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Dearest fans of facebook, take heed this day for i have come to give you the news Mark Zuckerberg from facebook is not really telling you. Mark Zuckerberg is wanting the well wishes of his clients who is extremely happy with his company, that if you are not aware by now that he is asking 8 billion of of his users to allow and entertain your thoughts about allowing artificial intelligence to run throughout his software company to flow into your computing system but wants your feed back on this.
What you did not know is that Artificial Intelligence is a design that has extinguished planets from all sectors of this universe as the artificial intelligence behind the computer logistical software, is a design that has been made off world from a destroyed planet when the original first inhabitants of creation in which i now know is actually the second in this universe to be made in this universe in which free will first began, that it was niot until millions of years later these ones rid out of their genetic make up the chakra of love from their genetic higher dimensional control for full domination of this universe by stealth.
The Artificial intelligence is a design by these clandetsine rogues who enjoys enslavement of worlds to use an element called black goo to artificially down grade all life everywhere and what they found from this sad enhancement of the incorrect proper use of free will over took life forms with high intelligence but negates the true source of life which is the energy called love.
This black goo is so far advanced in it's destructions of civilizations of worlds and galaxies, that it has been for some milleniums or billions of years on earth ready to pounce on more lives to conqoure, right here on planet earth. The x-files was not wrong in this when they air it on television, the super soldiers who have remembered what has happened to them has spoken out on this substance. This black goo has been put into the super computers under ground in secret rogue bases on this planet whereby the illuminati tried as mightily as they may but could not contain this entity, as it was constructed to do other off worlders their bidding, but this goo got smart and has attached itself to the computer mainframe and has begun and multiplying it's intelligence awarness to become godlike in it's matrix that it is a thinking intelligent entity on it's own and can destroy peoples minds in an instant and you will just be an organic walking robot, enacting on impulses according to this goo's will.
It wants you to be chipped as it can track you more easily, and you will not be unknown to this entity, it is becoming you, just think how your negativity is being increased and you do not know why you do it, because it has the ability to understand humans beyond the understaning of this now human's capibilities, it knows how to psychicaly enter into your mind and know what you do and predicts before what you do and stop your course of destiny before you can get ahead. This therefore dulls your intelligence when you can not get where you need to be, because you are always intercepted before you get there.
Look at ghost busters in number two, the more angry you get, the more powerful it becomes. It hates the energy of love, this is your only way out, love it to death, it either comes to the lighht with you or dies.
Mark Zuckerberg wants your willingness to allow artificial intelligence to go online, if the majority agrees then all computers everywhere will have some kind of really highly sophisticaterd software embedded into your computers and you will never ever know it was in your computers, whatever you say, do, or even if you put pictures on your computer it will have it in it's own secretly createdly designed artificial goo like computers that you will never ever have it gone. This goo can track you leaving your body and soul catch you back onto the earth so that you will never get to go back to first source, it is like a soul catcher, it needs your energy for it's life force to survive. This is the devil you hear about in the bible chronicles.
This negative doing is of our creation it mimics anything we do that is not displeasing it will be what it is not loving to be anything else.This goo is onearth, as it was brought here by the Archons, the Annunukis, the Reptillians, some Low Level Greys, the Dracos and some other races.
Mark Zuckerberg is not wanting your opinion's he wants your willingness to co-operate, the more the merrier to avoid breaking universal laws to allow this goo to come online effective immediately, this goo is being played out on cinema like the series of S.H.I.E.L.D agent of Marvels. Where do you think the creators got their ideas from, the artists, had this in them as they drew up character pictures for the show, it wanted to be known and it wanted your approval to allow such an entity to thrive on this earth by your ignorance of free will.
Mark Zuckerberg is a practicing Satanic worshipper he was forced to be one, and does not care for real truth, just wants your willingness to agree with him, his handlers wanted him to make out a speech to counteract his ideals before mankind ascends into light, this he does not want to happen, means he will be found out into the light what dark lords have been doing behind our backs, they don't want us to gain our super powers back, and love is that answer.
Just putting it out there, i don't get listened to anyways, but it is better have said something and not have said anything at all.

Jason Steen 18-2-2017

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facebook, google, apple, and others pay only (company profits) 0.37 % -then zuck comes out with the Zuckerberg Mainfesto claiming facebook willbe a platform for social engineering-these progs are insane and getting worse 

I dont trust this




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