MASS MEDIA BLACKOUT: Top 10 recent news stories MSM doesn’t want you to know about
12/05/2023 // S.D. Wells // 1.8K Views

Never in the history of the world have more people been lied to every day about their health and safety than right now, and it's all thanks to the mass media, that has about three-quarters of the entire populace hypnotized, mesmerized and stupefied. Why do so many people believe the mass media stories are real? They can't seem to get their head around the fact that the U.S. government wants them all enslaved, and that includes mentally and physically. They're all dumbed down by fluoridated water, toxic vaccinations, processed food that's loaded with pesticides and fake news.


Take for instance just this past week or two, where the hidden news is quite alarming, but the masses can't seem to dig past the first page of Google searches, or set down the TV remote long enough to use their brain, or stop swiping left long enough on their "smart" device to find some censored news that proves they're being lied to, by omission, by MSM, which includes all the major social media platforms. Here we go with the latest blacked out, banned, censored, de-listed, de-funded and memory-holed news that EVERYBODY should be reading about.


Top ten recent news stories that MSM does not want the stupefied masses to find and read

#1 - OB-GYN drops alarming miscarriage data before Congress; she says, “I’ve never seen this before.”


Did you know that miscarriage rates have doubled year-over-year since the rollout of the Fauci Flu injections (Covid-19 mRNA "vaccines")? Injuries and deaths to babies are reaching astronomical proportions from the deadly clot shot jabs, as the human body attacks the foreign protein prions (spike proteins) when they circulate into the baby, injuring or killing the child before it's ever delivered.


In fact, Dr. Kimberly Biss, an OB-GYN who's helped with over 8,000 pregnancies, says “I’ve never seen this before,” as she testified before Congress that her miscarriage rate in 2020 was about 4% (that's average), then that number doubled in 2021 to approximately 7 to 8%, and then, alarmingly, that rate doubled again in 2022, all the way up to a mind blowing 15%. It all started to peak when the toxic China Flu jabs came out in November of 2021. Coincidence?


#2 - Never-before-seen footage upends J6 Committee’s “insurrection” narrative.


#3 - Attorney accuses the CIA and DoD of being deeply involved with COVID-19.


#4 - Soccer players are still collapsing and dying three years after COVID-19 vaccine rollout.


#5 - Toddler dies two days after receiving routine vaccinations.


According to the CDC, it is highly recommended and safe for all American children to receive 70 vaccines by age 18. Ten of those are to be injected before a baby is 15-months-old. This doesn't include the heart-straining, organ-invading, never-ending mRNA spike protein prion treatment, that comes in a series of jabs with added boosters yearly. The vaccine scamdemic is in full effect, and vaccine researchers who know the consequences are calling it a "grand medical experiment," but you won't read about THAT in mainstream media, or catch wind of it on a television set.


#6 - Video footage shows alleged cash-for-votes scheme in broad daylight.


#7 - Bad news strikes the double-vaccinated with an alarming health risk revelation.


#8 - Yale study reveals the most common chronic symptoms after COVID-19 vaccination.


#9 - Senator Ron Johnson presents the most censored chart in congressional history.


Last week, the infamous "Second Opinion Chart" resurfaced from Senator Ron Johnson's medical panel he held for the world's top experts. The panel and the chart revealed adverse events from different medical products, including Covid-19 vaccines, Remdesivir, and ivermectin. The chart was banned, blocked, and censored from the entire internet since it first got published, including video clips from YouTube, Fakebook, Twitter, and CCP-run TikTok. The data is beyond alarming. Take a look:


Drug Adverse Event Comparison (FDA and CDC Data): 01/01/1996 - 10/27/2023:


Ivermectin - 4,265


HCQ - 28,823


Flu Vaccine - 220,346


Dexamethasone - 110,185


Tylenol - 136,079


Remdesivir - 9,290


COVID-19 Vaccines - 1,605,764




Ivermectin - 436


HCQ - 2,337


Flu Vaccine - 2,337


Dexamethasone - 19,599


Tylenol - 30,634


Remdesivir - 2,240


COVID-19 Vaccines - 36,501




Ivermectin - 16


HCQ - 85


Flu Vaccine - 87


Dexamethasone - 713


Tylenol - 1114


Remdesivir - 770


COVID-19 Vaccines - 13,036


#10 - Pilot warns of airline industry disaster due to COVID-19 vaccines.


Big question: Why are so many pilots, who are perfectly healthy, dropping dead "unexplainably" within the last three years, since the Covid clot-shot rollout, that forced so many to get jabbed or lose their job? How are these pilots passing stringent medical tests, then dying suddenly in the cockpit of heart attacks and strokes (spike protein nano-particle clogs in the vascular system and brain)? Name one newscaster or medical doctor willing to blow the whistle on mainstream media about that.


Bookmark to your favorite websites for truth news about vaccine-induced death and election fraud stories that are being censored from mass media while you read this.

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