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MAGA BOMBER CAUGHT..AND THIS STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN."The bomber" lives in a prominent Democratic Party section of Florida and drives a brand new van COVERED with pro-Trump stickers!! AND NO SCRATCHES!!


Below is "the bomber" they caught. He works for the Seminole Nation Gambling Organization of Florida, which is a HUGE financial donor to the Democratic Party of Florida.

A mugshot of suspected package bomber Cesar Sayoc Jr. 

And here are close-up photos of his van that he drives to work in, and his employer is a HUGE Democratic Party donor. And he also drives this van around in south Florida, a Democratic Party stronghold. AND THERE IS NOT A MARK ON IT, NOT A SCRATCH ON IT, AND NO SIGN OF VANDALISM WHATSOEVER..oh, I's illegal in Florida to have a car or van covered with stickers to include the windows for reasons of visibility safety...



Also keep in mind that NONE of these bombs that this "bomber" mailed had detonation devices, one of these bombs had unmarked postage stamps on the envelope, and one of these bombs had ISIS stickers on them!


Look at the unmarked postage stamps on this "bomb" sent to CNN...

IMAGES of the mail bomb sent to CNN, Twitter points to ISIS flag on it

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Michal:  So you call me a "Nazi-loving DarkStar"?!  Tee hee hee!  I guess if you're not for open borders and the DESTRUCTION of this country, you're a "Nazi"!

Forgot to mention that you believe the Holocaust was a hoax, dimstar... as for the rest of your dumbed down, Teapublican, white supremacist value system? One need only look at a few of your posts on ACC to get a clear picture of where your heads at-

Stick:  Oh, so you're one of those "holocaust beLIEvers".  Well, you know, it's a free country (I'm sure that you are aware of that) and people here are allowed to believe whatever they want to believe.  (Of course, that might sit well with you).  "White Supremacist"  - tee hee hee - you're  a black supremacist (but we all know that, don't we?)  Using pictures to express yourself?  Writing would be preferable.  When people don't agree with you, you call them "Nazis" or "White Supremacists" - typical Liberal - no imagination, just knee-jerk reactions and childish name-calling.  I'm well aware that the "holocaust" is a religion, I just don't subscribe to it. (Oh, and by the way, freedom of religion is one of the things we have here also).

Thanks again, dimstar!... always so effortless to get you to prove my point. Well done, darlin ;-)

Stick:  Prove your point of WHAT?  You have proved NOTHING.  (You know, maybe I should call you Stick it to Ya, since you like to call me Dimstar!)

well done darling stick. Stick it to them and their backwards idiology , last standing force defending separation , racism and dark forces. their time is coming to the end. their dark thoughts and words are getting exposed to the real world where compassion to less fortunate and with skin other than white have the same human  rights on this blessed planet as KKK, american extreme rednecks and plain all dumb fear mongering  racists. I get the point of freedom of religion in the name of white Jesus or Buddha but others are not allowed under prejudice of terrorism. Christians been killing people in the name of Je-sus for couple of 1000,s of yrs. ..............religion is not what I mean here as root couse of hatred. American white man and woman under the wing of orange idiot spewing hatred to anyone who does not support him and his agenda , are.....being so dumb to even expose their supremacist ideals to fellow man and woman in 21st century is the real tragedy or a blessing to those around them. Creating a real mess and good final challenge for those who stand for equality between religions , common man and services of health care for all regardless of the color of the skin...... ya'man

Michal:  Where are you getting this "racism" crap from?  PLEASE PROVE YOUR POINT.  "Racism, dark forces...dark thoughts and words," what the HELL are you talking about???!!  So we're not compassionate?  Please explain HOW.  You know that the KKK was the Democratic Party, don't you?  You know that Hillary's MENTOR was the head of the KKK, don't you?  "Rednecks"?  Where are you getting your information from?  "Fear mongering"?  How?  The only thing you know how to do is CALL NAMES with NOTHING to back it up.  (Typical Liberal - or Liberal IDEOLOGY).  "American white men and woman"  you really DO hate white people, don't you, Michal?  Why don't you just ADMIT it???!!  How does Trump "spew hate?"  EXAMPLES PLEASE.  "Suprermist ideas"?  Please explain. (I think that would be more YOU than anyone else).  I think that you watch too much TV and you beLIEve what you are TOLD.  "Health care regardless of the color or their skin"?  What the HELL are you talking about?????!!

 .....still defending the iggnorant idea of possibly 20.000.000 souls dying under Hitlers Blitzkrieg  is just terrible idea of a joke and hoax ?

darkstar-just about everything stick, mikey, and the other stooges say is about the idea of black supremacy and counter culture to brow beat white people-we all know they're minds are owned by the dark telepathic network-pointless to argue-but I had a neighbor as a kid whose grandfather volunteered for for the Army at a late age in '43 or '44 and was in military logistics. He ended up at one of the concentration camps in Poland and used a bull dozer to push the bodies into pits-he would tell the story and break down

Michal:  Why would you think that Malcolm is a "white supremacist"?

mikey hates white people

being around this site for yrs and reading some posts and comments of Malcolm lead me to believe that it is the case...............



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