It may have been a missile in Russia, but I can not guarantee that it is the answer.'

Metatron: Separation of Worlds, Between 12/12--12/21/2009

Separation of Worlds

You and Mark have seen enough today to understand the Worlds are dividing. This Earth is creating a parallel Earth and this is done as part of the ascension process of Earth.

This parallel Earth already exists. The things and people which are moving to that parallel Earth will simply project their physicality in another place in time, which is better known as a dimension.

How does that happen? By focusing thoughts into a certain place, for example, worrying about bills, putting down other people, being angry at a stranger who just cut you off, jumping to conclusions about the neighbors, feeling you must gratify with possessions, stepping on other's feelings.

These examples of petty thoughts are what hold a person to a certain vibration. For the past three decades those in the Angelic realms have been sending messages to all who will listen to focus your thoughts on love, forgiveness, peace, right action, to name a few. We have warned again and again the importance of forgetting about petty things and raise your vibration to higher thoughts. Thoughts are Things. You are Creator Gods. Some of you have Created an Ascended Earth of Peace. Those desiring to live on the Ascended Earth have done so by projecting their energy to the Highest Good of all involved.

Those desiring more duality have consistently and persistently focused their thoughts on duality. And so it is. This Co-Creation of duality consciousness has made way for a massive shift of Souls to the parallel Earth and to Other Planets. This transition will be as seemless as going out of body, as in your dreams. These people will begin to project their physicality onto another dimension and they will be as unaware of it as when you are in a dream state. This new place is in every way identical to Earth and they will not know they are projecting somewhere else.

The other thing that will take place is there will be Decloakings and THOSE WHO STAY HERE HAVE CREATED IT SO.

The Ones in your group "worried" they will be missing a family member who is not, as you say, awake and aware, WILL SURPRISE you after their half step increase and will suddenly grasp everything. This is what we mean when we say: No One Will Be Left Behind.

2.9 Billion people is a lot. What we would like you to have compassion for are the starving ones, the ones who suffer systematic rape, the homeless refugees, the orphans, the ones who are extremely ill and living in the dessert, the children living on the streets in cardboard boxes. These are the ones who will be projecting their physicality in another place. They will be put on to another Planet to continue their duality lifestyle as long as they feel necessary for their own Soul growth. There are others in this group, but we do not want to limit with generalities.


For the hours between now and the end of 12/12/09 be mindful of your thoughts and actions and Be Love. Soak in all the love this open portal allows. Send love and light to the ones needing compassion who are leaving. This is helping raise the vibration of Earth in ways that will bring about the changes you seek.

We have asked you to meditate again and again because it focuses your thoughts on leaving duality behind, embracing love and all that goes with it. It increases the healings needed to move to the next step. We want as many prepared as possible for the Love Portal of 12/21/09.

The StarGate Love Portal of Winter Solstice 12/21/09

We are moving through the Triad of Portals 11/11/09, 12/12/09, and 12/21/09. The 11/11/09 StarGate portal was about individual change. The 12/12/09 StarGate portal involves changes within Groups. We have seen on 12/9/09 a vortex open in the sky over Norway which is a Celestial Sign and also a StarGate portal allowing in vast StarShips from another Galaxy. These Ones are here on Earth from the Cosmic Forces of Light to assist the Galactics already here in massive joint operations for completion. This Operation will last 72 hours and then this portal will close.

Simultaneously and Synchronistically there is a burst of love energy pouring onto Earth and everything on her which will effect a shift in change point. It is wise to embrace this high energy time and allow as much love as possible into your system to raise your frequency as high as possible. Also, turn away from troubled thoughts, even if just for a day or two. Take a Holiday from worry. Meditate more, go inside and be in touch with your true identity. As you raise your thoughts you release old programs and become prepared to meet your Twin Flame in the physical.

The 12/21/09 StarGate portal is about Completion.

This is a time when we will be living on an Ascended Earth. This takes place 9 days after 12/12/09 when all who cannot sustain their vibration here will project their physicality somewhere else.

12/21/09 is when the Earth will be fully prepared to coexist with the Galactics. This portal opening will happen to allow in more Ships from other Dimensions who will come here to live on Earth side by side with all who are here. They will be carrying the massive equipment and technology needed to change Earth, to free her of pollution, bring water supplies to dessert areas, medical technology for healing, and training facilities where Mentors and Advisors will work with those living here. These Ships may come in cloaked or decloaked.

That depends on when disclosure takes place.

We say no dates, no nukes, no flukes. That signal will come from Admiral Sananda and Captain Ashtar. This portal opening will be close to the time of decloakings and decloakings could happen before or after this.

A week after decloakings there will be landings.

These Ships will enter through this portal and be in place for landings and the very quick conversion to Terra Nova. There are already millions of Ships surrounding Earth and in place for decloakings.

The 12/21/09 portal opening marks the time when the vast MotherShips from our Universe and beyond will be ready to lend support and be here physically for landings, when the time is right. The 12/21/09 StarGate Love Portal is about completion of the old and new beginnings.


Mark and Beth

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Okay I don't get it? All the people leading shitty lives who are homeless starving orphans and such are going to disappear, and live another shitty life somewhere else? That doesn't sound very fair?
We all choose our lives before coming into the physical. Maybe those living shitty lives are living that way to grow. Maybe they are living their karma. I know I did for 28 years -- 28 years of physical, mental and emotional abuse.
yes, maybe.....but maybe not!!!
To be honest, I am quite grateful for my shoddy upbringing. If I had been priveleged, or even accepted more, I definately would not be me.
Some lessons in growth must be learned, these individuals of whom are in great suffering are due to inequalities in humanity. I cannot say whether this is just, as I am not the judge. But I do know that MY version of a perfect existance, involves equality/balance/harmony within a greater conciousness. And this is far from what my eyes reveal today, but I dont understand how we can just JUMP into this new dimension and disregard our errors instead of learning how to fix them and prevent them in the future. Look around at the planet, its like a messy playpen, and its poisinous at that. The Veil of ignorance is in full fledge when people are worried about themselves, there homes, material possetions and whatnot, while they could be assisting these suffering individuals by living in equality creating a greater balance on earth while all working together to unwind the damage of the pollution, corruption, extortion and evil on the planet we owe this existance to. -Love and LIght to all-
I think you may choose who your parents and the lessons to an extent, but I'm pretty sure you do not get clued in 100% or things might turn out different due to free will not only your's but everyone elses as well would effect. I don't think things were ever meet to be this hard for these unfortunate ones but maybe IDK For example it's hard to grasp why someone would choose to be a sexually abused child, or to be murderdered by their own parents to learn a lesson.. So obviously things aren't so written out before you come here.
After years of searching and going trough 3 NDE's i still think we are living in a prison planet. That we are getting helped is afermative but for the rest we are being controled and abused by a system that has kept us prisoner of this galaxy. I say galaxy because in near death exp and astral travell one is alowed to go places but no matter where you go you pop back into your body and there is nothing that can stop this.If there was free will we would be able to leave and not come back at anny time of our choosing.
It's not karma, it's this messed up world. Nobody deserves to suffer like this...
I didn't think that I deserved to suffer through 28 years of abuse. I finally had a reading done a couple years ago and found out that centuries ago I was a male mercenary who killed hundreds of people for money. The 28 years was my karma from that being balanced.. It finally all made sense to me. Read Neale Donald Walsch's book "Little Soul and the Sun."
My love to all of you, Marilyn
Yes Cederic I believe that as well. The sower and the seed comes to my attention, that the lords fruuit was not being givin up. I think something bad happened. In the nag hammadi it talks about this and how the Archons send us back down to reincarnate over and over again. Yeshusa even tells you how you can excape the judge. As well as in the Tibetan Book Of the dead goes along with this as well. That is why they have to erase our memory, so they can trick us into coming back here, but I do believe we are under assisstance, and many powerful beings are reincarnating here to raise the vibration for ascention, but we need to do our part too.



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