I'm starting do to a little research on merkabahs. If anyone interested in them check out drunvalo malchezedik. Anyways, i'm just wondering if it's actually possible for a human to create one. I'm starting to think it isn't because if it was drunvalo would be out of here right now, exploring/living in the fourth/fifth dimensions. Let me know what you guys think, any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks :)

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  • Go straight to the Source...Try reading the Phoenix Journals...there are alot of them...downloadable for FREE, and the wisdom and information are like nothing I've ever read.

    Blessings to you!

    Phoenix Journals, Contact Newspaper
    The OFFICIAL source of the Phoenix Journals and Contact Newspaper, documenting God's Plan, the Phoenix Project. Scribed for Sananda and Gyeorgos Cere…
  • I don't know.  But I do know that if his message comes from the Ascended Masters as he states...that they would not give a message that people had to pay for in order to ascend.  It is just NOT the way it is.  Over the years, I have found that if any in the higher dimensions want us to know something...they channel it sometimes to several channelers...AND IT IS NOT SOMETHING YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR!  I understand those who spend sooo much time searching for info and getting it to us and asking for donations if this is ther only means of income or whatever...but to claim that their way is the only way...and then charge you for the information is NOT God's way...and from what I saw on his site with all his workshops from many teachers, and charging over $500 to take the workshop IS something those with self serving motives do...NOT those from the Light.  It's just wrong...ya know?

  • Good question!  The problem with Malchezedik's merkabahs is that in order to learn how to do it his way...(which he claims is the only right way) is that you have to be rich to get in.  His workshops to learn it are outrageous!  He says "Many are called but few are chosen"...what I found was that means you have to pay ALOT to find out the correct way(his way) in order to ascend.  That would leave me out...this doesn't fit in to anything I have found as truth.  Good Luck!

  • By the ay there is an mars project started...called
  • You are the merkaba at quantum levels if i'm right...
  • They say we all have them and have the ability to use them. We've just forgotten how. It's how things like self bio-relocating happen.
  • About two years ago, before I even knew what a merkabah was, I had a dream that I produced what I now think was a merkabah. It was very interesting. I was running from something on my campus and when I got to the road, I held out my hands and effortlessly produced what looked like an orb of plasma the size of my body. It was like a magenta color, I think. I stepped inside it and basically thought myself to Miami, Florida instantly. I'm not sure what I had to do there because the dream ended and I don't remember exact details. But that is what stood out to me the most. Any thoughts?
  • yes it is possible to create a merkaba, usually  done via mediation and breathing techniques,

    im sure drunvalo is having fun with his  whilst also being focused in a 3d body too !


  • hmm didn't the people from Mars made one in order to scape their doom, but something went wrong?

    • Yes very good.  The Mars inhabitants were at war and they attempted to create Merkaba through technology rather than through energy.  They were already at war with eachother then and were attempting to save themselves, they also tried unsuccessfully to turn Jupiter into a star by shooting nuclear warheads into it.

      There is a little russian boy around the age of 10 in the video they made about him who is a re-incarnation of one of these mars people and he tells all about this stuff.  I recommend looking it up on youtube. I would suggest the keywords, russian boy, reincarnation, mars, etc.  You should find it pretty easily.

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