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(Translated from original language german)

My child, I tell you so often to meditate, but that doesn’t mean exactly that you must always sit quiet and calm and be in your heart for then to contact us.

There are also other kinds of meditation.

When you listen to music and merge into it and forget all around yourself; when you watch children and animals playing; when you are out, in nature, and listen to the birds when they sing their song or look at the clouds on the sky.

All this is meditation too and so much more. It means that you are completely in the NOW and One with your Higher Self and me, my child. ~

Your Divine Mother

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oh ok, i just got up out of bed and i was complaining i have no idea how to meditate losing confidence sitting around vegetating and then suddenly when i came back on here this appeared again as i read this along time ago and now you posted this on here, gee mother earth heard me moaning how to meditate.

 Thank you Meindert I am always at home walking down the Street in the  moment

and I once thought to myself what would it be like to be everywhere and I was

and so I very quickly returned to me my comfort zone while the rest of me is

busy doing my business. Blessings to the rest of me/us.

Please retain your individuality while returning to multi dimensionality Kingjeff


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