• This prayer is to Our Beloved Father Master of all Masters, To all of the Angels, to all of the Ascented Masters, to all Indigo children, To THE WHOLE UNIVERSE as it's is today.
    Lat this prayer be hurd and no evil be on our Universe no more.
    So it is done.


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    As I meditate daily, breathe gently and deeply
    The golden light of God’s breath is filling me rhythmically. Beloved Father how precious is your name
    Your are the Love, light and You and I are the same.

    No man conflicts will last on Earth no more
    Love will reunite my souls at last and for all,
    As man consciously see the true Source of his Light
    The glow of my heart Love will be there true sight.

    All wrongs are righted with Blue Ray of light
    And my eternal garden will be quiet and bright.
    With purest of my life and devotion of my love
    All will come to end and evil will become a dove.

    No more dark veil of shadows will ever cover my face
    My broken wings are repaired through my love and grace
    As my shroud unwinds from a Passion box of space
    All religions will vanish forever and all will become my faith.

    As I breathe gently and deeply and think of the golden Sun
    This is the light which lightens my through Christ in the dawn
    I am the bearer of Light, the Devine Mother of all to come
    I will take my Light unto the world to bless and to heal some

    The eternal garden so quiet, yet sunlit and full with Love and life
    With floating white lily like a jewel in the still water pool of the night
    Gaze upon this perfect flower, with it’s the golden center of light
    Be the jewel, enfolded by the pure white petals of Love if you do not mind.

    Search for me, my brethren quietly in your own inner Christ
    And see the Lotus of Love`…because you see…. I AM the Light
    I bless and raise my wings with all man into All Might
    I am fully awaken…I AM the key, the way, the truth, and the Light.

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