I have always been sort of a "New Ager".  Always been interested in UFOs, out-of-body experiences, etc.  My mother was a Jehovah's Witness FANATIC.  (Think of the movie Carrie and her religious fanatic mother and you have a good example, and I am not exaggerating on that point) so, needless to say, I was turned off by Christianity, though I did do some church-hopping and decided that as far as Christian religions go,  the Unitarian church was best because they are very open and accept all people and beliefs; but nonetheless, I'm still "New Agey". 

When I first came on this site in approximately 2010, I BELIEVED EVERY SINGLE PREDICTION.  Needless to say, none of these predictions came true (in my opinion).  You hear a lot of "the energies are rising...the portols are opening,.." sounds like a SLOW orgasm to me. So I came to the conclusion that I would only pay attention to 12/21/13.  And, as far as I'm concerned, NOTHING HAPPENED, except for the continuing "portals are opening...energies are rising.." or so they SAID.  Also, they also talked about all these "ascention symptions".  I may have had some of these "ascention symptons", or I may have been just sick or out of sorts too.  (More B.S.?)  I am also waiting for these "disbursements" of money.  Needless to say, I need them (as I'm sure many others do too).  Nothing happening on that, as far as I can tell, just a lot of PROMISES and dates that never materialized.  . 

I believe that everyone needs to believe in SOMETHING, I believe that it is a human NEED.  Now, I don't know what I believe.  (Maybe I should go back to Jesus?) I would really appreciate your comments/opinions on the New Age movement, this site, your beliefs, etc.    Thank you. 


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  • Funny, it seems to me just how different people can be.  For example, I would address the last bit of your post, 1 darkstar in that I think that nobody has to believe in anything.  If fact, I believe that untill one can practice complete discernment in matters of belief. i.e., believing nothing whatsoever, one has little chance of true progress on any path of enlightenment, knowledge-seeking, "ascension", or whatever you want to call it.  Only by absolute rejection of anything that one doesn't know and understand completely, can one even begin to think about really learning anything.  "Suspend one's conclusions as long as possible".  Every conclusion closes a little bit of mind.  That is why faith-based religion is such an "opiate for the masses".  You can reject God, Jeezus, Budda, Babbaji, etc.  They really won't mind unless their fakes to begin with.  Then they want your belief so they can control you.  Reject it all!  Don't believe anything!  Then you can begin to search for truth. 

  • your welcome darkstar-Messengers by Francisco C Xavier is uplifting

  • 1darkstar:


    Please be careful with any rounds of depression, conflicts with older men in powerful positions (especially work or government related), or health problems problems concerning arthritis, joints, bones, or your "climbing equipment: (from an anatomical perspective, i.e. upper and lower extremities).

    Your personality is changing, and it will definitely not be the same after 2014. You will say "thank God it's over" but also "thank God it happened."

    CONGRATULATIONS FOR YOUR ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF NEED FOR CHANGE. You're gonna be alright, because you're not fighting the dramatic change that's about to take place. You're asking questions instead.

    What does not kill me, makes me stronger.

    Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols, 1888
    German philosopher (1844 - 1900)

    Friedrich Nietzsche Quotes - The Quotations Page
  • ~A good topic Darkstar... & while you will undoubtably ignore my response given some of our past interactions, the core frustrations that you are feeling affect us all, to one degree, or another. Nonetheless, laying these type of issues at the feet of the so-called 'New Age' movement is shortsighted. From where I stand, the 'New Age' is referencing  Multidimensional processes... there's the Astrological aspect, with our recent entry into the 'Age of Aquarius', the Planetary aspect, with the completion of the 'Christ-Grid', & infinite access points for the 'Mind, Body & Spirit'... for the 'individual' to navigate to a deeper understanding of Unity-Consciousness. The core of the New Age is about a "Spirituality Without Borders"... so in that sense, if you find more comfort in doctrine with tighter boundaries, perhaps 'returning to Jesus' as you say, would serve you better.? 'Channeling, Ascended Masters, Galactic Ancestry, Astrology, UFOs, ESP/Telekenetic abilities, etc... cover an incredibly fast arena of data, only a small fraction of which has actually been represented on ACC. In effect, those giving power to their frustrations, anger, depression, or sense of 'free-fall', by trying to marginalize an 'Expansive Spiritual Movement' (that by it's definition can't be bound by 'belief')... are missing the point. It isn't to say these feelings & challenges aren't valid... far from it. They are a very 'real' part of the final birthing pains of the new paradigm. Projected timelines & potentialities merely make up an ultimately small section of the Works that are in 'play'. 'Channeling' is a piece of the Multidimensional puzzle... nothing more, nothing less. Inaccuracies ultimately creep into ALL of our affairs on the 'Earth-School'... it's an intricate part of our 'human experience' with duality... it's how we continue to 'learn' from the Divine Process of Life. I would also recommend Theosophy... or the equally profound, Anthroposophy, as potential meaningful literature to investigate. Bottom line though... Let Go, Let God. Expectations are resentments under construction. It's ALL happening right Now! The path toward Self-Realization can be accessed at all times, regardless of what title one gives oneself. For me, the 'New Age Movement' is about Action... 'Faith without Works is dead! Stand strong,Darkstar... Seek & you shall find. Wherever you go, there YOU are. ~InLight555

    The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.”... “For me there is only the traveling on paths that have heart, on any path that may have heart, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length--and there I travel looking, looking breathlessly.” ~Juan Matus


    • ~Faith without Works is dead!!!... 'New Earth Project' is just one shining example of the 'Action' many unsung heroes are taking around the globe to help 'Co-Create' the new paradigm. For those feeling that New-Agey circles have somehow been muddied by an over-saturation of convoluted data... simply unplug from the web for a moment & get involved. Make no mistake about it, the Tribes are gathering... & help is needed! There are many projects already in play that will immediately rightsize 'one's' doubts about the integrity of the Movement. The Time Is Now! ;-)



  • darkstar ... if your Mom is like the Mother in Carrie, does that mean .. that you are like ... CARRIE !!  .. Lol ..

    kidding ...


  • Sylvain:  I think I read A Winter's Tale a long, long time ago.

    Thanks for the info.

  • Dear Darkstar,

    my perception of you is based on your comments on this site, and they are usually honest, childlike and hungry for knowledge. I have not seen any intention from your part  to impose your opinion, to dominate, to offend others.....You know what I mean... That tells me that you are a gentle soul, open to knowledge and friendship, open to love. You are on the right path. 

    We have all been heavily deceived, many times, and I also felt the way you feel now. I came to realize that this is a longer process of transformation, it may last lot longer then we would have liked it, so I decided to stop waiting and start doing things that I can and at that point I started feeling inner piece. Every now and then I also get excited over some announcement, but not even close to as much as I did before, as I don't really believe that it will happen overnight. But I do see a progress, things are happening and changing, people are awakening. Somehow, I have this strong feeling that everything will be OK in the end, and I got to trust my feelings.

    My advice to you would be to release expectations, start enjoying everyday small pleasures, enjoy the nature, friendship of true friends, kids and animals, grow some plants.....Love yourself! 

    • Thanks happy person.  I did buy a plant because I am not allowed any pets in my apartment.  I do agree that nature helps.  I believe that everyone should have a pet or a plant.  I believe that one of the ills of our society is our "divorce" from nature.  We think we don't NEED IT.  Well, I believe we DO  need it.  I think of the old days, when you saddled up you horse and went somewhere; by being with an animal you were with nature all the time.  Now we have METAL HORSES.  Traffic is loud and fast.  Things are OVERCROWDED.  There is NOISE POLLUTION.  We live in CONCRETE CITES.  It is quite DISTURBING. 

      In most of jobs, we are ROBOTS.  We do the same things over and over again.  (Even if you're a doctor).  Our jobs offer us very little satisfaction (well, SOME do) and we spend 1/3 of our lives doing it.  And as far as you're treated as a PERSON, you are treated like you're a ROBOT, a DISPOSABLE ENTITY.

      I think maybe living in a commune would be a good idea (though I don't like the idea of sharing the bathroom with a lot of people).

      Thanks for the kind words.  I really appreciate it.

      • Yes, indeed "d~star"... this is the kind of talking that can "take us far". Pointing out major "flaws" in the "system" is an important step in the "right" direction. My suggestion for the next step in "mending" is to allow for the mental and emotional "space" for healing to take place in these vital components in our society. This, my friend, is how I perceive our "rolls" in life to take on much more importance in these so-called "days of ascension"... that is by beginning to recognize our latent "powers and abilities", and how we are becoming conscious "custodians" of thought and creation itself. This "new-age" movement as I see it now is not about waiting for any particular dates or times for something to "happen"... it is all about us uniting in a common vision of peace and prosperity for ourselves and the Whole Planet. This, I feel, calls for a positive frame of mind, so that we will have the "courage" to find... what we now may be "blind" to. : )

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