Losing Faith in Galactic Roundtable

Like many, when I first started out, Mark, Beth, Tara, and Rama all seemed to be fairly good sources of channeling and information regarding the current ascension events. Of course, over time, this did not last. I started to notice, like many others, that most, if not all, the things that they would try and predict or say would happen never did. However, I continued to read them, listened to their excuses with a grain of salt, and just hoped that Ascension would come about one way or another.Now they have their social network: galacticroundtable.com. I like to log in and join the discussions put up by some of their followers. Sometimes the debate gets very heated because there are many over there getting sick of hearing Beth chant nice words and mislead us all. Usually, many members are spilling their guts on those forums about how much of a lie it all seems, only to be deleted an hour later, all trace of them gone, no other members any the wiser. The people who post these messages also acknowledge that they know they will be kicked for stating their opinion. I myself have had to create several profiles there, simply because I would ask one too many questions. I even tried to be polite and unassuming as possible in some of these profiles-- they kick you off the moment you doubt their plan or talk back to Beth. In the chatrooms they refer to her as a goddess. This benevolent goddess never even takes the time to answer some of the doubters' questions or soothe them in their fears that they are being taken for a ride. She just deletes them and pretends they were never there, calling all who oppose her words "agents of the dark."So my point in question is this: Are they becoming a cult over there, or what?

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  • I have always tried to make people consider more seriously who they consider to be their 'teachers' or who they take guidance from.

    So far I have found two really good sources - you can find information on both from youtube or from their own websites:
    - Abraham Hicks: Very good, keeping it simple
    - Bashar: Very good, very hardcore
  • I check that site from time to time to look for the latest news that might have not been posted here yet. I am not a member there though and now I can't enter that site anymore since they now require you to be a member to view their website.
  • The focus of the site seems to be exopolitics and conspiracy. If it doesn't resonate with you, you may consider not wasting valuable energy on certain streams of consciousness.
  • I must say, I agree with you, Amelia. (the galactic roundtable group) They are wrong not to acknowledge what some of us are thinking about them. They should own up instead of deleting us and trying to ignore us. They are obviouisly in error and should admit it. Too bad for them and all of their followers. I used to be one of them. But no more. Thank you.
    Lee Settle
  • Don't bother looking into them. They have a great name, but they're the dodgiest 'spiritual' site i've ever come across. Financial scams, lies, false channelings, censorship of ppl who question etc. It goes against everything spirituality represents.
  • A group of channelers who have started a pyramid scheme.
    • I would like to know more about your group, please. Lee Settle
  • I'm not sure. The Tara I knew of lived in Mark Huber's house with him, some guy named Rama, and Beth.
  • Yeah Amelia, I have seen that sort of thing before, don't like it personally, smells of ego and like you suggested, "cult" like control issues. Your getting kicked for asking questions also triggers me, such a shame that those who ask and really want to know are always intimidated into silence or even "killed" in order to end their questioning. We'll see though, I doubt that sort of situation can last very long :) Blessings, thanks for bringing this to my attention.
  • Ok i have one more thing to say about www.grtprosper.com

    This is a pyramid scheme and pyramid schemes are illegal (for good reasons).

    It can be reported here http://www.ic3.gov/complaint/default.aspx

    Those at the top of pyramid schemes make money, those at the bottom lose it.

    It's illegal, unethical, and as far from "spiritual" as one can be.

    It's taking advantage of others for personal gain using cunning and clever means. By throwing in lots of new age mantras and feel good quotes it attracts the unsuspecting people and fools them as to it's true nature and agenda i.e exploiting the ignorant for financial gains.

    It represents EVERYTHING we're suppose to be evolving out of. Coming from a site that claims to be spiritually orientated - i find it incredible.
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