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Lord Kuthumi
channeled through Rev Deb of Project: Eagle Triad
To Begin Today through September 6th, 15 minutes Per Day

Greetings to [Lightworkers and Future and Present] Sananda's Eagles! I AM Kuthumi and I have been asked to bring you the next Divine Attribute which you will be programming into the mass consciousness grid.
And that Attribute, my Divine Beings of Light, is `Allowance'…allowance without `judgment'. For Allowance is one of the necessary ingredients to your ASCENSION process and that of the Earth.
And it is asked that before beginning your meditation you invoke the Presence of Divine Grace, for she does, indeed, play a big part in this ASCENSION you and our Beloved Gaia are both going through. Therefore, without further ado, let us begin:

It is asked that, for the first few minutes of your meditation, you do something which you are oft asked NOT to do, and that is to bring into your mind what it is that you most judge to be `negative' or `dark' upon your planet. This can be anything, from the energies associated with the wartime slaughter of men, women and children, to the personal relationships you have in your life, or to the rape and pillage that your planet undergoes on a daily basis. Pull the feelings you have toward these perceived `dark energies' from your mental and emotional bodies and place them firmly in your heart center.

For the second portion of you meditation, we ask that you then visualize and `allow' the energies of Divine Love -- which also reside in your heart center -- to lovingly wrap themselves around the energies you have judged to be `negative'. Bathe them in the Knowledge that all occurrences on your planet are being Divinely orchestrated, that our Creator IS in control, and even what you have deemed to be `dark' is also a part of the Divine. Rest in this KNOWING that there are no `accidents' or `coincidences', and through even the `darkest' of moments, all is happening for the Divine Purpose of bringing the so-called `Light' and `Dark' into Perfect Balance.

For the last portion of your mediation, we ask that you then project these feelings of `Allowance' and `surrender to the Divine Plan' into the energies composing the mass consciousness grid. Send unto the peoples of your planet the Knowing that whatever they fear, whatever they have judged to be `dark', whatever they have feared to be `hopeless', is naught but the movement of their Creator flowing through the denseness and bringing ALL into its rightful state of being. And so it SHALL BE!




channeled through Rev Deb of Project: Eagle Triad

As you quiet your mind and your physical body, breathe deeply, and go to that space within your own heart… that space of quiet and calm, that inner chamber where True Love does abide.

As you rest within the silence, free yourself from the thoughts of your daily activities and turn within to communion with Me.


I want you to go with me to the Christ Consciousness Grid, from where we shall look down upon the New Earth which is being prepared for you.


In your mind's eye, I want you to see the Earth in a new, glorious and HEALED condition… the condition originally set forth in the Divine Blueprint established in the beginning by the Source.


The air is clean, the water is pure, teeming with abundant and healthy marine life.


The colors of the foliage and fauna are vibrant, shimmering with the richness of perfection.

No longer does mankind dwell in the illusion of polarity. There is no longer dark vs. light, good vs. evil, male vs. female, one religion vs. another religion. All has been made Whole. All is now One.


Visualize the inhabitants of this beautiful Earth living in harmony, acknowledging the Christ in each one they meet, realizing that each is but a part of the One.


All countries live in a state of brotherhood, peace and global cooperation. No longer does nation rise against nation. All weapons of mass destruction have been eliminated…. The swords have been beat into plowshares.


See and feel, from your own heart, the love that is expressed one to another, as the Holy Child goes about the Father's business.


No longer is there poverty among you.


No one fears the abuse of another, or the hatred hiding within another's heart.


There is true sharing among all the brothers and sisters… eliminating any concerns of lack or impoverishment. Greed has left the hearts of the people and they freely offer their alms to the One in gratitude. This is the day the lion shall lay down with the lamb.


No longer does man live in ignorance of the higher Celestial Realms.


Without fear, he welcomes and communes with his brothers and sisters from other dimensions, other star systems, and other universes, knowing that all have come forth from the Source of Creation.


Peace, joy and true love shall reign in every heart. All has been made new. All has become One.


For this is the NEW EARTH… and the NEW HEAVEN.
And so shall it be.






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Love you all!

As always it feels good this Crist energy..

Thank you for this wonderful post Dear Sister J'Tariah. It love it so much and will do both the meditations as guided. I've been doing similar meditations for some time now, as guided by my lifestreams and it warms my heart to know that I had been guided well. Can I share these meditations with my Rainbow Lightworkers group on Facebook? Light, Love and Peace be with you. Darryl

Dear J'Tariah,En,Ra,El,

Thanks for this message...

I am really obliged....




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