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I have always been sort of a "New Ager".  Always been interested in UFOs, out-of-body experiences, etc.  My mother was a Jehovah's Witness FANATIC.  (Think of the movie Carrie and her religious fanatic mother and you have a good example, and I am not exaggerating on that point) so, needless to say, I was turned off by Christianity, though I did do some church-hopping and decided that as far as Christian religions go,  the Unitarian church was best because they are very open and accept all people and beliefs; but nonetheless, I'm still "New Agey". 

When I first came on this site in approximately 2010, I BELIEVED EVERY SINGLE PREDICTION.  Needless to say, none of these predictions came true (in my opinion).  You hear a lot of "the energies are rising...the portols are opening,.." sounds like a SLOW orgasm to me. So I came to the conclusion that I would only pay attention to 12/21/13.  And, as far as I'm concerned, NOTHING HAPPENED, except for the continuing "portals are opening...energies are rising.." or so they SAID.  Also, they also talked about all these "ascention symptions".  I may have had some of these "ascention symptons", or I may have been just sick or out of sorts too.  (More B.S.?)  I am also waiting for these "disbursements" of money.  Needless to say, I need them (as I'm sure many others do too).  Nothing happening on that, as far as I can tell, just a lot of PROMISES and dates that never materialized.  . 

I believe that everyone needs to believe in SOMETHING, I believe that it is a human NEED.  Now, I don't know what I believe.  (Maybe I should go back to Jesus?) I would really appreciate your comments/opinions on the New Age movement, this site, your beliefs, etc.    Thank you. 


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What does that mean, exactly?

Sylvain:  I think I read A Winter's Tale a long, long time ago.

Thanks for the info.

Hello friend,

Forget Churchianity, as it will offer you no real answers, only confusion....The Churches offer no real data on spiritual matters and were intended to blind the true seekers...

You are on the right track with the New Age movement, but have to be wary of the fakery and "channeling" frauds, that are part of a CIA psyops programme, intended to blacken the good name of the Aquarian age...aka New Age...

Go back to basics.....Forget the nonsense you mostly see here on ACC, as it is fake....Instead, go within and find your real avenue of service....Meditate more and learn to create a bridge with spirit....BUT, forget the modern rubbish....

I recommend that you learn the heart of New Age....I recommend THEOSOPHY....

Theosophy is the nearest human philosophy to spiritual truth, currently....

Learn your rays.......Seek and ye shall find....So I don't need to provide links... ;-)


Hope this helps...


Thanks a lot Drekx.  I may get some books on Theosophy.

"New age" can certainly be a religion as any other in the sense that it's purpose is to mislead people and make them give their power away. But "New age" has done a better job at catching people that are truth seekers and keep them trapped inside a loop that never ends while it's hard to see it's illusion.

I never read any channelings ever now. Because I'm SICK of it. I am like you and I used to believe every word, I used to base my daily life and future plans about what was going to happen according to all these channelings and promises of a better world. As time went by you could not deny the fact that either everything have been just B.S to mislead gullible people like myslef OR that it had to be a damn good excuse for all the delays, which in my honest opinion hasn't been so I choose the first option.

Needless to say, I'm aware that there is so much more at stake "behind the curtains" of our human lives. I just no longer have the capacity to even try to understand it. I feel worn out after all these years of truth seeking and with so little gain. The more i start to realize that the quote "All that I know is that I know nothing" is more and more true.

I just take the approach of living a positive life and do my best to create situations that are of benefit to me and others. I'm tired of waiting for anything outside of myself to happen and give me a free-ride. I don't care about reading about that stuff any longer, I just carry on leading my own way. But being a part of this society without anything to believe in is HARD, and that's why so many get caught into believing that NESARA is around the corner every day that will make them milionares over a night and transform the world in a month. For me I MUST find ways to co-exist with society while doing my best to create a positive environment throughout of all the negativity. It's draining and it's tough but at least I am doing something for myself, instead of staying in a negative situation hoping that the channelings you read will come true any day now that is of the past for me.

So I'm really understanding where you come from Darkstar. I think many, and I wonder why more, aren't starting to ask the same questions. Spirituality should not be a confusing or hard thing to discover, but alas it has become a freaking maze with so many dead ends it discourages you to keep on going without any guidance. For some reason I find myself more and more drift away from my spirituality and I cannot find a motivation to pick it back up again. These last months have been the hardest, 2014 has been the most strange year so far, it's like a totally new environment compared to what I felt during 2012. And all the talk about "can you feel the energies?" No I cannot feel anything different in terms of energies, at least not that are uplifting or liberating. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? I don't know. Maybe I'm just in a bad loop of confusion right now and I cannot think straight. I just needed to get this off my chest.

I understand the way you feel and can only say that the "energies" are real and truly felt by both myself, as well as my soulmate, KL....

ETs are real and Ascended Masters are real....I KNOW IT....And, truly seek my own answers...

But each must find their own paths to truth and we cannot force them, nor place the path before them....

I recommend that you tear up EVERYTHING you have ever been told and start from scratch.....MEDITATE, deeply...Connect with who you truly are.....Become yourself...Then ask questions...They will come, under universal law, and they will be truthfull, if from the higher planes, rather than the astralisms that befuddle so many seekers...

Seek with an open mind and heart......But first MEDITATE......Your path will become clearer with practice and with patience...

Serve and meditate...The truth will be known, once you start in ernest...

Thanks Drekx, I feel that I may be in need of meditation, which is actually listening to your inner voice and connecting with your higher self in a way, isn't it? I just haven't found the motivation lately and that can be a huge factor of my confusion about everything. I still however feel that I am on the right track, as I do not live a negative life even though I devote little time to spiritual practices. I should do more Yoga and meditation and I think the rest will solve itself.

So thanks for your support my brother, it's really needed. =)

Ogdoo:  I READ the channelings (God only knows why) but I don't know if I BELIEVE them. 

I try to be an honorable person in my daily life, live the best life that I can. 

I have had some experiences  I've seen a be-ing (amongst other things) been abducted, and have seen a total of 10 UFO's, so I know that SOMETHING is going on.  I also have had other "weird" experiences.  I'm JUST TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT'S GOING ON.  My whole life has been nothing but SEARCHING.  Life on earth is hard, and I'm just trying to make some SPIRITUAL SENSE out of it.  (Trying to figure out life, is crazy, isn't it?) 

Also, I sometimes wonder if the New Age movement is a CIA psyop just to keep us PACIFIED - who knows?

To your last question, my take on it is that yes a very large portion of the New Age community has been infiltrated to mislead people away from the truth by mixing truths with lies. We've all been subjected to it and seen what it can do to break a person down and lead them away from the true light.

A thing that doesn't mislead you or lie to you is your inner voice, which you will hear when you silence everything else around you. You don't have to sit down, I can walk outside for the best results in nature. You don't hear this voice if you are preoccupied with things from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. I think this is what it truly means to meditate and it really is a helpful tool once you learn how to use it yourself.

thanks for sharing Ogdoo.


i.m.h.o.  your statement of the inner voice is true, but i must always keep an open mind to it until i can sence it is the inner voice, we know when the little timid voice tells us something and it happens to our surprise.



Darkstar-you might like Spiritism-the Matthew books coincide with a lot of the info from Spiritism-they too use mediums but in a controlled atmoshere calling on Light Masters etc. before beginning and then diseminating info about the afterlife and reincarnation and soul groups and the basic purpose for living in 3d4d-here's a great film -

It's Christian based but not messed with like our earthly churches-books translated into English by Francisco C. Xavier are truly enlightening-if you believe it!

Pet Rock:  Thanks a lot.  I may get the book.



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