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May the Spiritual Heart be Reborn and Heal ALL great souls and Gaia..

Soul memories can extend through many centuries or ages. Agree the introduction of man between man and God was a major societal change, namely UR. Yet Alpha and Omega remain indefinitely within the arms of Love

We are all Divine. However, ever since the so-called “Fall of Man” (a phrase commonly used to describe man's collective decision to deny our Divinity), we all have literally been denying God, our Creator (Spirit, Source, Universe - please pick a language that works for you). And along with the decision to deny God, our Creator, we also chose to deny our own God Self. And along with the decision to deny our own God Self we chose to deny our higher Lightbodies, our higher Chakras, our higher senses, our Higher Self and Monad, our higher everything..

Man searches for Gold and the Holy Grail , yet fails to seek the riches of his own heart...

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Love it Feather... Thanks for sharing yours dear sister..:-)



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