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MALCOLM'S ROAD TRIP 2019 - A Shapeshifter in Madrid, NM; A Ghost In Taos, NM; A Tall Grey Alien In Dulce, NM; And FBI/MIB Issues In Sedona, AZ.... LOTS OF PHOTOS!!!

This will go down as my most memorable road trip. The original goal of this road trip was to catch a UFO on video, and I failed in this regard. I did spot two UFOs near the Cathedral Rock complex in Sedona, but they didn't last long per appearance and my GoPro7 camera takes 3-5 seconds to set up for a video take after it leaves the "sleep" phase. Anyway, here we go. Enjoy the ride.    Oct. 21, 2019 through Oct. 22, 2019 - Madrid, New Mexico - Madrid, New Mexico is a coal mining ghost town that is now an artists community. Numerous UFOs have been seen here, and there are rumors of serious occult practices by some of the residents of Madrid. You can't drink the water there due to sulfur content. I stayed at the Mineshaft Inn, which was very rustic per appearance but had a very comfortable bed, great art surroundings, and a wide selection per cable TV (unlike the other pricey hotels, which had poor cable TV and hard beds). I was also given four bottles of spring water since you can't drink the water. Here's what the hotel and room looked like below:

The hotel was behind a nightclub / restaurant called "The Mineshaft." One of my astrology students claims that two tall Nordic ET's went into the nightclub and looked around, and then left. I asked a bartender about this and was immediately laughed at, declaring "oh you're one of them." Here's what The Mineshaft looks like:

Lots of shops and art displays in Madrid:

 Here's "the highlight" of my Madrid visit. And I must be careful for legal reasons. I talked with one person running one of these shops, and while talking with him, I watched him change (or "shape-shift") into a reptile as we talked about Aleister Crowley and O.T.O. Here's a drawing of this event:

I talked with a crystal-wearing waiter at lunch about this vision I saw of this individual, and he told me he wasn't surprised. He told me that this individual was recently found "not guilty" of mental abuse and raping his 18-year old daughter when she was 3-6 years old (and causing mental abuse throughout her life). This daughter committed suicide shortly after the trial. The waiter told me he was not surprised of what I saw; many in the community regarded this individual as evil. No luck with spotting any UFOs per night skies. On to Taos.    Oct. 23, 2019 - Oct. 24, 2019 - Taos, New Mexico - I originally wanted to stay at the ABC Mesa Mobile Home "hotel" near the Mesa Brewery (outside Taos city limits) due to a promise of clear night skies. But I got lost finding this place. And when I stopped into a liquor store to ask for directions and to purchase some whiskey, I left to find three Taos Sheriff white pickup trucks surrounding the liquor store, all with police lights on and all with law enforcement in the white trucks holding shotguns. One of the law enforcement deputies stepped out, took off her sunglasses, and gave me a look like I just killed my mother. I calmly walked back to my car and decided to not go to the ABC Mobile Home Hotel Park, and pick the best hotel in Taos where I will not be harassed: The Historic Taos Inn. Founded in 1890 by a physician, the Historic Taos Inn has been reported to have poltergeist and ghost visitations. And because this place is registered as a national historic landmark, I doubted that the Taos law enforcement would perform any bullsh!t orders from certain ANTIFA loving F.B.I. agents (WHO I THINK PULLED THIS LIQUOR STORE BULLSH!T). Anyway, here's their famous roadside neon sign logo, and the lobby of the hotel:

Here's a bad photo of their neon sign at night:

 The hotel is across the street from the Taos Plaza. Lots of jewelry shops and art stores. Please be free to read the history of Taos per this photo below. I went to a bar across the street from the Inn called "The Lounge," and got to swap UFO stories with the bartender. I brought up my shape-shifter experience in Madrid, NM, and he told me that he heard that there are "werewolves" that live there, and people involved in serious occult practices. I returned to my room and brought this up with an astrology student and yoga instructor watching my dogs, and she stated that Madrid, New Mexico "absolutely gives me the creeps. Something was telling me do not get out of the car when I was there"

And below is what many claim to be one of the three oldest building structures still standing in the United States, and was built in the 15th century by native Americans. The building has been used for a variety of functions over the past six centuries, and today it is a restaurant. And it has had it's share of ghost stories, according to some patrons I talked with while watching the World Series there.

And below is a drawing of a ghost I saw enter my room while I was drying up after taking a shower. I reported this to the manager; The Historic Taos Inn apparently took this seriously and I got to talk to a manager about it. No disruptions from the ghost; it simply passed through the door into my room and then disappeared. The manager suspects the ghost was probably a physician since the hotel section I was staying in was at one time a small hospital.

 Oct. 25, 2019 - Oct. 27, 2019 - Dulce, New Mexico - Dulce is the sight of the most prolific of UFO conspiracies, which is the rumor of a 7-story complex several miles underneath the Archuleta Mesa in Dulce, New Mexico. The complex reportedly houses extraterrestrials who work with the U.S. government, and is claimed to have laboratory areas where the ET's work with U.S. government employees on a variety of experiments, including mind-control and genetic experiments. Below is what this site supposedly looks like:

Note the "underground shuttle to Los Alamos" shown in the depiction above. I had an astrology student who is a scientist working in Los Alamos, New Mexico. She claimed that while walking in an isolated wooded area near where she worked, she claimed to have seen a sign that said "Dulce." She never thought about it, until I brought up the Dulce conspiracy at an astrology session. I stayed at the Wild Horse Casino & Hotel, and this hotel was less than a mile from this claimed site of much UFO conspiracy. Note the Archuleta Mesa behind the hotel:

 I went to the Dulce Game & Fish Agency for a permit to trespass on the land of the Jicarilla Apache Nation and to have a member of this nation guide with me during this trespass. IF YOU VISIT THIS PLACE, YOU MUST GET A PERMIT TO TRESPASS, OR YOU WILL FIND YOURSELF IN JAIL IF YOU ARE CAUGHT. I was lucky, my guide would be Richard (no last name will be given). He reportedly was the same guide for Bill and the "UFO Hunters" UFO documentary series. Eerily similar to Jessie Ventura and his "Conspiracy Theory" documentary series, UFO Hunters were dropped from cable television AFTER their documentaries on Dulce, just as Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory" series were dropped after he reported on Dulce ... hmmm ... for an intro on this incredible conspiracy at Dulce, here's the UFO Hunters coverage of this, before cable TV stopped their TV series after they reported on this.. click and Here's what I gathered on my first day in Dulce:

The circled area to the left of the radio towers above is the reported "hot spot" for entry of UFO spaceships; they enter into the rock and disappear as they enter (according to 10 Nation residents here, including the daughter of my guide Richard). My guide (Richard) disagrees about claims that the Dulce Base is located in a separate area away from the Archuleta Mesa, according to this map I showed below. He thinks the Archuleta Mesa is "the key" for this "Dulce Base," if it exists: 

The team to climb the Archuleta Mesa (to where the radio towers are) would include myself, Richard, and his daughter. The roads to get there are very rough and very jagged; you will not make it in a Honda Civic or a Kia. Here's a video of good quality I made that shows what our destination looks like. We saw a "white dot" above the Archuleta Mesa before we started, and Richard yelled at me "turn on your camera!" We missed it (whatever it was), but this is a good video of what the Archuleta Mesa looks like: click  Richard stopped the vehicle to remove intrusive rocks on the road when we were about 75% of the way up. Below is my statement of what happened to me; I will never forget this incident. I was very scared of what was going on after I got out of the truck; I held up a piece of my best moldavite in the air to try to calm down what I felt was some tense energy (and it did seem to work). It is my opinion that an extraterrestrial entered the area (and could not be visibly seen) and was putting me under some sort of "analysis" or "audit." And I did not like this analysis; I felt like I was being "invaded" in a psychic matter.

Here's a video of our arrival at the telephone pole described above (after the interesting experience that I described above). Click For a close-up video of the reported "entrance" for the UFO spaceships, click We returned to the Wild Horse Casino & Hotel, and told a curious clerk what happened. I stated that I felt like I was put under some sort of "analysis" by something very intelligent and very psychic, and that whatever it was that analyzed me, my perception was that it liked me for some weird reason. At lunch, Richard stated that he felt like he "left a dream," to which me and his daughter replied (at the same time) "yes, I know." I would later do a three-card tarot draw, and this is what I got:

First Card: 

Two of Swords indecision, trouble, balanced

Second Card:

Ace of Wands profitable journey, new business, beginning, new career, birth, inheritance

Third Card:
Six of Pentacles prosperity, philanthropy, charity, gifts

 I went to bed, and set the alarm for 6 am. I had a long road ahead; Monument Park in Utah was next on my list. I woke up at 6 am, and decided "what the hell, I'm on vacation" and went back to bed. As I went back to bed, it was almost like I "blacked out." I would awake feeling somewhat intoxicated, and below is a drawing of what I saw as I awoke:

I saw the image above as I awoke, and it faded away after about five seconds and I found myself back in my hotel room. My first immediate sensation was a very itching need to clean my right ear with a Q-tip. It was then that I realized what happened: this entity took out an implant placed in me (via the right ear) during a suspected abduction (of myself) in May of 2019. I discussed this with a few fellow RNs at work, and I did experience small amounts of blood coming out of my right ear. And I always felt like something was "placed in my head" since that incident; I now do not feel that same sensation. I AM CONVINCED THAT THIS EXTRATERRESTRIAL WAS A TALL GREY ALIEN (possibly working in the Archuleta Mesa) WHO MAY HAVE LIKED ME FOR SOME REASON AND TOOK AN IMPLANT OUT OF ME. AND IT MAY HAVE BEEN "mirroring" ME (with the moldavite I offered at the truck stop on the Archuleta Mesa) BY HOLDING THIS IMPLANT UP IN THE AIR (like I did with the moldavite) BEFORE DISAPPEARING. I informed my mother and the student watching my dogs of what happened, and everyone was shocked to say the least. I also feel that there were other people listening in on my conversation, and some appeared to be excited and fearful per clairvoyant colors of purple and yellow that I was seeing. It is also noted per discussion that this holding up of this extracted object may also have been an interesting way of saying "hello." I will never forget this brief vision of this entity and the bright green object it was holding up (and then disappearing). Onto Monument Valley...Oct. 27, 2019 to Oct. 28, 2019 - Monument Valley National Park - Nothing major happened. I did get into some good conversations with Navajo Native Americans about what happened to me, and they believed everything I said. They also claimed that there have been UFOs that have visited their land. I also brought up the claim of werewolves in Madrid, New Mexico, and one Navajo woman stated that her sister was walking in the desert near the Utah / Arizona border one time and came across "a group of people sitting around a campfire who looked like wolves and were talking in some sort of European language." Hmmm..... Anyway, here are some photos of this magnificent park:

Now onto Zion National Park. Oct. 28, 2019 to Oct. 29, 2019 - Zion National Park- I stayed at the Best Western Thunderbird, which was practically empty. The hotel featured a well-managed 9-h*** executive golf course, which is said to be one of the best 9-h*** courses in the nation. Below is what my room looked like, complete with a view of the 9th h***:

And below are some photos from Zion National Park. Nothing major to report on; no UFOs seen. There were chemtrails directly above the hotel the second day of my stay. I also think I p!ssed off some Mormons in a nearby restaurant when I ordered a 3% alcohol beer called Polygamy Porter, and told them "now I know why it's called Polygamy Porter: you need more than one..."

Onto the Grand Canyon...Oct. 28, 2019 - The Grand Canyon, Arizona - nothing to report on except some mouth-dropping landmark monument sites. Here are some photos:

Onto Sedona, Arizona ... the last stop... Oct. 29, 2019 to Oct. 31, 2019 - Sedona, Arizona - Here are my two favorite energy vortexes in Sedona: Cathedral Rock (top) and Bell Rock (bottom):

I visited Sedona three years ago, and I was shocked by what I saw in 2019. Sedona is no longer a small new-age community. It is now a commercial tourist metropolis. And I was very disappointed with the tarot card readers and astrologers, who I felt were prioritizing  "politically correct" and "legally-minded" approaches to their craft, as opposed to what their intuition felt. AND I WAS BEING FOLLOWED EVERYWHERE I WENT! I went to the outskirts of Boynton Canyon (which is a very desolated spot) on Halloween night to try to get a UFO on video, and a car passed by every 5-10 minutes (AND AFTER A WHILE I STARTED TO SEE THE SAME CARS SEEN EARLIER). I finally drove to an even more isolated spot by Cathedral Rock. I did see two UFOs on two separate occassions, but my stupid GoPro7 camera took about 5 seconds to boot up each time, and by the time I was ready the UFOs were gone. And when I returned to my hotel room, I found a van (with many antennas) parked right in my parking spot, right in front of my room! I went to bed, and watched "Halloween / Michael Myers" movies on cable TV. If I was being monitored (AND I'M CERTAIN I WAS), I will say this: there are good people who work for the F.B.I., but I'm sure that these F.B.I. or M.I.B. individuals parked outside my room were working for ANTIFA WANNABE F.B.I. / M.I.B. ASSH0LES... and they were probably defecating Twinkies while watching their Halloween idol Michael Myers do his thing.


I didn't get any UFOs on video, but overall I can't complain. I saw a shape-shifter, a ghost, a Tall Grey alien, and some spectacular natural wonders. And my right ear still feels better, and I can honestly say that this Tall Grey did remove an implant from my head that was placed earlier during an abduction of myself. Tall Greys are reported to be dangerous to humans and reportedly view humans the same way we view cattle and E. Coli bacteria. Yet this one did something good for me. Are all ET's as bad as Dr. Karla Turner claims? I'm beginning to question this. They may be just like the F.B.I. and the M.I.B.: some are nice and some are real jerks.

Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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Welcome back, Malcolm. 
This is a long read in the truest sense, 
so I will check it out later today. was definitely an eye-opening trip, and I now question Karla Turner, Phil Schneider, and others who claimed that Tall Gray Aliens (a good example is displayed below) are very dangerous and hostile to humans. Please read; there are no lies or bullsh!t here...And there are now people in my astrology group who want to go with me on my next road trip!

I've read your story, this sounds like an interesting trip. 
Great photos from Arizona. 
I cannot say anything sensible about the ET, 
but I think that the intention matters more than the appearance. 
I'd say: trust you intuition :) 

Malcolm-Great photos!

I've been to Sedona , had an acquaintance who lived there and I stayed for a couple weeks-to cliquish for me-Grand Canyon is almost unbelievable-best part of the trip for me-NIGHT SKY!!!

Going through NM was tough -the energy was brutal-you could sense craft above monitoring and , as you say, intrusive.

The grays are not all evil and some are automatons/dolls and some, the ones that I'm in with, wear helmets that look like greys and wear black jumpsuit uniforms but they are akin to dwarfs. They are from 'inner space' that looks like outer space. Not long ago my bed room lit up like daylight and they were walking around.

Thanks for the tip-Never go to Madrid NM -

The feds/deep state allowed these inter dimensionals over the threshold -evil hell portals are open all over the place in the US and Canada-evil entities sharing the bodies of willing human filth-anyway looks like you had a good time.

Thanks Pet!



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